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Hey folks, welcome to The Prodigy guild website!We are a guild located on Mug'thol and we are groupe of harde core pvp'ers. We do many premades and are open for recruitment. We are one of the select few pvp guilds on Mug'thol. We have many experianced players and we have a good GM. Out officers are Opk, and Utsukushii. And our GM is Blueberrypie. The Prodigy is a newly formed guild and is striving to be the best on the realm ( FOR HORDE THAT IS. ) We alwase do Winter Grasp and dominate in that. To apply for a spot in the guild please visit the Forums and apply there. If you have any questions or concerns about the guild please feel free to contact the GM or Officers in game.

-The Prodigy

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The Prodìgy, Apr 24, 09 4:12 PM.

                                [[[ Titansteel Destroyer ]]]

This is a good pvp wepon untill you get your arena up high enough instead of spening 800 - 1000g for it and if your a miner do a couple heroics get the 2 frozen orbs for 10 heroisim badges and mine in Sholzar for like 30min.. and all you will need than is the 8 titansteel. It's cake and saves you plenty of gold!

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