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Chancellor Riverton - Dead!

Fringledar, Oct 22, 10 3:26 PM.

High Court of Chancery

This publication would sit outside the Courtroom on the noticeboard, and would have been sent forward to the Argent Post


It is with great sadness and sorrow that High Court announces the loss of our beloved Chancellor Riverton, on the fifth day of the tenth month.


Everold Riverton was a figure who passionately sought to protect the rights of all within these walls, serving His Majesty the King and this City with unquestionable neutrality; this was seen by all during his brief seat as Chancellor. His death comes as a shock to all of us, and the Tribunal pass our condolences to family and friends, who have our support and best wishes.


Light guide you, Everold Riverton.



Following this sombre announcement, the Tribunal must instate a new Chancellor and tend to matters at hand. As such we announce that Lecster Metereeder, loyal to our King and bound by Oath, will be the High Court of Chancery's latest Chancellor.

Any matters – future, present or past - may be taken to Chancellor Metereeder.


High Court of Chancery


Chancellor Lecster Metereeder

Essington to be Tried for Treason!

Glenthor.R, Jul 17, 10 11:49 AM.

Captain Jhenevieve McKenzie of the Stormwind City Watch has decided to press charges against Highlord Didonus Essington!

The soon to be arranged trial will take place in the Dwarven Halls, Stormwind.

Date: TBC
Time: TBC

Charges brought forward

- Chapter 4, §2 - Treason.

- Chapter 1, §6 - Murder, attempted.

- Chapter 1, §7 - Murder, committed.

- Chapter 1, §8 - Conspiracy to murder.

- Chapter 1, §1 - Multiple counts of assault by proxy against citizens, subsection three and Watchmen - C1, §3, subsection three.

- Chapter 3, §6 - Resisting arrest.

- Chapter 3, §10 - Public disturbance.

- Chapter 3, §11 - Riot, causing .

- Chapter 4, §1 - Attack on the City, Hostile

- Chapter 3, §5 - Warlocks, Hidden Larger Gathering of.

- Chapter 3, §13 - Aiding and Abetting, four charges of.

Stormwind City vs The Stormguard!

Fringledar, Jan 24, 10 6:42 AM.


Finally, after so many years, the High Court of Chancery brings Lady Amarae and her Stormguard Unit to Justice. The Judges of the High Court of Chancery came to the following decision:

The High Court of Chancery has given Lady Amarae two choices!

Option One: The Stormguard will be banished for a full six-months from the City of Stormwind! Any soldier of the Stormguard, be they on-duty, or off-duty, will be placed under Civil Death, if seen within the Walls of Stormwind.

The High Court clarifies that this sentence will -not- be shortened, and that for every Stormguard Soldier seen within Stormwind's Walls, a month of banishment will be added to the sentence!

Option Two: The Stormguard will officially disband, therefor, restoring the name of the Stormguard to it's previous honour when commanded by Captain Greymantle. The High Court clarifies: This means the Stormguard organisation will not serve once more, unless Captain Greymantle deems it fit to restore the organisation under his Command. Regarding Lady Amarae herself, she will not command a new force for a full Four Months. In that time, we recommend that Lady Amarae does not recieve a authorative role within any organisation.

Note: Under both options, Lady Amarae will be provided with a series of Anger Management Classes, provided by a suitable Officer of the Stormwind City Watch!

Lady Amarae is required to make her decision within Two Days of the Sentence being announced in the Courtroom - Until that point. Option One stands!


Chaos in the City!

Fringledar, Jan 18, 10 4:40 PM.

Chaos in the City as a fight breaks out between The Stormguard and The Sons of Thoradin! Insults are shouted, weapons are shown, blood is drawn - but what is to come?

Miss Nisia: Sentenced!!

Fringledar, Jul 30, 09 4:59 PM.

Miss Nisia has been found guilt of her crimes against the City! The Judges present found that, while it was admittable Miss Nisia was not herself, she still committed the deeds claimed against her. Due to her unstable condition, the High Court of Chancery has sentenced her to Six Months Isolation and Rehabilitation with the Mages of The Kirin'Tor. After the Six Months, her condition will be reviewed and the Court will make a decision on whether to alter her sentence accordingly.
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