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Chaotic Darkness
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May 5, 09 11:50 PM
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Welcome to Chaotic Darkness Guild Site


Guild Rules.

1.       Respect your fellow Guild Members at ALL times.

2.       Guild Members shall not beg for money or items.

3.       Any arguments/disputes shall not be aired in the Guild Chat or any public channel. These should be taken to a moderator

4.       If you have a problem, your first option is not to /gquit. We see every person as an investment and a family member. Our relationships should be as thick as blood vs. water. Give us the courtesy of explaining, resolving, or finding a compromise before you fly off the handle and leave. Most, who have left, regret the decision.

5.       What goes around comes around. Share with other guildies loot, trade skills, potions, trade skill items, etc. If we share as a community then we all benefit and grow stronger. Use the guild bank if you find something you want to offer to someone who needs it but have no one in particular in mind, the officers will find the person who needs it most. Always, I repeat, ALWAYS offer trade skills to guild members at cost for mats and no cost for service.

Raid Rules.

1.       If you need a break then let the Raid Leader know and set yourself to AFK. IF you are AFK for longer than 15 mins then you may be removed from the raid and given a raid penalty, possibly not being invited to the next one.

2.       If you are unable to stay online, disconnecting, you will be asked to leave the raid for someone else to fill the position (assuming your online to do so….). Occasional disconnections are tolerated, so long as it does not affect the raid.

3.       To attend raids, raid members must sign-up for the raid. Please note that this does not guarantee a place in the raid. All Raids have class requirements for successful completion. This will dictate how many of each class is required and this is why the Raid list is split between classes and order of sign up.

4.       Do not sign-up knowing that you cannot stay for the full duration as you are taking a spot from someone who can.

5.       You shall always listen and obey the Raid Leaders instructions. During the Raid, he is GOD. Persistent failure to do this may lead to members being removed from the raid as 1 person should not spoil it for others.

6.       Be on time. Since we have limited time for runs, it is important that we start on time. Please be inside the instance 15 minutes before first pull. If you know you are going to be late, notify an officer or note so on the raid scheduling tool. Priority goes to those who are on time. If the raid is full, standby priority goes to those who have noted they will be late.

7.       Be attentive. Pay attention to the instructions of the raid leaders and class leaders. Please make sure you have Ventrilo installed; you do not need to be able to speak through Ventrilo. If you are attentive, you will help the raid be more successful.

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Moonstargirl, May 5, 09 11:50 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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