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 Welcome to PoZ!!!
"Where others have failed we will succeed"

Welome Home Prophets, PoZ has been around for a long time and is once again growing strong.

Founded long ago on the server known as Ferran's Hope, PoZ has been reborn on Castle Lightwolf.

 We are about the friendship and the fun. We consider ourselves a family guild. and care for our members in a way that seems alien to other guilds. 

PoZ is a guild of mostly older players that understand the importance of balancing real life and recreational time. A lot of us have families that often need attention. We do not have any mandatory guild functions (however we will pester you to get on). We feel that by making your own decision to participate, you will take much more pride in accomplishing a task with your guild, instead of having it forced on you. We reward those members who participate. If you're looking to join our guild, and start getting rares day one.....please find another guild. Our guild is not about greed.

So, if you're looking for a fun guild...
look no further
Need a guild that has vast knowledge of the high end game, great raid leaders, and helpful members... you’ve come to the right place. If ya need a little education on places like ZP, IoD PoS, PoD and SE...  
we can do that to...

If you are a little out of your head, looking for a great time, willing to help, work and listen... 
PoZ is the place for you. 

If you're looking to mooch off members day one and get uber loot...
that is not us.


Plus, PoZ is now raiding on 2 servers! killing whatever, wherever, whenever!!! 
Build your CLW toons and blow the dust off your FH toons...  Looking to have some more fun and take down raid mobs that others guilds camp PoZ is back on FH spilling blood from the bigest mobs.



Join today to find out what we are all about!


Contact our Leadership on CLW 
Treethetroll - Bofa
Lollipopped- Chache-Manneestax


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EQOA emulator work in progress. Check out for more info! -Dudd/Corsten
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