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Ls event conplete
Mar 29, 09 6:32 PM
Allied Linkshells
Mar 29, 09 3:16 PM
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Game News    
    Welcome to Crossroads we are a family n social guild.

    Well we're back Welcome to our Family and Social Linkshell all we ask is that you enjoy yourself and have fun.
we have veteran players and new players if you want to help great if you don't thats fine too. this is a social shell. 

Ls event conplete

Sirspiro, Mar 29, 09 6:32 PM.
                                                                                                                                         Well i wouldn't call it a complete success but we did succeed in getting 9
people promy dem n promy holla this weekend runs will get better as we go.
   I would like to thank everyone who helped and was very patient we us while we regrouped reequipped and so fourth. I am hoping that as we progress things will run more smother and we can start planning more runs to get everyone on the same CoP missions as we can all achieve goals.
                                            Once again thank you everyone                                        Mzkitty,Talia,Damage and myself Spiro

Allied Linkshells

TaliaRDM, Mar 29, 09 3:16 PM.
DarkGamers is an Allied Linkshell for Crossroads and handles Missions, Assaults, and eventually Salvage.  If these are events that interest you, please visit the DarkGamers' site and consider joining (link in Allied Guilds section).

SinfulChildren is an Allied Linkshell for Crossroads and will run Sky, Sea, and Dynamis.  Currently the only event looking at being available soon is Dynamis.  If this is an event that interests you, please visit SinfulChildren's site and consider joining this LS. 

If you are interested in recieving a pearl, please send a tell in game to Talia, Damage, Spiro, or Mzkitty.
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