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Forges part 3

Sir J-Werk, Aug 3, 09 11:41 AM.
As promised, Part 3 of the Forges walkthrough thanks to  If you need a refresher on the first two parts they are just a couple of posts below.  Once part 4 is released I will move these into the forum.  So get your notebooks and pencils ready! Enjoy!

The Radiance of Halborne

Sir J-Werk, Jul 25, 09 5:35 AM.
In another lop-sided victory for Odin's Hammer in the dark, dank, and stank-nasty dungeon that is Fil Gashan members sought to honor new radiance armour owner, Halborne, with a little photo-op.... Unfortunately Calnir, (Who secretly cross-dresses as a Dwarf) decided to hog the spot light, or in this case, waterfall.... Wardens..... seriously.... aggro-queens.... No wonder he died at the very end.... pft.... .... Oh! am I still on? ... ~ahem~ ....

So CHEERS! to Halborne, and your sexy new apparel!
ScreenShot00034.jpg picture by workitworkman
From left to right: Halborne, Utulien, Cal-I hog the stage-nir, Stellawyn, Calliwyn (back), Kworlin (front).....(out takes in the gallery. Enjoy!)

The Forges of Khazad-dum: Video Guide

Sir J-Werk, Jul 23, 09 5:34 PM.
Ok, Forges is a beast of an instance and can become very hectic and confusing at times.... I know a couple of you found this out last night so to lend a helping hand, I've stumbled upon a couple of videos that help explain, in very simple and clear detail, what in the world is exactly going on!  

As of right now there are only 2 of (what will be) 4 videos and as of right now video 3 is 90% complete as I type this!  So use what is here as a learning tool, take notes, and enjoy!

(I will keep an eye out for the next installments as they come out and post them immediately when they are available.....)

Lindo, Calli, and Utu hit the books in the Library of Tham Mirdain

Sir J-Werk, Jul 22, 09 9:16 PM.

Eregion (Or Hollin, in the Common Tongue), founded in 750 of the second age by a group of Noldorin Elves who survived the War of Wrath against Morgoth at the end of the 1st age and realm of Celebrimbor and the elf-smiths, who forged the Ring’s of Power; is where we will find our tale unfold this day….

Former Odin’s Hammer leader-elect and “The Killers” fan, Lindorandir; Avid virtue huntress and full-time mom, Calliwyn; And consummate champion and otherwise good-looking guy, Utulien, set out for the Library of Tham Mirdain on a quest for enRICHment and knowledge with library cards in hand and an eagerness to dip deep into some dewy decimals!

Their hopes of a quiet evening of studious fulfillment were soon dashed when upon walking through the front doors of the museum the trio discovered the atrium packed as it was “Bring Your Pale-Folk to the Library Day” (and receive a complimentary Noldorin bookmark!)  Being unable to convince any of the Pale-folk already present to buddy up to him, Lindo was on his way out the front door when Calli and Utu persuaded him to “fight” past the crowds and find a quieter place to study and reflect. 

After a time of hitting the books and bashing brain cells our band of kinsmen had collected all that their knowledge bags could hold and set off for home.  As they stepped out the front door Lindo suddenly paused and realized that he had left his limited edition Gil-Galad pocket watch in a room where Commander Pitzor had been teaching a Pale-folk hygiene awareness class.  We can only wonder what Lindo was doing in there to begin with but my guess he was still trying for that bookmark!

(More pics in the gallery.  Besides you should check it out anyway!)

ScreenShot00027.jpg picture by workitworkman

What happen's in Fil Gashan, Stays in Fil Gashan

Sir J-Werk, Jul 20, 09 7:26 PM.

The children of the Valor have long been an ancient and queer race with much of their lore recorded and accounted for in song, poem, and text by the wisest of their kind…. However, a small insight into their mysterious behavior perhaps was indirectly witnessed when a group from Odin’s Hammer decided to attend General Talug’s annual “Slash and Bash Costume Extravaganza” at Fil Gashan. 

After enjoying a home cooked meal prepared by Chef Vrarz of pan-seared mince meat, and given a tour of Commander Greb’s quarters and extensive weapon collection, two of our ill-begotten party goers, Utulien and Calliwyn, found themselves overdressed for the occasion and felt uncomfortable about drawing too much attention to themselves from the other “guests”.  The two resigned to making themselves comfortable in Commander Greb’s quarters while the other members of their fellowship quickly donned their costumes and scampered off to join the “War Band Maneuver Line Dance” which was just kicking off down the hall.

Feeling empathetic toward his fellow kindred elf, Utulien was quick to comfort the melancholy Calliwyn with some hugs and even entertained his companion with feats of physical prowess by performing one-handed push-ups.  It was only when Utulien had began striking muscular poses to which he assumed was to Calliwyn’s delight, however she secretly thought this an act of compensation for the size of his “Second Age Spear”,  that the group’s leader, and dwarf friend, Burnttoast returned from the festivities with a newly found costume that he managed to “borrow”.  Feeling uncertain that the smirk on Burnt’s face was one of embarrassment or homoeroticism, Utulien quickly threw on the extra costume and rushed to join the others. 

