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Welcome to Femme Triumph!

We are a City of Heroes super group and Top 50 SG on Justice server!  Our membership is open to only female toons with the objective of enhancing our members gaming experience with a focus on fun instead of prestige grinding.

Please feel free to use this website to announce events, ask for help with taskforces & trials, about powers or character builds, or anything else related to Femme Triumph or the City of Heroes/Villains game.

We are still relatively new but already in just a weeks time we have boosted our membership to nearly 50 members with a base large enough to include:
  * A grand entrance befitting the Femme Triumph!
  * The Mausoleum off Heroines (Med Bay)
  * Teleporters to all zones (including Rikti War Zone & Pocket D)
  * A custom designed base and sg uniform that shows our unity but allows room for personal flair.
  * Basic & Invention Origin Enhancement worktables
  * Vault Salvage access
  * Inspirations & Enhancement storage
  * Great benefits with rank promotions including personal quarters.

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