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May 27, 09 10:22 AM
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Welcome to the GAIA KNIGHTS web site.

Rubies of Eventide is offline until further notice. There have been many questions as to why we decided to shut the service down and what the on-going status of the game is. We thank all the staff and players who participated in RoE over the years, so the following items should be taken at face value.

  • Personal Attacks: The owners and management of Rubies have no intention of supporting a game where they are attacked on an on-going basis by various groups. It's one thing to support a game, both financially and emotionally, when you feel as though you are doing something good for the player base; however when morale is brought to such a low level by continued libel and slander there is no incentive to continue.
  • Financial Concerns: We appreciate all of the donations we received, but it's not enough for the game to be self-sustaining and without any real personal incentives to make further investments we have decided that the game should go offline. All gentry patrons have been refunded a prorated amount. There is an on-going notion that some players are entitled to have us (including volunteers) subsidize their entertainment for the privilage of having them play. This will never happen as long as there is a continued campaign against the management. Rubies of Eventide was never meant to be a money-making endeavor in the last few years and we are no longer willing to fund this project in this current environment.
  • Ability to Police: There are a number of people we just don't want playing the game and it's too difficult to police the game to make sure they don't have access. Once we ban someone, they don't have enough respect for their fellow players to stay banned. Constantly policing the server for these players has become too much of a burden for us to wish to continue.
  • Hacking: There has been on-going hacking at the web server and game level. Materials from this website, the game servers, as well as chat logs from other related websites have been passed on the FBI and hopefully this investigation will conclude by bringing the hacker(s) to justice.

In the end, none of these issues effect the owners or management. It's the players who are truley victims and for that we are sorry that a small percentage of bad players and bitter former volunteers needed to ruin the game for everyone who enjoyed it. Maybe, in the end, they cared more about their personal interest in the game then the player community.

Will you be selling the game?

If there is serious interest from a company we feel can sustain the game, yes, we will consider a sale. We have no interest in selling the game to any current or former member(s) of the community at any price. This is a personal decision and we simply will not entertain it.

Can I run my own personal server?

No. There will be no personal server licensing offered. If a personal server is found we will notify your internet service provider and have your access removed in addition to possibly pursuing all applicable legal penalties.


Thank you to all the staff and players. We hope you will understand.

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