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Slipps_Smallcorners (Super Admin) 6/1/2012 2:05 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror
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As more people arrived, as more time passed, Slipps increased her song, perhaps not in volume, but intensity.  She pulled power out of the earth, imbued her song with it and sent those notes among the rescuers, giving them strength, healing small hurts from digging, encouraging flagging spirits.  She was unaware how odd she may have looked standing in the middle of Nektulos forest clad in a slinky evening gown singing to a group of dirty sweating Vagabonds.  The singer was, though, acutely aware of her lack of drum or lute which would have helped her song, yet she continued eyes closed, paws out lifting the power and directing the music.

Also, she still felt along the earth and rock, she was a brown druid after all, not only could she draw form the earth, but she could ask of it...

Where was Mira?  Where was Dylaike?  Were any of the other Lycan left?

I sings fors yous, yis?
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Zanadi (Occifer) 6/1/2012 11:36 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror
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The answers Slipps would receive back were a jumble at first. So much had gone on in the area in the last hours it was nearly difficult to make heads nor tails of it. After a bit things seemed to straiten back out. So many feelings were tangled around others.

Where was Mira?

It took a minute for the feeling to reach her as if it were coming from a distance. In fact the distance was not far from where the diggers were making progress. Darkness, pain and even fear wove together as it was pulled from the earth. There wasn't nearly as much rage as one would come to expect from the woman. It started off strong but the longer the feelings were connected the harder they seemed to be to hang on to as if slowly slipping away.

Where was Dylaike?

It would seem he was close to Mira, nearly the same feeling of distance as if he were beside her. Again the feelings of the darkness, pain and fear. He was alive and the feelings were a bit easier to hang on to than with Mira's but they too felt shaky.

Were any of the other Lycan left?

The answer to this was swift as the blood soaked earth responded. The diggers and the two lycan trapped were not the only presence within the cave. They weren't as empty as they seemed.

Some people think I say inappropriate things...I prefer to think of it as brutal honesty.
Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.
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Slipps_Smallcorners (Super Admin) 6/2/2012 12:53 AM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror
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The singer's ears perked towards the cave in as she was finally able to get a response, a feeling from the earth and rocks.  Not daring to stop the music that was filling the area with energy and healing, she added words to her song for the first time, raising her voice. 

Captains, hears mes, bes warneds
times is seepings aways
fors those ins theres please prays!

Brells blessings tells mes muchs
carefullys hurrys nots delays
theys nots toos fars aways!

Yets dangers mys songs tells
mores waits fors lights ofs days
ours friends ares stills preys!

Calls ups spells, finds healers
pulls outs yours sharps blades
bes readys rights aways!

She sang out harder, coming closer to the cave in, touching the rock with her paw, willing some of the power of her song to help Mira and Dy, if they were able to hear or feel the music...

I sings fors yous, yis?
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Arwren (Knight) 6/2/2012 6:33 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror
Red Headed Gypsy
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To Arwren it felt as if Zuse was going as slow as he ever had. In reality he was going faster than he'd ever run before. He could sense his mistress's distress. The closer they got the more Arwren had managed to work herself up until the wind blew her tears across her cheeks.

"Nace don't you let anything happen to my wolf."

She was close when the first cramps started. She ignored them at first. She knew what they were as the familiar ache streaked through her shoulder emanating to the rest of her body. "Not now...please not now."

She had to slow her white stallion before she fell from the saddle. Her hand reached up to squeeze against the scar Aza had left her with. Deep breaths did nothing to calm her. Too many thoughts of losing her mate running through her head. "Dy, I'm coming. Really I am..."

She sucked in another deep breath as she felt it start. Zuses pranced around and then to the side as Arwren fell from his back. Her loud cry turned to a howl as the outside of the red headed gypsy woman now matched the inside.

The pain ceased the shifting done. Four paws pushed their way up to standing. Her soft red flecked fur moved lightly in the breeze. Lifting her muzzle to the sky she let out a long mournful howl. The wolf had no thought of anything but basic instinct but she knew her mate and the need to find him.

