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We are accepting applications for all classes.

We ask that you be level 75 or higher, have all expansions and take the time to fill out an application provided on the Forums.

An Officer will be along shortly to assisting you to become Immortal Stasis!
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Hail and well met Adventurer! Welcome to Immortal Stasis!

Home of some of the most unusual characters ever to draw a sword or put on a dress or both.

We welcome you to come in and explore the world of Norrath with us. We aren't above taking a chance and trying new things if it means fame, fortune and the occasional willing wench. *wink*  Heck sometimes well see how many enemies we can kill at one time and keep piling them on till we have "one too many"
(often this is done after the Guild Leader, Trevlan, has had one too many).

Everquest too us, is all about having fun. Sure we all want the big loot and massive experience, but if your not having fun in the process then your better off playing WoW or Tetris.

Our guild is currently recruiting classes of all kinds. All we ask is you be level 75, have all expansions, and be willing to fill out an application provided for you on our forums. After which time an Officer will be along shortly to get you on the road to Immortal Stasis!

This website is a work in progress as is the Admin... so bear with me as I do my best to keep things fresh and interesting and if you find any problems don't hesitate to drop me a line at Please put Immortal Stasis in the subject line or i'm liable to pass you off as spam and your issues will go unattended.

Again, welcome! We hope your stay is enjoyable, lengthy and educational.

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