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Linkshell Owner

Hello, and welcome to the Homepage of Dragons Stone Linkshell. Let me first start out by introducing myself! My Character name in game is Alheart, and I am the Linkshell Owner of Dragons Stone. Dragons Stone is a fun loving Linkshell located on the Ramuh Server of Final Fantasy XI in the lovely world of Vana'diel. I wanted to create this linkshell for several reasons, but my main reason for doing this is because I want to start a LS for fun loving and helpful linkshell for the people of Ramuh. My hope is that we become one of the largest linkshells, and one of the most popular linkshells known on Ramuh.

So if your looking for your first ever Linkshell, a new home, or even a secondary linkshell we would like to invite you to browse our site, check out events, and even all of our policies. And if after you have seen what we are all about and if you feel you can fit in with a fun loving, helpful group let me know. Just send me a tell in game and I will get a pearl to you ASAP!

Here are some activities you can look forward to if you join:

Artifact Missions
Limit Break Missions
Rank Missons
End Game for those intrested!
We even plan linkshell activities like contests, and much more!

Best Wishes to everyone in game!

Dragons Stone Announces Recruting Process

AlheartofRumah, Apr 7, 09 10:37 AM.
Starting May 1st Dragons Stone Linkshell will start accepting members to its Linkshell. Send a tell in game to Alheart if you are interested in joining our fun loving group!

Thank You,

Dragons Stone to Start Recruiting Soon!

AlheartofRumah, Apr 7, 09 5:12 AM.
After getting the Linkshell Website up and running I will begin the process of searching for members to Join Dragons Stone. If you are intrested in joining please send me a tell in game or send me a message as well.
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