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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Mar 27, 09 8:29 PM

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Maestrell, Mar 27, 09 8:29 PM.
Void F!

Get Void F flagged from nothing in about a week!
To be eligible for Void F flagging in a week:

1. You must be a Callidus member.
2. You must be a minimum of level 80, and have the SoD expansion.
3. You must not join with the motive of setting us up for intentional failure to mock us and prove us wrong.
4. Be realistic. You must make effort to actively participate with guild members, and log in frequently enough to get your flagging done. (Logging in once for 1/2 hour and not showing up until next week won't get it done.) Alternatively if your play time is limited we will help you progress at your own pace.
5. You must not join with the preset intention of bailing on us when you meet the criteria for another guild. (Woo! Void F! Later suckers!)
6. You bring the desire and the drive, we will see that it is done.
About us ...

Callidus is an primarily an EST based guild. Most of our scheduled events occur at 8pm EST. Raids are not mandatory, but if you are logged in elsewhere we wrap your body in duct tape with 1 arm untaped enough to hold a sword and drag you along with us.

Our current guild goals are primarily Void progression (many are Void F or better), and various other content to keep it interesting, having fun along the path of progress.

We enjoy a casual atmosphere. EQ is supposed to be fun, and we take pride in our sense of humor. Guild chat is not censored. We don't believe in suppressing the freedom to express yourself, but use your own discretion and don't be annoyingly vulgar or disruptive.

To be eligible for recruitment into Callidus, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Have all current expansions.
2. Be an adult, or able to act like one.
3. Have an honorable reputation - If you are known to be a frequent rule breaker (kill stealing, training, and such) do not bother to apply. We do not tolerate behavior of this nature, whether it is from our own guild members or someone else.
4. Be level 75+ (no restrictions on alts). This allows the majority of the members to participate in high level content and  no one is alienated.

If you are interested you may post an application at:

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