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Army Of Honor

Thank you for joining Army of Honor!

We are a leveling and PvP guild..

Here on the website im going to post our ranking system, guild snapshots, and what some guild events will be. All of our events will be posted on the calendar in game. So please sign up for some of them. I don't expect you to check on the website everyday, so i will inform you of any changes to the website on our message of the day.

Im going to start off with our ranking system. I wanted to post this so everybody knows why they have been given their rank and how you can be promoted.

Ranking System
(From lowest to highest rank)

Lets begin with a fun one eh?

Time Out-  Army of Honor is a fight free guild. True we love PvP. Yes we enjoy killing alliance. But lets keep the fights and rude gestures for the battlegrounds. If you feel you must argue with a fellow guild member, got fot it! Bust please keep it civil. If you can't settle a dispute, resolve it like any other PvP loving maniac, with a duel! All im trying to say is: Please respect your fellow guildies or it's going to earn you a trip into Time Out where you can sit and think about what you have done..and the rest of us...can laugh. Once your time out is over( and the rest of us have compossed ourselves) you will be promoted back to your previous rank. Tme Out's are hard to get so don't worry about it =p

Recruit-This is the title of players who have just joined. You will be a recruit for about two weeks. This is to prevent people who think they are sly and are joining the guild only to swipe guild bank items to vendor them, from doing so. At this rank you are only able to deposit into the guild bank. You can not view or withdraw at this level. You must prove your loyalty to Army of Honor before these priveleges are granted. Hang in their it's only two weeks!

Member- After your two weeks, You will automatically be promoted to Member. After your promotion you will be sent an Army of Honor tabard along with some gold. At this rank you will be able to view the first tab of the guild bank and deposit. You are still not allowed to withdraw items from the bank however, if you see anything you like please contact either Kara or Ralo via mail or whisper, and we will send/trade you the item you want. You may also repair armor using guild bank gold at this level.

Private- You must be level 30 or higher to achieve this rank. Just because you hit level thirty is not an automatic promotion. You must earn this rank by contributing to the guild via guild events or helping fellow guild members. At this rank, you are allowed a limited amount of guild bank privileges. You may withdraw and one item you like per day however, if you see another item you would like and have already withdrawn that day, please contact Ralo or Kara and we will retrieve the item for you. We will also begin pre-mades at this level so please download " Ventrillo" if you can.  A vent line is preferred but NOT required it's free to download and use( i pay for the line). If for any reason you cannot obtain Vent we will figure something out. For our guild's vent info please click on the " Guild Information" button on the bottom of the guild member list in game. Our Vent info is not available on the website.

Crusader- You must be level 40 or higher to achieve this rank. Just like Private, obtaining the required level does not prompt an automatic promotion. Crusaders are those who have remained an active part of the guild, they are also members who have continued contributing to the guild events and pre- made battlegrounds. Crusaders have the ability to withdraw items and gold from the guild bank (please refrain from withdrawing gold everyday if we are trying to save for another guild tab or a guild event. If you are in need of extra gold, please contact Kara and i will be happy to help you out)

Champion- You must be level 55 or higher to achieve this rank. Champions are loyal members who have been actively involved in the guild. They are able to withdraw and deposit gold and items into the guild bank, they also have the ability to do so with the second tab which contains higher level gear. Champions also have the ability to invite new members into the guild.

Officer- You must be level 70 or higher to achieve this rank. Officers are among the highest ranked in the guild. They have been active and are a vital part of our guilds progression. Officers are loyal members who have played a large role in helping fellow guild members to exceed. Officers have the ability to withdraw items from both tabs of the guild bank. They can also withdraw gold, have officer chat and speak abilities, they can edit and view officer notes as well as edit public notes. Officers are also able to invite new members into the guild.

Guardian- You must be level 80 to achieve this rank. The rank of Guardian is the last rank achievable to guild members. They are the top members of Army of Honor who have earned the rank via activeness, loyalty and effort. Only a select few will be promoted to Guardian. Guardians are also trusted to organize and lead some group events. They are basically in charge when Ralo and I are not available.  


A list of our guild events are located at the top of the page in the Information box to the left.

You can also vote on next weeks run by scrolling up to the top of the page and clicking the " Voting" tab

Thank you for visiting the website. Im still working on some parts of it so please bare with me. I will let you know in game when those changes are made

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