With a loud bark she took off running, four wolf paws to carry her there. Right behind her the clomp of horse's hooves as Zuse followed. Wolf or woman she was his mistress and he was loyal to that.

Arwren ran until she came upon the cave skidding to a halt as Telis stood near the entrance. She knew her mate but she was unsure of much else. Raising her head she sniffed the air. Not giving the ratonga another thought, nor that of Slipps, she pushed past.

Not far inside she froze. Lowering her body her lip pulled up into a snarl, feral growls issuing a warning. Her golden eyes had caught something the diggers had not. The side cave behind them wasn't empty and in a moment they would be taken from behind.
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Telis (Occifer) 6/2/2012 8:14 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror
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Richard Magnus
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The clacking of the lantern in his paws rattled as he walked inside, the glow of the light illuminating the cave passages was just enough to find his way. Though as he strode through the rubble and stains, he began to wish he had merely stuck to his smell and hearing, though as he stepped by one of the corpses of the fallen lycans, he began to think the lantern wasn't so much a bad choice after all. Shaking his head, he could hear the echo of digging through out the cave, even as he walked into the main cavern where the digging took place, he could hear nothing but the claws and pickings of steel.

Telis stopped for a moment as he heard something, the subtle song of voice and echo ringing through the cave. Slipps voice filled his ears with the haunting melody. Flicking an ear at the words he heard, he shook his head, perhaps the cave was deeper than he assumed, the sounds echoing from outside. His attention faultered as he was brushed past, a wolven form pushing past him. Grunting, his gripped at the sword hilt still at his side as he charged in after. "Hey!" He called out as his feet padded across the stone after it. At first it seemed just a bit of wildlife had gotten in, but as he closed distance something seemed off, at first the beast seemed hostile, growling, ears back as it poised to strike, but as he examined, he saw it was not growling at his crew... but something else. Tilting his head, he stepped forward, bringing a lantern up to shine the light down the passage. At first... nothing, but a subtle smell on the air warned that something was still there.

It was close, so very close, it could smell Telis' scent on the air, his back in full view as it snuck foward. The deep smell of blood and fresh injury reeked on the Ratonga, a wound not a few days old still lingered on his hide, and it was filling the air. Its golden eyes opened in the darkness, staring at its prey for several minutes as it glanced down into the cavern. Its claws carefully walked upon the stone as it crept closer... and closer... and closer. Its claws ready as the fingers stretched out for a full tear at its back.

Telis' ear twitched, his body grew stiff as a breeze blew past him from behind. He looked down at the cave, but forward, as if seeing something for the first time. It took only a second before a bright flash filled the cavern followed by a screaming yelp and snarl filling the dim caves. The tin latern fell to the floor, dimming the area he was in, showing but a flash of the Werewolf clutching at its eyes as Telis had his arm outrstretched from a divine bolt.

But that was not the only sound as all went into darkness. Growls of renewed rage echoed the caves, they were truely not alone.
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Jektarka (Knight) 6/2/2012 8:20 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror
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Rock fell and tumbled nearby as the pick sunk hard and deep into the crumbled wall. Being drawn out, Jektarka pushed his claw into the same spot, only to feel the rush of wind push past his bloodied claw.

"We're almost through!" He shouted as his claw clenched at the stone and dirt, pulling away at the hole as a few looked in, trying to find any sign of movement. But just as the rocks began to fall, the yelp of pain and distress came from deeper in the cavern.

As knights and crew went to investigate the danger, Jektarka pressed on, he was not giving up, not now, not here. Pushing some who remained out of his way intitially, he raked his claws against the dirt as he pulled away stone after stone. It was maddening, even as dirt fell to take it's place, he could feel the dust choke his lungs as he dug on. There was nothing else in the world, no other purpose. Even as calamity rose around him, he was single minded in his purpose. A few stayed, helping him, but even then, they were now slowed to a crawl once more as the danger now loomed with all of them in the cave.

