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Blackened Rose
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The Blackened Rose acts slightly as a school, one might say. The members of the Order spread evil in many ways, one of them being by strongly influencing and corrupting people in doubt of themselves. We are Mentors of evil, members of the Darkness who seek to destroy all good.
All members have really only one requirement, to spread evil among the world. The Blackened Rose is a faction within it self, and has absolutely no Alliances with anything outside of the order.

For meetings we reside within the Old ruins of Caer Dorrow, Where The Dark Lady herself is always present.
For most new members, if they prove worthy, they will be appointed a mentor, or Tutor to train them in the arts of the Darkness, if the new member is beyond this need for training, they may skip to become a tutor themselves, or they may join the ranks of the Blackened Rose's Army.
((Currently in need of people willing to become Tutors/mentors who will teach the students and corrupt them into full darkness.))

-The Dark lady; Serves as the Guild leader, the dark lady watches over everyone's progress and makes sure they are doing as told.
-High Darkseer; Serves as The Dark Lady's advisor, warns her of upcoming things and is a very important member of the guild. Currently in need of a High Darkseer.
-Dark Tutor; The Dark Tutor's job is to train a student into becoming one with the Eternal Darkness. He/she has one apprentice, who they will train to join the armies of The Dark Lady and spread evil across the land.
-Dusk Healer; A Dusk healer is a member of Blackened Rose's army, and of course by the name, is a healer.
-Dark warrior; A Dark warrior is a member of Blackened Rose's army, the Dark Warriors are the main force and the fist of The Dark Lady.
-Cultist; The cultist is a very important roll within the Blackened Rose. They are the members who sleek about society and blend in with other people, they spread evil by plaguing and corrupting from the inside.
-Corrupt Student; A student who is training under a tutor to become a true member of the Eternal Darkness, and join a higher rank in the Blackened Rose.
-Unwanted; The Unwanted are the new recruits of the Blackened Rose who are still waiting to prove themselves, they are minions, at best.
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