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Well a few things worth noting and other things I'd just like to congratulate everyone on.

    1. Raid Recruitment- Very good job. We have all but 2 of our core 10-man! LF1 Shaman Ele or Enhancement
     + Mage <arcane> and another DPS for any of the open spots. If you know anyone let me know!
2. Gear - We all need to gear so if you guys can group together farm badges get tier items and
      if you need enchants/gems try to help each other out, instead of paying all out of pocket.
  3. Spec Advisors - I've started talking to people we have about their experience with their specs
      and their willingness to help people understand their characters better. If your interested PM
      me in-game and I'll consider you.
  4. Raids - We will be doing ToC10 just as soon as everyone is geared well enough for it. In the meantime I'm
      going to setup more semi-old raids (Naxx, Ulduar, OS10/25) "of the nightfall" title would be nice, be sure             
and check your calendars.

            Have A Nice Day! =)


Keep an Eye Out
Well atm our current goal for a 10-man raid composition is:
     Note :   x= filled   o= open role

 1. Tanks:
     x  Warrior <prot> [Adam aka Killjoy]
     x  Pally <Prot> [Menathill]
 2. Healz:
     x  Shaman <Resto> [Justin]
     x  Priest <Holy/Disc> [Johncalvin]
 3. DPS:
     x  Warlock <Destro> [Me lol]
     x  Hunter <Surv> [Cadencia =)]
     x  Hunter [Supahari]
     o  Shaman <Elemental or Enhancement>
     x  Druid <Boomkin> [Lazerchicken]
     o  Mage <Arcane>

Well we re doing good on recruiting lets keep up the good work, continue to gear and in 2 weeks we ll be raid ready. =)

Note: When we get enough people I'll have a detailed guide on how EPGP works up in the forums so everyone understands how our looting system will work. For those of you who register and maintain website activity, you will receive a select amount of bonus EP based on weekly participation. The forums are for us to communicate so let's make use of it guys. Goodnight. 8-/    
Welcome to Necropolis!

Welcome to those who are new or are thinking about applying. Please check out the rules of conduct (LOL yeah....) but seriously here's our current openings. We are going to be voting on our Guild Tabard, So basically use this link: Tabard Editor =) Submit your tabard on the tabard Forum post, everyone will look at each tabard and basically comment on which one they like the best. Voila, our new tabard! Also I'm looking for Website Admins If you have any Html/CSS/Java know how I can use you. If you feel you have something unique to offer than don't be afraid to let us know. If anyone is good at graphical art and thinks they can come up with an awesome website banner that'd be great too! So this is how we'll communicate cause not everyone plays at the same time So use the site please!

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