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Light Side Elite Corps
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What type of guild are you?

LSEC is a primary Rebel guild. We strongly urge our members to be either Rebel or Neutral.

I see Imperials from LSEC...why?

Occassionally, we have members that would like to do quests, that are Imperial only, such as for the Jedi Starfighter. This is only temporary, and the member should return to the Rebellion upon completion.

Why would I want to be a member of LSEC?

We are a "family" style guild. There are many members with different interests and needs, so it shouldn't be too hard to find someone  that shares your interests.

LSEC members try to be there for each other, and are willing to help any member that needs it.

We have at least one member of every class, including Master Pilots (Rebel and Nuetral).


What about PvP?

We don't have an organized PvP group at this time, but we do have members that PvP. We are currently working on establishing a PvP group however, so this could change at any time =)

What are the rules of LSEC?

We have very few rules...

1) No fighting in guildchat. If you find yourself arguing with a member, please take it to tells, or another chat.

2) No cussing in guildchat.

These two rules, carry severe penalties:

First Offense: You will be asked to stop.

Second Offense: You will be sent an email asking you to stop.

Third Offense: You will be removed from the guild.

3) No stealing. There are no 2nd chances for this. If it's proven without a shadow of a doubt that you stole from another guildmember, you will be removed immediately.

4) Show respect when talking to people in the galaxies. PvP does NOT mean trash talk >=)

5) If your Imp...switch.

6) Use your words!!! If you have an idea, or want to see something done, or happening...speak up! It's YOUR guild too! =)

NOTE: These rules and penalties are subject to change at any time, based on council and leader decisions. So check back often for updates.


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