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April 26th 2009:
We have a website YAY!

Welcome to the Guardians of Souls home page,

            We are a small group of mature Eternal Lands (EL) players with varying skills all working together to help other players and help each other.  The goals are achieved by working on projects that tie different skills together, we do not take db’s (death bags), Avoid PKing (player Killing) except when and with other person consent.  We avoid causing trouble in game and we enjoy making new friends when we can.

             If you wish to work a skill simply seek the guild officer whom specializes in that skill, ex. OmnisBabe is our resident fighter working on attack and defense.  MuleSkynyrd is out expert harvester, Phoenix summons and makes potions (currently working on manufacturing skill as well)    OmniVision is an all rounder who currently woks on crafting and manufacturing as well as potions. Alchemy is worked on commonly by Phoenix , OmniVision, and OmnisBabe.

             One thing we are proud of is working separately yet jointly towards an end goal in a project, as an example say we have a desire to produce harvester medallions. One group would be set up to gather ings, another to make feasting potions. Another to hunt raw meat as an ingredient for potions, yet another group to gain the exp using alchemy while another group takes and crafts the medallions. End result those in each area of the project would be gaining exp, and depending on scope of project each getting a medallion or if the goal was to sell would be splitting  the monies.

             This also allows players to train skills with help in an organized manor with help additionally allowing guilde to meet and work with new players while playing the game.  Also in time players may work in tandem to eventually have armor weapons money and skills all by only doing a portion of the required work to obtain such as well as earning experience in skills as well as over all levels.

             We have a great many allies whom if asked we gladly help!  If a member of an allied guild mentioned dying and needed help in recovery of db we help when we are can!  We treat others by the Golden Rule and while we may have a guild that does not like us for one reason or another most are neutral or allied towards us allowing us to go into areas and recover said db softly.

 If you are searching for a guild that is a war guild that would not be us if you are looking for a guild of players who like the game and like teamwork without making enemies this is the guild for you.

             You are welcome to apply for membership at anytime by contacting MuleSkynyrd, Phoenix, OmnisBabe, or OmniVision in game or applying here on our forum.  Our requirements are simple you must not lie cheat or steal.  Follow all rules as set forth by Eternal Lands (can be read in game by pressing F5) and while we do make occasional exceptions we prefer players who are over 25 years in age.

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