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Jul 10, 09 9:13 PM
Tier 4 essence farming 6/30
Jun 30, 09 11:33 PM
Tier 3 essence farming on 6/24
Jun 24, 09 11:21 PM
Pride's Lament is a casual raiding guild on the Xegony server of Everquest.

We focus on progressing our members in all aspects of the game that are within our reach while looking ahead to go beyond that. While we consider ourselves a family style guild it is a tricky balance between raiding and family, but we do our best.

Grouping is encouraged amongst members and we have weekly guild group events as well as our raid/progression events. Above all we try to keep drama to a minimum.


Grevin Lumineux, Jul 10, 09 9:13 PM.
Herrmess and Cynisca have joined the ranks of those at Void E progression! Congrats guys!

Tier 4 essence farming 6/30

Grevin Lumineux, Jun 30, 09 11:33 PM.
Pretty small crew tonight, but we still managed to bring in 1 tier 4 chest essence and 1 head/foot essence for Herrmess along with 1 tier 4 head/foot essence for Zemekus. 3 people also got non visible upgrades and augments. Join us next week folks.

Tier 3 essence farming on 6/24

Grevin Lumineux, Jun 24, 09 11:21 PM.
At our most recent essence farming day Valdirk got an arm/leg essence, Cynisca got a head/feet essence, Ershem won a chest and head/feet essence, Smellme won an arm/leg essence, and Herrmess won a wrist/hand essence. Join us next week!
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