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Sep 12, 11 5:02 PM
Guild Level 10
Sep 3, 11 12:08 AM
Guild Level 9
Feb 1, 11 2:06 AM
Dec 29, 10 9:14 AM
Guild level 7!!!! WOOT!!!!
Jun 9, 09 9:58 PM
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Welcome to Bravehearts!

Message from the GuildMaster:
Just remember one thing,
We are all here to have fun! Let's make it last!
TY, Otsis :)



AliseMoon, Sep 12, 11 5:02 PM.
Otsis and I are proud of every one of you for the hard work to reach guild level 10!  WOOT!!!!  Plus, we had resources to add a second processing factory for siege (as well as move two buildings!)!  :)

Guild Level 10

Otsis, Sep 3, 11 12:08 AM.
WOOT!!!! Everyone did a great job contributing. Everyone deserves a round of applause! Lookout Seige!!!!

Guild Level 9

Otsis, Feb 1, 11 2:06 AM.
Thank You to everyone and all your efforts. As you can see we are progressing like wildfire thanks to all that participate. The addition of the Guild Throne is among the greatest acheivements a guild can make. It displays teamwork and a willingness to succeed. Alise and I would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to everyone to reach such an advanced level. Please keep up the Great work everyone!! Hope to see you online frequently.
Thank You Again... OT


AliseMoon, Dec 29, 10 9:14 AM.
We now have Vent!  Please see DG or another guildie for the login/password info.  TY!

Guild level 7!!!! WOOT!!!!

AliseMoon, Jun 9, 09 9:58 PM.
Congratulations everyone!  We finally got to guild level 7!!!!  WOOT!!!!  Now we have to gather enough mats to "make" the guild castle!  LOL 
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