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Welcome to the Guardsmen Alliance website!

This is the virtual home of Guardsmen Alliance, a Rank 10 kinship located on the Vilya server of Lord of the Rings Online.

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ARE SUNDAY NIGHTS A POSSIBLE DAY OF THE WEEK FOR A WATCHER RAID TO BE GENERALLY SCHEDULED?? Winner: "Yes, its not the best but it would work." 4 weeks, 2215 days ago
How do you feel about the Book 9 changes arriving this fall? Winner: "excited for some...worried for others" 4 weeks, 2226 days ago
If radiance requirements keep extending to "gate" into new content and raids...what will your reaction be: Winner: "I must have all of it, and do everything, and will do everything I can to make it happen." 4 weeks, 2226 days ago
**==>Do certain instances need "nerfing" such as Dark Delving. Winner: "No" 4 weeks, 2327 days ago
**==>Should changes be made that will potentially increase the availability of first-age items, such as the upcoming barter system that arrives with Book 8. Winner: "Yes -- but there should be some exclusivity and some uncontrollable factors" 4 weeks, 2327 days ago

GA News Posts

Raid Extension (BG or DN) 9/1 Follow-Up

Dackrover, Sep 3, 10 3:54 PM.
Easy deathless kills on Blind One and Mistress...good drops.

Robedork was present only for BO and rcv'd the +20 Lady's legs
Danston got the +20 Lady's chest
Taurra rcv'd the rare drop of Manadhechor
Adehl got the rare drop of Certhloch

All four dropped to the bottom of the ladder in sequence.  We then went on to kill the Watcher and gave a rad coin each to Danston and good drops there.

Thanks to Robedork, and Lorlarial who subbed in for him on Mistress, Erranor, Ebony, Azurez, Danston, Xzealot, Adehl, Loconess, Vismond, Leonnidus and Taurra and Melawe who subbed in for watcher.  Good work by all.

DN Raid Lock Opener 8/29 Follow-Up

Dackrover, Aug 31, 10 1:16 AM.
Good Boss kills 1 -4 and smooth run, tho with a late start.

Jazzer rcv'd +20 Lady's boots
Badjer got +20 Lady's gloves
Taurra rcv'd +20 Lady's helm
Azurez got +20 Lady's shoulderzz
Vismond rcv'd the rare drop armlet Lorechor

All five bumped to the bottom of the ladder in sequence...thanks to Drakonnus, Azurez, Badjer, Vismond, Taruthir, Lorlariel, Chlo, Melawe, Danston, Jazzer, Ebony and Taurra...good work guys!! 

Raid Extension (BG or DN) 8/18 Follow-Up

Dackrover, Aug 23, 10 7:14 AM.
Smooth Blind One and Mistress kills.

Lorlariel rcv'd the +20 Lady's legs
Xzealot got the +20 Lady's Chest

No other importaqnt drops were had.

Thanks to Adehl, Erranor, Amanhir, Isharra, Vismond, Ebony, Lorlariel, Xzealot and new raiders Taurra, Leonnidus and Losco.

DN Raid Lock Opener 8/15 Follow-Up

Dackrover, Aug 16, 10 5:06 PM.
Slick and quick kills on bosses 1-4.

Vismond rcv'd the +20 lady's boots
Loconess rcv'd the Lady's +20 gloves
Erranor rcv'd the +20 Lady's helm
Solen rcv'd the +20 Lady's shoulderz

No other important drops were had.

Thanks to Vismond, Loconess, Robedork, Ebony, Erranor, Badjer, Chlo, Slin, Lorlariel and welcome to new raiders Solwen and Azurez who enter the ladder at the bottom in turn, with Solwen bumping down after taking a first looting award.

 Good work, guys!

Raid Extension (BG or DN) 8/11/10 Follow-Up

Dackrover, Aug 12, 10 5:25 PM.
Easy boss kills on Blind One and Mistress.

I actually looted the +20 Lady's legs to finally go 6/6 Lady's set after much internal debate over whether to bother;

Erranor got +20 Lady's chest from Mistress

Ebony received Certhloch melee crit earing from Mistress

All three drop to the bottom of the ladder in turn.

Thanks to Xzargos, Erranor, Ebony, Melawe, Vismond, Taruthir, Therodir, Adehl, Loconess, Lorlariel, and Eamaneah who attended for BO, and Amanhir who subbed in for her on Mistress. 

The group of us, including some additions and substitutions along the way such as Danston, Robedork and Solwen (sorry if I am forgetting anyone else) went on do the pulls from Boss 2 in BG up through the final mass mobs of wights at the top of the tower leading to the LT.  It was a alot of fun learning our way through these pulls together for the first time, and we did excellently imo, had some deaths which we recovered from, but went without a single wipe until we ultimately triggered those wights without fully understanding what we were getting into :)

Great job and thanks for an enjoyable and productive evening !!  

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