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Base Busting is Back
Jan 27, 07 12:24 PM
New York Times Article on NGE
Dec 12, 05 12:15 PM
Nov 30, 05 2:16 PM
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Base Busting is Back

538054600_Inactive, Jan 27, 07 12:24 PM.

I would like to invite all of CHAOS to help in Base busting every Tuesday and Wednesday night Starting around 10:00 EST. We go till about 12AM EST. This is a good way to grind GCW Points to help you gain ranks in being an imperial officer. All Professions/levels are welcomed to join in the fun(We do have ppl that can rez with us ). Also we are looking for an entertainer that would be available @ 9:30 EST on these night to help buff us before we go into battle. If you have any questions about what base busting is or how to get involved please let me know or an officer know.


Notorious - Guild Leader

New York Times Article on NGE

537219869_Inactive, Dec 12, 05 12:15 PM.
A must read article :)

Link to article

Best quote, from Nancy MacIntyre, SWG senior director at LucasArts:
"We wanted more instant gratification: kill, get treasure, repeat. We needed to give people more of an opportunity to be a part of what they have seen in the movies rather than something they had created themselves."


Monroe/Ithoh, Nov 30, 05 2:16 PM.
Player Base: You're going down a path i can't follow!
SWG: Because of the Vets?
Player Base: Because of what you've patched; what you plan to patch... Stop! Stop all this now!  I love you!
*SWG sees a lvl 90 jedi Vet has arrived via the Player Base's ship*
Player Base: No!
SWG: You're with him!  You sent him here to kill me!
*Force Lag*
*The Player Base chokes on the lag*
Veteran: Let them go SWG!
*Continues to Force Lag*
Veteran: Let, Them, Go!
*Releases Force Lag as the Player Base Collapses*
SWG: You turned them against me!
Veteran: You have done that yourself!
SWG: You will not take my customers from me!
Veteran: You're greed and lust for power have already done that.  You have alowed this, SOE to twist your mind until now, unitl now you've become the very thing you swore to destroy.
SWG: Don't lecture me vet! I've seen through the lies of the Veteran Community.  I have brought content, improved combat system, exciting new camera angle, and less proffessions to my new game!
Veteran: You're new game?
SWG: Don't make me perma-ban you...
Veteran: SWG my allegiance is to pre-NGE, to good gaming!
SWG: If you're not with me, than you're me enemy.
Veteran: Only a dev deals an absolute.  I will do what i must.
SWG: You will try...
*they fight*

Veteran: I have failed you SWG... I have failed you...

SWG: I should've known the Veterans were plotting to take over!

Veteran: SWG, Chancellor SOE is evil!

SWG: From my point of view the Veterans are evil!

Veteran: Well then you are lost!

SWG: ...This is the end for you my loyal subscriber...

*they fight some more*

*Vet cuts up SWG's limbs*

Vet: You were the chosen one!  It was said you would be a good game not a bad one!  Bring good gaming to the players; not leave them in darkness!


Veteran: You were my favorite game SWG! ...I loved you...

*SWG burns*

*Veteran logs off*

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