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We are rockin in ICC!
May 7, 10 5:45 PM
Naxx 10 defeat
Nov 17, 09 12:28 PM
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Welcome to Draconian Lords

    We are have been a Guild since 01/07/07. We are a family guild, meaning this guild and its members are your new extended family. We welcome you to the family.
We want to grow, do end game content.
Members will follow guild policy or be removed from guild. Please read and abide by the rules, We work together as a team, one can not do it alone. We help each other out in anyway we can. . I want Draconian Lords to be a guild others will want to join, so have pride in our guild. Lets work together to put this guild on the map.
New content is coming,
lets be ready for it.
thank you all

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We are rockin in ICC!

Wasz, May 7, 10 5:45 PM.
Greetings all
    A lot has happened since Naxx10.  We have taken Down ToC10 and We started ICC.   We were doing REP grinding in ICC for the REP Rings you can get. The Weekly were starting and one of them was Lord Marrowgar in ICC.  Well we had run REP several time and had several attempts at him before he became the weekly which after many attempts walked away empty handed. The following week we were running the second night of a ToC10, where we were at the faction champs.  A few attempts had been made at them with no success. A guild member (Pellison) told us we should change tactics and kill the DPS'er first... Boom baby they went down and the healers were toast. we went on to almost one shot the rest of Toch..  So pumped up we were that we ran to ICC and we  pulled a ONE shot to Lord Marrowgar..  We are currently running ICC and what ever the "weekly" raid happens to be. We just started running ICC twice and week instead of the Friday night only run.  I see 25 man's coming soon. For all of you Draconian Lords.. you all ROCK, thank you

Naxx 10 defeat

Wasz, Nov 17, 09 12:28 PM.
Greetings one and all.
On 11/10 and 11/13, In two amazing runs we defeated Naxx 10 man,, All 6 parts..  a big Gratz to all involved and  a big gratz to  Suaro and Calypsoh for two amazing saves...  (ask in guild about it).  also for the help and support of the rest of the guild.  thank you much.

There are more places to defeat so lets move on and get it done.
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