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If you are already a member of AG and are now playing DCU, please visit the forums and look for the DCU Online thread!!! :D

*I will be disbanding this site as Charleigh has stepped down as AG leader on both CoH and CO.  It will be transformed into a DCU site come March 1, 2011.  Both Okami and I loved playing with you all but CoX isn't where we will be hanging our capes anymore.  We had a GREAT run and would love for you to join us on DCU if you'd like!*

Welcome to Avante Guard!!!

We are the sister Super Team on Champions-Online to the Top 100 Super Group on the Virtue server of City of Heroes.

Our mission and goals here are just the same as they are over there, create a drama free environment where playing together and leveling is the main goal... oh and having LOADS of fun of course.

Being as this is new game with a different Super Team system than we are used to, we will be taking some time to adjust to the game and embrace it's differences before establishing rules, if any are deemed to be needed.

We have members that game at all levels from casual to "do you ever log out?", all ages welcome, all builds welcome.  We have members interested in PvP, willing to help with anything even if that means sk-ing. In short, we're a mix of everything that equals awesome!

So welcome and enjoy the game!!!

***Site still under construction and a work in progress.**

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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