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About CV

About CV

Coniunctis Virbus was created in early 2009. Its purpose was to be a place where a small number of friends and family could level together, share a guild bank, etc. We had a couple of WoW veterans, but most of us were completely new to the game. I remember when Gearlan, one of our friends and vets, was trying to teach us how to do the "dance" in Naxx 10. Who would've thought that our little band of friends would develop into the guild that is now CV. We have ~50 active level 80s, that does not include alts. We've had a lot of members come and some go, but through it all CV is still about friendship, family, and having fun together. We play for the experience and comraderie rather than speedy progression. We treat each other kindly, don't spam guildchat with profanity or harsh language. We have men and women, people from different countries, gays, married couples, and teenagers in the guild; everyone is held to the same standard of being respectful and welcoming. There is quite a bit of good natured teasing though- a sense of humor is a must!

We are a casual raiding guild, which for us means we do want to experience raid content, but don't put as much emphasis on it as hardcore raiding guilds do. We don't require your attendance each and every week. We *do* however ask of you that you come when you've said you will, communicate with us when there's a problem, and don't do things like afk out during raids. Though we are working on end game content and have some very skilled raiders, we seek to remain a social guild (that happens to raid) with a friendly environment and tight family unit. We feel that environment and quality of people is far superior to quantity of people and how fast content is conquered. We want everyone to feel at home in the guild . We also will not sacrifice the quality of our members simply to make ourselves ready for higher level content. The most important thing to us is that each member of the guild works well with us and is a quality member of our group.  For more information on raiding, please see: Forums : WoW Discussion > Official Raiding Schedule and Rules Update.

Our leadership structure is divided into committees, allowing more guildies the ability to have a say in the guild's direction and purpose. We have a Leadership Committee composed of the GM and officers, a Recruiting Committee, Raiding Committee, and Gearing Committee. For more information on our committees, please see: Forums : WoW Discussion > CV Committees.

If you would like to talk to someone about joining CV, please send a member of the Recruiting Committee an in game message. If you would like to go ahead and apply, please read the "Applying to CV" page to learn how.

The ideal CV recuit...

- is involved in the guild and cares about fellow guildies
- is attentive to other people's feelings and interests
- is willing to be part of a team and is willing to listen to constructive criticism
- improvises when the party or raid group needs them to play another role
- enjoys participating in guild activities, using the website, chatting in vent - in other words, bonding with other guild members because CV is a WoW family and wants everyone to join in the craziness

Code of Conduct

There have been very few problems with guild member conflicts. However, they have arisen and because of that, here are some guidelines for guild members. This should also be read by anyone interested in joining our guild. Every person has a different playing style and the game is most fun when you are working with people who have similar interests and expectations. Of our members, CV expects:

a team-based approach to the game. When you know someone is looking for an item and you have it, consider offering it for trade. This doesn't mean you have to be selfless; you also have to keep in mind that an upgrade for you is an upgrade for the team. When you have to make a choice, think of how it benefits the team; not only when it comes to loot and items, but also when it comes to your actions and attitude.

a mature approach to the guild. Communicate when you have questions or do not necessarily understand the choices being made by the guild leadership. We will be happy to explain or try to work out any problems you might have. (We do not really appreciate complaints being made to guildies who are not part of the officer/GM team - this does not solve anything and just creates drama.) This also includes being open to advice.

fair play. Do not break the Blizzard terms of service (by buying gold, botting, or having someone else powerlevel your character); do not grief/corpsecamp players of the opposite faction outside pvp arena's or battlegrounds. Don't spam trade or ninja loot when you are with a pug. Even when you're playing on your own, you represent Coniunctis Viribus and we do not want anyone's bad behavior to deter good players from joining the guild or grouping with CV.

raiding etiquette. though we are a casual guild, we still raid regularly and we take raiding seriously. Considerable effort is made by people in the guild to make these raids happen and though we won't pressure people whatsoever to attend them (if you dont want to go, that's totally fine), you are expected to attend if you sign up. For our looting, attendence, and other raiding rules, please see the "Official Raiding Schedule and Rules" sticky in the WoW Discussion Forum.

inactivity. If you have been inactive for one month, we may remove you from the guild. We hope you understand; we really have a lot of nice people in the guild but we want to prevent it from turning into a "who's that" fest. We get enough of that with the alts. :-) If you know you will be taking a break or going on vacation, let an officer know. They can make a note so that you are not removed. And if something unexpected happened and you went on hiatus without contacting an officer and were removed from the guild, contact someone on the recruiting committee when you return to WoW and they will discuss renewing your membership.

respect one another. We do not allow terms such as "fag" or sexist/racist remarks to be used by individuals representing CV. This applies to guild chat or while in a pug/trade chat, etc. We do not want that kind of attitude being linked to CV. The occasional blonde joke amongst friends is OK. Using any term of that nature in a derogatory manner is not. Friendly banter and teasing is OK. Harassing or belittling someone is not. You will be warned once if you use this type of language or engage in this kind of behavior. If it persists, you will be asked to leave the guild.

CV Guild Ranks Explained:

Initiate: Initiates are usually potential CV members who only recently were invited to join the guild. Within their first month, the recruiting committee will decide whether the initiate will be promoted to member. For information on the standards used in this decision, please see the Recruiting Committee. Occassionally a conflict will have resulted in a guildie with a member or higher ranking being demoted to initiate for a certain period of time. This could be because of a leave of absence, a guild bank or looting dispute, or any number of things. In this scenario, the officers will determine when the individual will be promoted again.

Member: Someone who has shown a commitment to our guild principles and is willing to participate in guild activities (which could include using guild chat, putting items in the guild bank, raiding, joining a CV arena team, posting on the website, among other things).

Counsellor: Counsellors are guildies who are knowledgeable about their class and have shown to the guild management that they are willing and able advisors to the rest of the guild. They have agreed to hold a leadership position by participating on one of our guild committees, a commitment not to be taken lightly as it is time consuming. In addition to having access to the officer forum on the website and full access to the guild bank, Counsellors are expected to set a high standard for conduct, friendliness, helpfulness, etc. to all guild members.

Officer: Officers, along with the guild leader, plot the main course of the guild, lead the committees, handle any conflicts that arise between guild members, and see that the atmosphere of the guild remains true to its conception: family-oriented and fun. Officers also invite alts/new guildies (when an invite has been agreed to by the recruiting committee) and perform other "administration" duties in the guild like setting the gmotd, promoting/demoting, and answering questions about guild policies. For more information on our committees, please see the "CV Committees" sticky in the WoW Discussion Forum.

GM: Brennan (Zdorab/Kokor) is currently the guild leader. The guild leader in CV oversees all committees and makes sure that officers are fulfilling their duties. He is ultimately responsible for all happenings within the guild. However, almost all major decisions are made by the leadership committee, which is composed of the GM and Officers.

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