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Welcome to the <Nuff Said> Guild Website!

<Nuff Said>, founded by Zerq and Integron, has been steadily gaining guild levels but guild membership has been our biggest challenge.  Everyone would like to see our ranks grow so we can challenge more difficult and rewarding content.

All members have recruiting capability, so feel free to invite friends or people that you group with to our guild without worrying what anybody will say.  Integron and Zerq play enough to see who is active, productive, and fun to play with but if there are questions, don't hesitate to send in game e-mail.

Guild Bank items are intended for use by guilded players and should not be withdrawn and sold unless it's an absolute emergency and you intend to deposit something in it's place.

Our guild bank is small so let's be smart about what we deposit.  Collections, some spells, materials, and tradeskill books are among the items that you might want to deposit.  Once deposited into one of the first 2 tabs' guild bank, they are "free game" to any member in guild that needs them.  The 3rd and 4th tab currently have rank restrictions on them.

To help our guild level faster, we'd like everyone to complete the following Heritage Quests to gain status for the guild.  They take a little time, but are worth it, giving items that can be equipped or mounted in your house (and eventually in our Guild Hall).

As you may know, guild halls become available when a guild reaches level 30, and it's Zerq and Integron's goal to achieve a guild hall as soon as possible.  HQ's, tradeskill writs, and city task writs will help us get to 30.  It's up to all of us to decide whether doing writs and getting a guild hall is our main interest currently, or if some other interest is more important at this time.  Integron and Zerq are committed to gaining status for the guild whenever possible as well as balancing our own personal character goals with guild goals.

There's a very ancient saying:  "First you govern yourself, then you manage your family, then you lead the country, then you rule the world."  I'm sure it's lost in translation a bit, but <Nuff Said> believes in such balance and progression.  We're all here to help in whatever stage you're in, be it character levelling, guild levelling, progressing to raiding, or total server domination.

Kill the big ones and have fun in <Nuff Said>.

- Zerq

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sarnakwhir, May 26, 09 4:11 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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