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Welcome to Hells Gate,

Sick of guilds with bad attendance, guilds that attempt to down naxx, maly, os and never finish it or attempt to finish throughout the week, sick of getting saved with guildes or pugs that cannot down bosses, groups that chat for hours in naxx instead of downing bosses, or guilds that never recruit and are just getting smaller and smaller?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above Hells Gate may be the guild for you.

Hells Gate is looking decidated players that are looking to do some heroics, raids, and achievement runs. We do have a vent that is up and running and a three tab guild bank with a tabard. We are currently looking for level 80's to help launch the guild into heroics and raiding however we accept everyone.

Thinks to check out

If you are new to the guild we recommend you go to the forum page and review our raiding rules, and guild goals.

Raiding Schedule

Typical raiding times are as follows (server time)

Tuesday 9:00-12:00
Wednesday 9:00-12:00
Sunday 8:00-12:00
Monday 9:00-12:00

Times do very but the above schedule is what we will try to maintain.

Check forum for more information with what each day consists of for raiding
What we need!    
Hells Gate is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Frost (1)
Holy (1)
Protection (2)
Holy (1)
Shadow (2)
Restoration (1)
Protection (2)
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