While “mingling” with the other guests, the group, minus Calliwyn, began to wonder if leaving their female friend all alone and in a room full of weapons was such a great idea.  After all, Udún hath no fury like an elf-maiden scorned and the guys feared retribution from their female companion!  Therefore the five of them hastily set off to find Calliwyn a costume.  In a short manner one was procured and the group returned to Commander Greb’s quarters to find Calliwyn, although slightly put off, thankful for the kind gesture….  And no Calli, the costume didn’t make your butt look big. 

ScreenShot00023.jpg picture by workitworkman

Helegrod/Rift Raid

Cweb, Jul 20, 09 11:54 AM.
Greenbuds and I are planning to do a Helegrod (Dragon) or Rift (Balrog) raid next week. Even though they are level 50 instances, it is still hard because of the difference between 24 and 12 men. We don't know when we are going to do it, but would like the most amount of people possible. If you would like to come, talk to Greenbuds or Cweb for details.

Into the Woods

Sir J-Werk, Jul 18, 09 1:52 PM.
Not since Legolas Greenleaf and Gimli, son of Gloin, have the Sentinels who watch over Lorien seen a sight such as this.  Reports from the perimeter of Lothlorien reported seeing one of their own, Utulien, helping a dwarf known as Ringorr gain favor and entrance to realm of the Galadhrim. 

The two were proclaimed by witnesses who had pitched tents in Echad Andestel as being Green-minded as the two worked tirelessly to pick up the orc-filth left along the shores of the Nimrodel and recycle, "slightly-used", arrows from the rather dead bodies of some ill-fortuned orcs who had apparently strayed a little too far from home.

Some of their adventures can only be tallied by the number of orc who lay slain along the road and country side from the Mirrormere and south to the borders of the Golden Wood.  Orc-made barricades still smoldered into the wee hours of the morning as it was apparent the Elf and Dwarf had set out to practice a little population control.

It is probable these two will be spotted inside the friendly confines of Caras Galadhon soon enough as there is a rumor that they take a particular liking to jumping off very high places.... This rumor is unsubstantiated at this time although travelers alone the Great East Road have reported the life-like impressions of what appeared to be a dwarf and elf at the base of Weathertop. 

ScreenShot00022.jpg picture by workitworkman

Calnir's Unstoppable

Greenbud, Jul 13, 09 10:11 PM.
 Well Due to some Drunken related mishaps half way thru Helechram the whole party except for calnir fell into the Green ooze and perished and were locked out of helping him finsih the beast off but he laughes at our attemps to get in and managed to Smite the beast dead in its own Lake of Poison goo and claim the rewards all of us in Odin's are waiting for the rematch mono e mono Calnir Vs. The big nasty slime creature.....My moneys on Calnir.

Mordirith's Fall

Greenbud, Jul 13, 09 9:58 PM.
 After fighting their way thru the bowels of Carn Dum Odin's Hammers joined Golodir in an attempt to stop the vile evil that we call Mordirith and his minions that plauge the lands of the free people.
   When the False king  Mordirith Fell we thought victory was our but that trixie hobbit woman sara oakheart beat us to the prize now we must return to Gath Fornir and See if we can determine what sar has in store for us...

Ettenmoors fun

Greenbud, Jul 11, 09 2:28 AM.
Last nite Odin's Hammer was at it again, invading the moors in force to take back our land from those dirty creeps. Although we didn't arrive in time to save TA, we did flip Lugz and an outpost or 2, and fended off many savage attacks from twice the number of enemies at various keeps and bridges throughout the Ettenmoors.

Although there were casuality's, the amount of the creeps we killed made up for the loss. So tonight we'll raise our glasses or pipes in the air to the fallen, and toast to the future challenges that await us!

Here's a pic of the valiant celebration.


Mysterious Group

Greenbud, Jul 2, 09 12:09 AM.
    Earler today an unsuall group of heros from Odin's Hammer was seen traveling the country side assualting the forces of angmar constisting of 1 hunter and 6 Champions of Middle Earth thou not much else is known of em they seemed destined to greatness. 
    Witnesses to the mysterious party said they tore there way Thru the forces of angmar First assualting the Gate keeper of Carn Dum and it's minions to secure a passage for further forays into CD
    They were also spotted In the runis of Annuminas by a local fisherman in the depths of Barad Tironn where they learned Laerdan wasn't killed just held for Questioning what information they got out of him remains to be seen,in my opinion dark peril awaits.
    Another witness who was cuttin lumber in the Misty Mountains saw the unusaull group enter Gabilazan and leave carryin the head of defeated Skorgrím Dourhand, but the significance of his death is still uncertain at this time.
    Thou not much is known about them someon got a pic of them celebrating before they faded into the shadows again.
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