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Zealots of Tirus
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Welcome to the Temple of Tirus!  Inside, you will find His faithful followers, the Zealots of Tirus going about they're day to day business, rituals and prayers.

The Legend of Tirus
In the beginning, the Gods created Sosaria.  They created the lands and the oceans, the trees and animals, and most importantly, the Gods created mankind.  In their infinite wisdom, the Gods gave man freewill.  Mankind prospered and flourished accross the land of Sosaria and life was good.  Soon, mankind gave in to their lust, jealousy, greed, anger and war broke out.  Britains attacked Yewans, Trinsicians attacked Britains while defending from Jhelomian invasions.  Every city-state attacked, seeking domination over the land.  The Gods became angered with mankind and so they charged Tirus, God of Justice and Swift Retribution to show mankind the light.

Tirus gathered his warriors of Justice and headed to Britain.  His forces, with amazing speed, conquered the city-states on the mainland and brought them under one banner; His banner.  During his conquest, Tirus allowed mortal men to join his ranks, and granted them divine powers to aid His efforts.  These mortals were the first Paladins and Clerics to roam Sosaria.  The first men to have been given divine abilities.

Men being men, soon strived for more.  Greed ate away at the Paladins and soon, a revolution was at hand.  Orar, one of Tirus' most trusted Captains, led the revolt.  Orar had been given divine guidance and protection from another, more powerful God.  During one of the battles, Orar mortally wounded Tirus, and forced the God to return to the netherplane with his warriors of Justice.  Severely wounded, Tirus still managed to kill Orar before leaving Sosaria.

Those Paladins and Clerics still loyal to Tirus went on to become the first of His faithful followers.  They banded together to find an earthly cure for Tirus so that he may return to the mortal plane.  To this day, the Zealots of Tirus are scouring the land, searching for a way to bring they're God back to them.  We believe that making the light shine brightly to those who do not believe will give Tirus enough strength to return to the realm of men!

The Chivalric Code:
In war, the chivalrous knight is idealized as brave and honourable in battle, loyal to his guild, and willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good.  Towards his fellow countrymen, the knight is to be merciful, humble, and courteous.  Towards noble ladies above all else, the knight is to be gracious and gentle.

The Code is not law, it is a way of life.  Learn it, live by it, die by it.




Marty O'Doyle, Feb 5, 10 9:11 PM.
I've completed most of the update/change.  I need to add a Mission Statement and some other information about the guild on the Home Page.  Other than that, the INFO section is pretty much up to date.  I want to further develop the Rank system a bit as well, but what is there shall suffice for now.

Major Updates

Marty O'Doyle, Feb 5, 10 11:09 AM.
I've completed a series of major updates.  The Castable Magic and all 3 ranks are finished.  Take a look and let me know what you think!
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