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Blood Omen
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Blood Omen is an evil/neutral aligned guild. All members are expected to follow the following rules.

Guild Rules:

  1. All guild members are expected to maintain a mature outlook.
  2. Initiative rolls will be used to determine order in roleplaying battles. Players will input the command /roll 20 to determine their order in the battle.
  3. For turns or actions, players must roll their level. For example: If your character is level 70, you will use the command /roll 70 to determine action success.
  4. Minimum IRL age is 16
  5. Minimum in game level that will be accepted is 20
  6. OOC is to remain OOC. This also applies with real life situations.
  7. If a romantic story is to take place between two characters, do not tell fellow guild members about your romantic actions IC or OOC.
  8. All Interviews must be conducted by the Guildmaster or an Officer ONLY!
  9. The Guildmaster will support all decisions made by the Officers of the guild and vice versa.
  10. If a problem arises with another player while in character all roleplaying must cease until the situation is rectified by either the Guildmaster or an Officer.
  11. If a problem arises with another player while out of character please wait for the Guildmaster or an Officer to take care of the problem. Do not address it by yourself.
  12. No harassment of any kind will be tolerated.
  13. Characters must be exactly what they are. No Dragons, no gods...just Horde races.
  14. Twenty-four hours of Azerothian time is approximately a month inside the "Shadow Realm".
  15. If your character has been kidnapped or captured and your captor has to log out of the game, then that character will remain captive. No rescue attempts will be possible while the captor is offline. The captive may continue OOC activity such as; leveling, instance running, etc.
  16. If you disrespect anyone in the guild or the roleplay in general you will punished accordingly. If you continue to repeat such behavior, you will be removed from the guild.
  17. Guildmaster and Officer word is law.
  18. If members make it difficult for an RP event to either take place or continue the event will immediately end.
  19. Ensure that before capturing a prisoner make sure you alert the guild and the intended prisoner. The intended prisoner has the right to refuse the capture if a guild event or other event is scheduled for that day. They will not be forced into this act.
  20. Heros and Villains must adhere to a "courtesy timer" for rescue attempts. This time will be established by either the Guildmaster or an Officer.
  21. Heros must alert Villains if they wish to rescue a captured victim. This must be done out of character and before any in character rescue can take place. If a rescue attempt is allowed, Heros must alert Villains when they are en route to the location as upon entering the same zone.
  22. Character killing will not be allowed unless required by plot.
  23. Special abilities via items must be approved by the Officers and Guildmaster. This decision must be unanimous.
  24. Respect all guild rules! This also applies to other guilds that are involved with Blood Omen.
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