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Welcome to Coniunctis Viribus
A World of Warcraft guild on the Wildhammer server

Coniunctis Viribus means With United Powers and that phrase embodies our guild philosophy.  We began as a small number of family and friends who wanted to enjoy each other's company while farming and running 5-man instances.  We have expanded to include new, valued members and are now composed of men and women, parents and teenagers.  At heart we remain a close-knit group of friends and we spend a lot of our time helping one another with badge runs, tradeskills, etc.

Most important to us is having fun.  While we began as pretty casual players, we have progressed so that raiding is now a big part of most of our guild members' game time and our expectations for those who raid are a little higher.  However, our guild welcomes individuals who do not have an interest in raiding.  Even people who focus on achievements, tradeskills, or pvp can find a home with CV.  We work hard to maintain a friendly, team-centered environment and as long as someone is as commited to that as we are, they are welcome in our guild.

Our current raiding goal is to continue progressing through 10 and 25-man raids.  We raid in 10-man Ulduar on Sundays, TOGC Mondays, and 10-man ToC on Wednesday at 9:30PM server time.  We also have guild runs for 10 and 25 man Ony, the weekly raid, and 25 man ToC, and there are usually plenty of guildies online to form 5-man heroic groups.

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