Iosabella (Knight) 6/2/2012 9:08 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror

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Solaece Six was humming quietly to herself, finishing with stocking the latest resupply run of the infirmary.  Normally she'd be frustrated with the amount of bandages the Knights went through on a daily basis as she restocked, but... something was in the air. The hairs on the back of her neck were prickled with some sort of anticipation as she kept checking and rechecking the room. Something was off, and she felt the strongest need to be sure they were ready. She'd had these sensations before, but never quite as strong.  Nothing prescient, no actual visions, just a raw touch of Happening.  And as a result of her heightened level of anticipation, when the call broke over the crystal she didn't even jump at the sudden voices in her ear.

The Koada wasn't quite built for speed, not even for running, but her slippered feet took off at a dead run regardless.  Her hands reached out blindly as she took off through the infirmary, grabbing one of the bags she kept stocked with a variety of first aid supplies. On second thought, she circled around and grabbed another, then threw some heavy canvas blankets over her shoulder. She still wasn't sure what for, but the same voice that kept her at a tingling level of anticipation also told her she would need them.  Her hand fell onto the transportation globe before she even stopped moving, and she ignored the disorientation she always felt upon being teleported.  Without much thought she threw coin at the stableman near the docks, tossing the blankets over the back of a large stallion and taking off.  It was almost comically huge for her, but the little blonde was almost vicious in her control of the reins.

She paid no heed to the dark forest and its equally dark denizens.  Her mind was locked on two things: The brusque directions over the crystal and her training.  Was she up to this? Could she handle herself? It'd been a long time since field work... but with a snarl she pushed the self-doubt out of her head. Later she could panic.  Now she was needed. With a stumbling vault she launched off of the stallion as he skidded to a halt outside a cave.  

Finally, Six found herself able to take stock of the situation. She looked around, and stayed off the crystal so that more important messages could be conveyed.  Instead, all she did was grab at the arm of the first person she saw that outranked her. "Where? Where am I needed?"

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Zanadi (Occifer) 6/2/2012 9:52 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror
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(( Slightly out of place as it was RP'd earlier and just now getting posted but you get the point!))

Zhlaass walks in, wiping the stone dust from his hands. "What's all the commotion Zan? That crystal of yours has been chattering away for hours."

She nods while she wraps heavy cloth around the palms of her hands like the bracers on her arms. "Cave in. Got some guildmates trapped and we gotta get 'em out."

He turns around and walks back out the door. A moment later  he comes back carrying a satchel. "Let's go then. Qeynos?" He flexes his fingers.
She just kinda stares at him for a moment before answering. She ties off the cloth tight and adjusts her wok hat. "Nek Forest. Just keep up."

He nods. "Not a problem." Reaching out he grabs a hold of her shoulder without an invitation to do so and the house melts away into a freezing darkness. Only a breath or two later the wold returns in a rush, the cool air under the trees near the Neriak outskirts seeming almost too warm after the darkness. He removes his hand as soon as they land not wanting it removed for him and takes a deep breath.

As soon as they reach their destination she takes a moment to get her barring. WIthout giving him a warning she turns and slugs him hard in the shoulder. She doesn't look happy.

"VITH! Don't do that to me!"

Zhlaass looks apologetic rather than smug and he takes the deserved punch like a man. "Sorry, figured we were in a hurry if it was a cave in. I'll warn you next time."

She growls sounding a bit like the lycans. "I am but vith I don't like being jerked around without warning. Who knows where you were taking me."

He nods his understanding, even if he doesn't know the word she keeps using. "Yell at me on the way, I deserve it. But your crystal hasn't stopped making noise yet, and I suspect hands and tools are needed."
Huffing she starts moving. "Do it again and I'll clobber you."

Quickly he takes off after her, adjusting the satchel on his shoulder. "I won't. We'll go back by boat. You clobber me enough in training."

"I ain't taking a boat." The tone of her voice leaves little doubt she is dead serious, not even looking back at him as she keeps going. He blinks and stops a moment staring at her.

