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Welcome to Clockwork
"The voice of the individual heard, with the voice of the majority to lead"

The above is the motto members of Clockwork live by. The purpose of Clockwork is to create a friendly family atmosphere as well as a network of close friends to aid one another in our tasks and goals. Clockwork would like to support a wide range of players ranging from role-playing to raiding and even world pvp. With the proper management team this can be easily accomplished.

Clockwork is possibly the oldest guild on The Venture Company server, and with that comes a rich history and story line. We wish to embrace this history and resurrect Clockwork with hopes of becoming one of the best role-playing guilds in this vast World of Warcraft while progressing into raiding content.

I would like to invite you to read over the guild charter and visit our library. If you find your calling with Clockwork please submit an application and/or contact one of our members for direction.

I wish you well on your journey.


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