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                                         Welcome Weary Souls & Eager Youths
                                  Established 3.5.2008

Elronds Elite is a place for anyone who plays lotro and is dedicated to our way of life(in game of course lol).We are a casual kinship with one expectation that most find is easy to live up to, And that is the expectation that as a kinship we should help each other if we can however we ask that you not spend all of your time/crafting/money to help out just do a little when you can and that is all and along with this single expectation we have but a single rule...Do not disrespect your fellow kinsman or belittle them for asking for help because that is what I ask of everyone  is that if you need help dont be afraid to ask for it from your kinsman. This does not mean that every single time someone asks for help that you must jump up and give your life to help them only help when it is something you truly want to help with and in return you have 500+ kinship members that will be at the ready in case you are in need one day yourself.  Yes i said 500+ because that is our number of members and we have levels ranging from 5 to 60 and all classes,races and skill level are welcome to join our kinship. We also enjoy catering to players who are new to the game and most of our members are free speakers, now sometimes that is not something that a possible recruit may want to hear but it is the truth. A great deal of our members are adults and teenagers but some of us have foul mouths at times not to say that we spit out a curse word in every sentence but we dont hold back when we are ready to speak, We speak. And there is always room for another free speaker among us so if you are intrigued by this brief description send us a tell and become an EE soldier, We would be honored to have you :).
Calarawen Founder of Elronds Elite and wife of current leader Floriandamian. 


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floriandamian, May 21, 09 4:25 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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