"Then how the hell are you getting home...wait, how the hell were you planning to get here to D'lere from that island?" He runs to catch up again after her quick strides leave him behind.

She glances quickly over her shoulder to him then back forward. "Wiz spires work well enough or if they are down Pigeon can take me."
"Pigeon?" He shakes his head, not really used to more magical traveling, even his own. "Boats are so much easier to deal with...if a bit slow. Cheaper too."
"I ain't taking the vithing boat!" Now she sounds a bit angry at his insistence. She's nearly stomping as she makes her way now.

He grumps at her. "Wasn't saying you should." Zhlaass shrugs again as they walk. "Let's get this done. Hope your crew doesn't mind a stranger lending a hand.
"At this point they'll take all they can get. It's a lycan den and the two in there are bad off I hear."
"A what?! The hell were your people doing in a werewolf den?! Ugh..." He makes a quick warding sign that he picked up a long time ago. Zan shakes her head seeing the gesture.

"They were destroying it." She thinks a moment trying to decide if she should say anything but he should know what he's getting into. "Two we're getting out are lycan. Watch yourself."

He throws up his hands. "Good gods. Lycans and sheep is right." He smirks. "Sounds like a good crew then, if they accept even lycans."
"They are. It's why I'm still with 'em." She nods pushing a piece of brush away before it can knock off her wok hat. "Lycans are good people too. Least the ones we got."

He nods in agreement. "Not all of them. But some...just like anyone else." He catches the same bit of brush and breaks it off before it hits him in the face, tossing it aside.

"Ya. Anyone else." Zan quietly mumbles it as her mind wanders for a moment towards her sister. She quickly snaps herself back. "Mira can be a pissy one so mind your limbs. Don't know what shape either one is in."

Zhlaass nods again catching up with her easily. "Hope a healer will be around then..don't need half dead lycans clawing or biting folks..."
"They ain't gonna do it on purpose. And I'm sure healers are already down there. Few of the diggers have had cuts and stuff needed tending." She shakes her head. "We don't get to 'em soon we ain't gonna have to worry about needing healers."

He glances over his shoulder skyward. "Not the best nights to be dealing with this..." The bright eye of the moon shines down on them telling of the pending full moon. "But let's get there and get this done."
"I'm sure it could be worse." She sighs glancing up. "And around usually is."

He laughs grimly. "Well, if we have any issues, between us both, they won't have any idea what the hell hit them."
"Consider this a lesson." She motions towards the people she can now see scrambling up ahead.
"Everything with you is." He smirks again. "Even going to a bar."
"You have no idea..." Glancing at him from under her big hat she looks at him before using it to hide her face again. "Telis is up ahead."

Zhlaass looks through the commotion. "Say...isn't that the bartender from the Spider?" Zan nods stopping where she is to tighten her hand grip.

"Also the boss. Keeps things in line." She watched as more go in and out of the cave. Some getting water, some taking a moment's break before disappearing inside again. He watches the activity carefully then with a tip of an invisible hat to the 'tonga, almost mimicing her habitual adjustment of her wok, he starts towards the cave to see what he can help with. "Let's get this party started..."

She sighs knowing she'll be sore for days after this no doubt. She mumbles as she follows. "Zuch folbol."

Some people think I say inappropriate things...I prefer to think of it as brutal honesty.
Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.
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Slipps_Smallcorners (Super Admin) 6/3/2012 12:07 AM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror
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Slipps never paused in her singing, pointing towards the cavern and the snarls of Jektarka, his broad scaled back just barely visible, then a red wolf raced past them both and after Telis.  The singer looked from one need to the other, then she turned back towards the rescue operation, her ears flattening, she was tiring, her paw ached and she dearly wished for her drum, or any drum to help sustain the power she was trying to maintain.  How was the Captain even still standing? 

Moving aside to let yet another warrior type push past towards the snarling deeper in the caves the blond female knelt as close to the digging as she could somehow she had to keep her music woven.

