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Welcome to the Way! 
Guild Charter - Rules
Are you lost? Or have you found The Way?  If you have found The Way, then let us help enlighten you.

The Way: Casual Raid Guild formed by a band of friends to overcome and demolished end game challenges via trial and errors of finding surgical and efficient ways of accomplishing these challenges; while under the influences of assortments of beers.

The Way:  If you understand that this is a game, not a chore or a job, then feel free to enjoy the profound bliss of inebriation and professional killing of virtual monsters with us.

The Way:  18+ and a tough-skin due to painful humor. If you are allergic to such then need not apply.  If your understanding of "guild" is for it to cater to your needs and demands and/or throw temper tantrums if you do not get your way at that instant--please seek a psychiatrist for major behaviour modification. If you dont meet these requirements then this is not a guild for you.

LOOT: NBG ; Random 100 with invocation of MT/OT & MT/OT Healers.

Tentative Raids Tues/Thurs 8:30 pm - 1130 pm est
                           Sat: 8pm - 12 pm est
                           Sun: 7pm - 11pm est

To new recruits:

1. Upon joining the guild there is a standard probation time of two weeks. During this time we highly encourage you to get to know us better by grouping with us or just chatting. This allows us to help you feel more welcome and hopefully show that this will be a good guild to grow with.

2. Please sign up for our guild portal site as soon as possible to stay current with upcoming events.

3. If you would like to help out with the guild during raids make sure to sign up through the guild calendar. *Note* Dependent on raid signups you may not have a designated spot in that raid.

4. During this probationary time, during raids first open rolls are not open to recruits. If there aren't any main characters who want the item, the rolls will turn to alts and recruits at that time.

Guild rules and expectations:

1. Use common sense in all situations.

2. Ask for help when needed. There are a lot of resources available within the guild. Also likewise if you see a guild member asking for help offer yours if you can.

3. Please join voice chat with us during groups and raids. This makes our communication more efficient. No you do not have to speak.

4. Joking is one of the things this guild does often. However it can broach upon adult humor, and usually does. Be advised that if you have children or anyone adverse to adult humor who shares your account. You have been warned!!
Things that will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances up to and including jokes is anything that is ignorant such as racial/derogatory slurs or slanders as well as "yo mama" jokes.


6. Open communication. If there are issues within the guild, try Addressing it in a respectful manner via private tells first or asking the person to move to a private voice chat room. NEVER use guild, group, or raid chats to address any of such issues! If the problem cannot be resolved in this manner, please let an officer(s) know. Issues cannot be resolved unless voiced. Let us know how we can help.

7. By joining this guild we have welcomed you into our family of friends. Be mindful that you carry the responsibility of being a representative of the guild, wherever you go and whoever you speak with, we expect you to observe our guild rules even when grouping or dealing with outsiders.


Recruiting: Defiler, Inquisitor, Warden, Coercer, Illusionist, Warlock, Dirge, Troubador

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