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kartikeya200 (Knight) 1/25/2011 3:18 PM EST : Wards are Up!
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Hey so, late last night, those weird little rat-things would've announced that the ward they were asked to create is completed.

So, what's it do? Okay, first, it prevents any of the following from entering the Guild Hall (and that's via any direction, think of the ward like a big invisible bubble that encompasses the entire guildhall, top to bottom, as well as down for a certain distance in the ground beneathe). Banned living and undead things that try will be prevented from entering, and if they keep trying, or if they try to mess with the wards in any way from the outside, they will be 'forcibly ejected'. With a 'nasty, itchy rash', probably in someplace embarassing. Objects will just be prevented from entering (try to walk in with it in your hands or something, you can walk in, it will act like you're trying to push it through an invisible wall). Things and people currently on the 'banned' list:

Undead - this includes everything, from liches to vampires to zombies to ghosts (although ghosts can't exactly develop itchy underpants)
Tinkered explosives, or any physical device whose sole purpose is to go boom.
Magical or otherwise explosions above a 'certain size'; that is, a size that would prove to be more than merely annoying, or seriously destructive to the hall. This is the VK after all, explosions happen
Known Deimos members
Necromantic magics
Known Exile of the Wicked members (Mynkh obviously isn't included in this, unless Telis or one of the officers wants her to be)
Known Knights of Freeport
Known members of the Discipleship
Any magic being cast by someone already on the banned list, IE; they can't teleport in, or fling spells through windows, or cast a spell that would take effect within 'the bubble' (this includes charm spells cast outside on a member they then force to walk inside--the charm would cancel, and the person casting it might get some unfun feedback).
No scrying or spying spells of any kind that are focused on the guildhall itself

The wards are entirely customizable (Safe would be very proud of explaining this), via the 'center powersource and control module' (something I need to set up in the Hall as an actual object still), which is the only real weakness to this setup. Breaking in from outside is theoretically possible, but would be very difficult and almost certainly alert guildmembers via their communication crystals (a little zap or a buzz or something). Messing with the wards from the outside would also mean navigating a series of really nasty little built-in booby-traps (This is Safe, feel free to use your imaginations. The weirder the better). The control thingy can also be used to exclude individuals or individual items from the wards. So for instance, if the VK really wanted one particular zombie to be able to wobble in, they could do that without allowing /every/ zombie to wobble in. The wards can also be used to eject someone not specifically on the banned list if someone is given time to add them while they're inside the hall. (I figure that should take a bit of time and concentration to do, no instant kick).

Further protections can easily be put on top of the existing wards setup by other mages, whatever protections our guild magic flingers feel like putting in, so long as they have permission from the officers or captain. Have an idea for something not included, or just want to get creative with possible penalties for people trying to break in? Talk to the leadership! The wards have been designed to allow for this, and allow any additional protections to also be controllable and customizable.

Safe and company basically went into this with the idea of creating some kind of sanctuary for the guild, especially since it's been kind of non-stop attack central this week. It's not without its flaws or weaknesses, but they figure it's a pretty solid defense system and are perfectly willing to perform 'maintenance' as needed. Have fun!
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kartikeya200 (Knight) 1/25/2011 3:32 PM EST : RE: Wards are Up!
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Oh, an IC description for our magely members that feel like having a look:

The wards are obviously extremely complex, but they're also of a set-up not likely to have been seen before. Yon rat-things apparently have their own way of doing this sort of thing which might seem bizarre or even unsettling to the magically sensitive. Power is channeled continuously around and through the guildhall's space and stonework, but it all centers around the control unit and radiates outward in a very strange, difficult to envision shape (for the very very magically inclined who can figure out how to see it, it's a tesseract, with the fourth dimension elements being what are directly connected to the control unit, and the third dimensional elements forming the actual ward barriers). Moving the control unit will not move the wards or this weird shape--they are fully integrated into the building and the land beneath it. However, someone feeling like experimenting (or sabotage), would find that the control unit cannot be moved outside of the wards, any more than someone or something banned can be moved inside. The only way to move it out of the guildhall would be to deactivate the wards entirely, and if someone were to do so, they could not then reactivate the wards with the unit outside.

New ward or protection spells will 'fit' very easily on top of this very bizarre framework. Think of it like setting your spell on top of it and then 'plugging it in' to the control unit. The control unit can then just as easily be used to 'unplug' the spell.
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Brugguk (Potential) 1/26/2011 10:25 AM EST : RE: Wards are Up!
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(( Now here is a question about the Undead ward - how might that effect the FreeBlood since I think they have been recently defined not as undead proper but more as thralls or necromatic constructs of a sort))

kartikeya200 (Knight) 1/26/2011 3:58 PM EST : RE: Wards are Up!
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Huh, I hadn't heard that. Either way, they'd be included, either as undead, the product of necromantic magics, or just being Freebloods/vampires. As mentioned, exceptions can be made by the officers for individuals without much fuss.
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Kosovos Myil'Xi (Occifer) 1/26/2011 10:25 PM EST : RE: Wards are Up!
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Kosovos Myi'Lixi
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XD Kos's Sunbursts were found outside the hall, heheh.
No alternate text supplied.
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Serrest (Knight) 1/11/2014 6:45 PM EST : RE: Wards are Up!

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As an update, the old wards detailed in the original post no longer exist, as they were corrupted by the efforts of members of Exiles of the Wicked, and had to be dismantled.  A new wardstone was created by Lady Anastarisa Mistweave of the Concordium for the Vagabond Knights hall, and it radiates the following effects:

1. Anti-teleportation field: Any individual not wearing a properly attuned Vagabond Knights guild crystal will be unable to cast any teleportation spells into or out of the guild hall.  The spell will simply fizzle, and the arcane energy allocated to said spell will be siphoned off by the wardstone and stored for later use.

2. Anti-undead field: Any corporeal or non-corporeal undead entering the hall will be engulfed in a weak aura of divine fire, which will burn only them.  If the undead in question proceeds further into the building, the aura will intensify, progressing from uncomfortably hot all the way up to a roaring conflagration of holy energy.  This last level of intesity occurs if the undead is in the same room as the wardstone, located in the center of the bottom floor.  Lesser undead such as skeletons, zombies, and the like will succumb quickly, and be consumed utterly.  More powerful undead, such as vampires and liches, will last longer, but will eventually burn up as well.  It should be noted that the divine energies will not permanently destroy a lich unless they are unwise enough to bring their phylactery with them into the field.

3. Absorbtion of hostile spells: Any hostile spell cast by an individual not bearing a properly attuned Vagabond Knights guild crystal will fail as per teleportation spells above, with the energy being siphoned off and stored in the wardstone.

The shape of the field conforms exactly to the interior of the building, and therefore takes effect immediately upon crossing the threshold of the doorway, or entering the hall through any other access point.  Additional effects can be added to the wardstone as needed, providing the assistance of Lady Mistweave is sought in doing so.  Tampering with the wards without guidance is ill-advised, at best, and could have any number of unforseen consequences upon the tamperer.

Should there be any questions or concerns regarding the functionality of the wards as they currently stand, inquire with an officer or Lady Mistweave herself.

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