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Aussie Exploration
Apr 22, 09 9:11 PM
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Apr 20, 09 8:42 PM


Bearitall-aoc, Apr 22, 09 9:11 PM.
We've started a new guild/core (as they're known in Eve) called BHP Australia. I reckon it'll be a good group for those who enjoy a bit of variety in the game with a friendly lot of cories to help. Not everyone wants to be out PvP warring all the time. A bit's ok though. The Orca will be launching in less than 2 weeks now once Beast gets off his coit and finishes the skill book for it. He has Rorqual skills from my last core last year and just had to do the new Mining Diretor-5 and Industrial Command ships-1 to be an Orca skipper. For those not in the know, the Orca is a huge capital type logistics ship that has gate use ability rather than low sec jumping only, like the Rorqual. It has a Core Hangar and ship Maintenance bay onboard that'll take 400,000M3 of ships to transport/ refit them etc. It can tractor beam jet-cans in from long ranges to load without moving but it has no Clone vat bay though (Rorqual does) which isn't an issue unless your in a huge battle for a system and want to spawn pilots onboard after they die in a fight.For that u need a Rorqual. These ships sell for about half the price of the Rorqual and can use Empire space, so should prove more useful to us. It will be able to take the ore dirtectly to the Brutor Tribe Stations to refine. (we have great standing with them). If you're interested in joining our Core, come to moon 7 Abudban system ingame and apply. We have a website and vent aswell , which are advertised in our Corp window.
Cya soon

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Bearitall-aoc, Apr 20, 09 8:42 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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