I sings fors yous, yis?
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Mirainda (Knight) 6/3/2012 12:23 PM EST : The Other Side.
Claws and Fur

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Mirainda: *from the main room of the cave came a loud explosion and a good deal of painful screams. the entire place shook as if it were going to collapse in. when it all fell quiet again Mira in beast form lay sprawled out quite close to the entrance that had obviously caved in. Laying still partly on her head was a large rock which had cracked her in the skull rendering her unconscious*

Dylaike: *from a little further on down the passage, the sound of one final crunch, cutting off a snarling yelp, broke the silence.  Afterwards, all that could be heard was the sound of one large body, growling still and snuffling around for anyone that got away.  He turned and shambled back towards the entrance, stopping before he gets anywhere near.  Upon seeing Mira, he ran to her side, and pulled at the rock, straining, then tossed it back down the passage.  He looked over her stricken form, and let out a loud howl of rage and pain*

Mirainda: *Without the rage to fuel the beast her body began to melt back to it's womanly form. The quiet was filled with the odd snaps and sounds of shifting bone. It sounded rather painful if one were to be awake or aware of it. When the process was finished there she lay naked in the dirt. The rock had done damage as a trickle of blood streaks across her face. Her body was covered in various marks, angry looking claw marks across her thigh irritated by the silver earlier. None of which would have made her scream but one. On her right shoulder, covering her bite scar, was another bite exactly the same. It was deep, a near replica of the original wound.*

Dylaike: *the large wolf watched her for a moment, growl dying away.  But as the extent of what had been done to her made itself apparent, the growl returned, and the fire of anger returns to his eyes as he cast about for someone else to punish.  'His' Mira had been hurt, and someone had to pay.  He scrabbled at the rock cave in, dislodging a few more, and causing more debris to shift and tumble as he pulled at it*

Mirainda: *the groan was quiet at first as Mira began to wake first noticing the pain in her body then the debris bouncing off her. As something slightly larger hit her she hiss reaching out to pull herself away. The reality of what was going on not yet sinking in still thinking the place was coming down*

Dylaike: *the growling turned to one of frustration as the rocks shifted, but there were always more in the way.  He gave a loud bark and hammered down on one big rock, reducing it to fragments, and causing another small avalanche of stones and dust in the tunnel*

Mirainda: *Mira coughed loudly as she tried to take in a breath getting just dust. She tried to shake off the fuzziness she felt not knowing what was running into her eye but she knew she had to get back on her feet. If she was going to go she was going to go fighting. She scrambled to get to her feet pressing herself against the wall to protect her back, bringing her claws up and waiting for an attack.*

Dylaike: *Dylaike didn't see her standing up and getting ready to fight as his eyes were closed against the dust.  He struggled up from the small pile of dirt and debris he had just near buried himself in, and moved towards the wall to keep trying, a barking cough sounding as he tried to howl again*

Mirainda: *she pressed everything else from her mind. pain didn't matter, her tired body would have to wait. She prepared herself to fight as the large body in front of her moved closer. She growled bringing her claws up ignoring the protest of her injured shoulder. As more of the dust cleared she paused, recognition sunk into her partly addled brain* Dylaike.

Dylaike: *He gave her a sidelong glance, then turned back to the wall.  He suddenly turned back to her again, the growl dying away from his snarling maw with relief that she is awake, if hurt.  He saw again that angry bite on her naked shoulder and barked again, almost a challenge to anyone around who would be dumb enough to do that*

Mirainda: *Her arm slowly came down unsure if she should trust him completely the way he was. He was different than the rest she'd known but it was still hard to accept. Even her pack mates when turned would attack near anything that moved. The beast knew no better. But he didn't come at her and her hand lowered the rest of the way to her side. She quietly barked back at him. Her head jerked to the only open end of the cave to be sure they were alone, a bit quicker than she should have having just taken a hell of a hit to the head. She braced herself against the wall least her spinning head send her to the ground*

Dylaike: *he jumped forward as she wobbled, moving to hold her up and safe, the growl gone.  He looked her over and tested the scents on her, making sure she was really ok enough to be standing.  He whines soflty as he smells the amount of blood on her, a deal of it hers*

Mirainda: *Mira puts out her arm to grab a hold of him just out of reaction. She lets him go as he sniffs at her and begins to whine. She shakes her head knowing that even if it is dim in here he can see her* I'm alright. You can stop that.

