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Sijol (Applicant) 2/4/2010 2:39 PM EST : Noque Runningriver
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((About time I get this posted up.))

Full Name: Noque ("No-kwee")Runningriver


    Level: 20
    Class: Mystic
    RP Power: same as level

    Race: Feir'dal
    Gender: male
    Date of Birth: just a few years before the War of the Fay (500-something years ago)
    Age: Really darn old.
    Hair: steely gray
    Skin: on the pale side for a Feir'dal (which is still darker than "White")
    Eyes: dark brown
    Height: average
    Weight: on the skinny side

    Place of Residence: Kelethin
    Place of Birth: Kelethin

    Relatives: His blood family is dead (to his knowledge) and he has never taken a wife or had kids. The teir'dal who took care of him while he was achild (Yezra) is still alive, however.
    Enemies: same as Kelethin's enemies, especially Neriak

    Occupation: Kelethin guard
    Crafting: undecided

    Appearance: One side of his face is badly scarred by burn marks, though the worst of it is covered up in his shroud tattoo.

    Fashion of Choice:
    Armor of Choice: dark green mail armor
    Weapons of Choice: spear

    Special Abilities: He can see and speak to spirits. He is slightly psychic--not in the way of being able to read actual thoughts, but he can usually accurately guess a person's mood and motives.

    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Motivations: protection of Kelethin
    Disposition: Standoffish and quiet, but always adhering to etiquette (Calling people by their proper titles, etc.).
    Outlook: Pessimistic.

    Religion/Philosophy: Brell Serilis, due to his time spent underground with the teir'dal


    Positive Personality Traits: Trustworthy, perceptive, almost always polite.
    Negative Personality Traits: Quiet, stubborn, suspicious of strangers, and introverted to the point of seeming aloof.
    Misc. Quirks: He is half-blind and half-deaf on the side with the scarring, and startles badly if someone approaches from that side without warning.

    Guild: Outriders of Kelethin
    Guild Rank: Forest Runner
    Faction: Kelethin--Sylvan Hunters

    Likes: solitude, quiet places, the wild
    Dislikes: keeping of slaves, Neriak, the "evil" races, cities, crowds, wide open spaces

    Favorite Foods: fruit, salads
    Favorite Drinks: fruit juice
    Favorite Colors:


Played by What Famous Person: Yezra

Theme Songs: I Will Always Return by Bryan Adams

Noque was just a toddler when Kelethin was attacked during the War of the Fay. While his parents were killed, he himself was taken to be used as a slave by the Teir'dal. One of the Teir'dal, Kevaar Yez'Ra, took a liking to the Feir'dal boy and eventually contrived to win him through a bet, which he succeeded in.

Kevaar took him to his home in Neriak, and there Noque lived most of his life as a slave. Kevaar was an uncommonly kind master, and Noque looked up to him as a father figure, though in many ways the relationship was not ideal. Kevaar was still struggling with his views of Innoruuk and Tunare, and was not always kind to Noque, but considering how most Teir'dal treated Noque, that was a high mark above the usual.

During the Rending, Kevaar had to flee Neriak. Being just a slave, Noque had no idea why, but was saddened to learn Kevaar had been reportedly hunted down and slain in the Commonlands. Kevaar's firstborn son, Sirreth, took over the leadership of House Yez'Ra. The House fell out of power and favor, and eventually, Noque was able to slip away and escape back to Faydark.

Noque was born with the ability to sense spirits, but as he grew up he found he had to squelch this ability in order to not go mad from all the suffering he could sense in Neriak. Just recently, one of his ancestors returned to guide him back to the path of a mystic, which he is stubbornly resisting.

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