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May 19 2009 was founders Day, the founding of our new Chapter

Hello, I am Ulmatdain, Master of the Sulent Striders . We are guild of dedicated (EU) Lord of the Rings Online players on the Eldar server. We are looking members and Officers; so if you love Lord of the Rings Online,  Are older than the age of 16, Speak passable English, and want to have fun and hang out with other people that do as well, then go to the Chapter Master, Ulmatdain (60 Captain) on the Eldar server.

We Inted to focus on raids Ettenmore PvM (when its good) and end game content. And have a Priority of recruitmen for thoes that have charecters in the 50+ ...

Curentlz I need 12-14 players  with at least 1 char in the 58-60 range. Optimaly 2 for each class.


Ventrillo Server is running

Ulmatdain, May 22, 09 7:25 PM.
We Now have a Ventrillo Chat server.

you need the chat client

simply go to the link here to dowlod the client foe your OS

Then install,

Please then Go to setup tab and please set a PTT push to Talk button.. I like to use one of the extra mouse buttons on my nice mouse

Also You will want to check Use Direct Sound .. so that you can by way od sound effects SFX turn up or down the volume of each chatt'er to your prefrence

On the home page the will be a window in the information colum  with the current server conect info, server name, and por,t and global pasword.

You will have to be registerd with this site and have an approved aplication to join the guild webby in order to see it.

Yay Rank 2 Kinship

Ulmatdain, May 20, 09 5:15 PM.
We are now Rank 2

and that givs us Mesage of the day.

Yay,, well realy wopideidoooda  but small step always count big when your young..

Rank 3 by Weekend.

Proposal Of Kinship Rules of Conduct.

Ulmatdain, May 19, 09 12:02 PM.

Kinship Rules

(for Concideration) 

Age 18+ to join.  Or else be sponcerd by an Adult relative

Membership begins with a 3 week trial period, as of 20 May 2009 you will then be upgraded as member or officer as need dictates.

What you do in game and sometimes out of game reflects on the kinship. Conduct yourselves accordingly so that it shows well on the kinship.

The purpose of Officers in kinship is to recruit new kinmembers.  Or to execute specified tasks in the kinship such as: Kin-bank, Kin-storage.

On the item of removal of persons from the  Kinship.: Only Ulmatdain (60 Captain, Kinship Master) is the final approving authority.

No KinMember shall ever insult, slander, or otherwise attack another KinMember

No KinMember is to spam any message, question, or other comment in the KinChat.

"Ninja's" will not be tolerated, they will not be taking part in kin events or groups and if caught, they will be removed IMMEDIATELY!

When RAIDING, it is important and MANDITORY that all players are using our Voice Chat server, whether its just for listening and typing back or listening and talking back. We encourage all our members to actively use our Voice Chat server at all times, in order to foster better communications between our members.(need a Voice Chat Server first)

LOOT: Within the kinship, because we anticipate such a wide range of levels we hope that everyone who joins us will understand the need for co-operation, and be willing to share some of the loot drops with the kinship. We understand the need to make money to progress, but things like recipes, trait pages and other things that are universally needed we like to share within the kin. We do not ask anybody to slow progression of his or her character by giving away all their drops, but it is nice if you share the things you do not need, as existing members will share things with you.  AT PRESENT

 A: ROLLING: NEED vs GREED. In all kinship groups, again we like to employ a policy of respect and co-operation. If the drop is something you need, for equipment upgrade or crafting, then of course rolling need is perfectly in order. However for other drops that you do not have the craft profession for or cannot use please always roll greed. Recipe and equipment drops for alts, we hope that people will still roll greed and then if they do not win will speak to whoever won the roll to come to some private agreement.

RAID POINTS:  I Prepose using the Master Looter and  /roll 100.. + 100 for aditional Raid atendance +20 Per Major Boss Defeated, (in previous raids of cours not present.)  to a maximum of /roll 1200.. When you win a raid Roll your Raid points Fall to /roll 100.. you and only win 1 Major lute item a raid iteration unless conceeded by group agreement.

Defaulting wins do not count.

Updated by Ulmatdain 19 May 2009

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Ulmatdain, May 19, 09 11:08 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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