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Welcome to the Home of Dark Truth 

Jen Saarai means "Dark Truth" in the sith language.  However, we chose this name to encompass all professions as a whole.   This guild is jointly led by a dark jedi and an officer for both groups (force sensitive & military). We are an Imperial Roleplay (yet out of character, family type guild).   Our focus will be all inclusive Roleplay, integration with PvP.  PvP players are welcome (but rp is not required of them), Heroic Instances & space.

Our focus will be on regular roleplay events and storylines, our leaders are based out of the garrison at Mos Eisely, who lead The Imperial 55th Squadron.  We plan to be active members of the Imperial Navy and the huge space RP Pvp events that are regularly held on our server Starsider.

We are looking for adult members who have a love of roleplay and conduct themselves in a mature, cooperative and friendly manner.  We seek to build a guild of friends who work together, where all are properly introduced and know one another and enjoy grouping together.


Rave Reviews for a "Life Day" Carol - Thanks HGS

-Tiny Dancer, Dec 6, 09 10:55 PM.

December 6th - "A Life Day Carol" presented by Holowood Galactic Studios.   A very well done and rehearsed perfomance.   Thanks HGS for the wonderful show!


Thank you Troops!! :)

-Tiny Dancer, Dec 1, 09 3:19 PM.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE GREAT GUYS OF JEN'SAARAI AND RID.  Chicks DO dig you guys in white armor!  Love ya!!

 I wanted to thank those who participated last night Jen Saarai's   'Crowley, Lethal'Thorn, St'Michael AND RID's Lexx, Arev, Juns and Saurat !! and all that participated I will try and get spelling of the other outstanding RID guild member and update it here.  ALL of your help is greatly appreciated. 

You will be happy to know that this public display drew a lot of attention to both of our guilds and people took notice. (despite the interuptions)  One comment was "Wow . . I did not know the storm troopers on this server were so organized!"   NICE Work guys!!  /hugs from Tiny

Baby Jabba Kidnapped!!

-Tiny Dancer, Nov 13, 09 8:59 PM.

                 Tiny tries to talk Pymi out of making a horrible mistake.

Happy Galactic Moonfest

-Tiny Dancer, Oct 22, 09 3:53 PM.

A cute slug named  Ra'el from a visit to Eclipse!

Special Thanks to Holowood Galactic Studios for their excellent Shadow Night Festival Event - Oct 15

-Tiny Dancer, Oct 17, 09 3:40 PM.
We at Jen'Saarai, The Dark Truth, would like to thank our friends at Holowood Galactic Studios (HGS) for another wonderful, excellent holiday event.    We had a GREAT time at the Shadow Night Festival and appreciate all their creativity and hard work in providing these wonderful events.

PLUS it gave Tiny the chance to run around as an ewok!  What more could I ask for?   YAYE!!

HUGS to our friends at HGS.

The very nice screen shots including this one were taken by LONA (my Guppy friend) and pictures of the Festival are HERE on our ally HGS's website.


New Link Added - Heroic Strategies

-Tiny Dancer, Aug 22, 09 9:44 PM.
We've put up a new link in our home page table of contents.  Basically these are guild created guides (some video even) to doing Heroic instances.

This also includes the  Pre Quests for these instances.  Check out the new link!!

The latest - Tusken King Step by Step Video
(strategy by -Tiny Dancer/-Asmira for Jen Saarai "Truth"

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