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3.2 changes.
Jun 26, 09 8:23 AM
Can''t fix stupid Has a New Address!
Jun 9, 09 10:41 AM
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Can't fix stupid is currently recruiting all classes, we are a casual raiding guild that is currently progressing in 10 man Ulduar (10/14). We are looking for mature players that understand how to play their class.
Our goal is to start a regular 25 man Ulduar to enjoy all the game has to offer.

Previous raiding experience and gear is preferable, all of us have cleared 25 man Naxx numerous times and therefore have the gear to progress rapidly in Ulduar.

We raid 3 times per week from 20:30 to 24:00 EST, depending on guildies disponibility.

We are completely drama free and very laidback, and we are aiming at keeping it this way.

If you feel we are a good match and think you can contribute to the Guild, please visit our forum to fill out your application.

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3.2 changes.

Aelan Uldaman, Jun 26, 09 8:23 AM.

Patch 3.2: Call of the Crusade

The upcoming major content patch, Call of the Crusade, will bring a host of new features for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.
  • Introducing the Crusaders' Coliseum: Within the Crusaders' Coliseum only the greatest champions of the Argent Tournament are given entrance. Here they will face new challenges, battle new foes, and achieve new glory. The coliseum includes new gameplay options for the most hardened of veterans in ten and twenty-five-player Heroic modes as well as a five-player dungeon. Read more about the Crusaders' Coliseum.

  • New Battleground: Located north of Icecrown, the Isle of Conquest bristles with activity as the Horde and Alliance go head-to-head in a bid to control the resources that could mean their victory against the forces of the Lich King and his Scourge. The upcoming content patch, Call of the Crusade, will introduce the new Isle of Conquest Battleground, where players will be able to battle forty-versus-forty to control this critical location. Read more about the newest addition to our Battleground system.

  • Battleground Experience Arrives: War brings experiences few would choose to endure in their lifetimes; and yet, in Azeroth, it is the way of the world. With the upcoming content patch, players will be able to gain experience within the Battlegrounds for completing objectives and actions that yield honor. If you want to play Battlegrounds without leveling, a small fee can be paid to disable a player's ability to gain experience, and players who make this choice will face only those opponents who have chosen a similar fate. Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton explains more about the new experience system for Battlegrounds and gives an in-depth briefing on the features found on the Isle of Conquest in our recent Battleground Q&A.

  • New Argent Tournament Updates: The Argent Crusade continues to call forth the bold and brave to take up arms against their enemies and overcome the threat of the Lich King. In the upcoming content patch, Call of the Crusade, the Argent Tournament expands into two new points of interest, adding new dailies, new rewards, and new challenges for the heroes of Azeroth. Read more about these new additions.

  • Updated Druid Forms: Druids will find a host of new textures for two major forms, cat and bear. There will be five different designs for each of these forms for the Horde and Alliance. Take a look at the new artwork here.
  • And much, much more...

Can''t fix stupid Has a New Address!

System, Jun 9, 09 10:41 AM.
Can''t fix stupid has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!
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