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Bahamut's Dreadnought
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Welcome to Bahamut's Dreadnought!

Bahamut's Dreadnought is a social linkshell located on the Fairy server.  We offer help with experience parties, quests, missions, and most of all, good times and good company.  ^^

If you are interested in joining our LS, please do not hesitate to speak to our LS Leaders and we'll try to make it happen!

Thanks for stopping by :D 

Winter 2010

Amedelie, Oct 21, 10 9:59 AM.
We are hopefully coming back!!!  If anyone shows up on the site we are coming back!!!

Fall is Coming!!!

Amedelie, Aug 17, 09 7:20 PM.
Fall is coming!!!  So I hope that everyone comes back and we can get lots of fun stuff done!!!   Hope to see some of you make a return to BD and FFXI!!!

OMG!!! Rank 8 and ZM

Amedelie, Jun 11, 09 6:12 PM.
Lol Almeth, #2 and I Rocked Rank Mission 7-2 and 8-1.  We also trio ZM6.  It was fun as hell!!!    I would like to get more people through Rank Missions and ZM.  Hell I like to see more people get through all mission.   I would like to see a group of 6 to static missions.   I know Almeth and #2 are game.  So, if you are 65+ and want to get missions done.  We are going to make a mad push through Mission!!!  Let me know if you have an interest in being spot 4, 5 and 6.  Thank you for your time!!!

FFXI AH Integration

almeth, May 23, 09 2:12 PM.
The ability to automatically add item information and pricing from to links on our site has been added. For details on this cool new feature i've added and some samples visit the 'FFXI AH Links' topic under General Discussion.

Promyvion-Dem fucking CRUSHED!

Xx#2xX, May 16, 09 1:24 PM.
Congrats to Jalyn, Almeth, Kamiku, Holydeath, Onehicup, and myself for getting this done in RECORD TIME last night!  Good job guys, everyone did fantastic!!  All that's left is Promyvion-Holla, hopefully we can crush that shit, too!!  Stay tuned for scheduling.

Reflaa Tonight!!!!

Amedelie, May 16, 09 10:03 AM.
Reflaa will be on this evening!!   So we must do some quests/missions or continue leveling his WAR to 75!!!!
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