Dylaike: *his whining stops, but he doesn't move off of her, keeping her protectively in his arms.  He nudges her with his nose, right next to the dirt covered bite at her shoulder, giving her another quiet whine for just a second*

Mirainda: *she growls as her shoulder stings. she's actually making an attempt not to snap at him least she set off his anger again. least as he was she didn't have anything to fear from him, she hoped. clenching her teeth together she wiggles a bit* Yes, we both got wounds.

Dylaike: *he doesn't seem to be registering his right now, attention focused on her.  He unceremoniously begins to clean her still oozing shoulder, bathing it in time honored wolfish fashion*

Mirainda: *for a second she protests to being licked still squirming in his arms. her growl is low but as tending it does seem to help she puts up less of a protest*'s fine. It ain't gonna kill me.

Dylaike: *he ignores the much smaller womans protests, continuing until he is satisfied the deep marks are clean.  No sooner has he finished with that, his nose brings another scent on her to his attention.  He sets her down and begins nosing uncomfortably over her, trying to find the source of the troublesome smell, starting to whine again softly*

Mirainda: *she wiggles and squirms as his nose travels over her* Dammit Dy I don't need you nosin' all over me. *she tries to push him away but lacks much strength in her right arm at all at the moment which doesn't help at all* You want to do something helpful get us the hell out of here.

Dylaike: *he gives her almost a warning growl as she tries to push at him, finally finding the source of the offending smell.  He nuzzles, and then softly licks at a particularly grimy set of cuts, then almost yelps in surprise and pain as his tongue contacts something unpleasant*

Mirainda: *as his tongue runs over her silver laced thigh she jumps back as far as she can, which isn't too far with the wall in the way. the sudden movement makes her head spin again and she growls* Enough already! Your gonna hurt yourself tryin' to fix things. It's got silver on it ya fool.

Dylaike: *he whines and grits his teeth a moment, then pulls her to him again, not taking no for an answer, nearly pinning her.  He licks again, wincing with each contact.  Silver or no, she is to be protected in his wolfish mind, and he will tend her*

Mirainda: Stop! Dammit you'll burn your damn tongue off. *she's unable to get away from him as he's changed and she's not. As much as he's trying to help she doesn't like him hurting himself, specially for her. She can't even move her thigh away from him having no room to move it anywhere else*

Dylaike: *he whines softly, sounding very similar to someone crying as he continues.  He shakes as he nears the end of his work, and as he completes it, he turns away, curling up on the floor, writhing slightly in the dirt, mouth hanging open and tongue swollen and bleeding, the whine coming from him a purely pained sound*

Mirainda: *she curses and as he lets her go she slumps a bit down the wall. she glances over at him holding back a growl. she crawls over to where he's curled up* You fool I told you to leave it alone. Don't listen to me. I should tell you you deserve what you get. *by the tone of her voice she doesn't mean it as it comes out a lot less harsh than her usual grumpiness. she moves around towards his face and tips his face a bit so she can see. she can't exactly just wipe it off* now what the hell am I suppose to do?

Dylaike: *he can't really respond very well right now, even if he could talk, and only his whimpers and whines answer her.  He curls even tighter in on himself.  In some ways, a pup he still is, and this is a pain he has never faced before.*

Mirainda: *her growl this time is of frustration. she tries to get at him a bit to see how much damage has been done* I would have been fine. Should have just left it all alone. *she glances around with something specific in mind. Closing her eyes she tries to use her nose. Getting nothing right away besides dead lycan she sniffs a bit deeper. What she gets is a nose full of dust which sets her off coughing*

Dylaike: *the damage that is visible is not /too/ severe, but certainly looks bad.  his tongue is swollen nearly to the point of making breathing hard, and is pockmarked and cracked, looking like it has been burned badly, with a very very few glints of metal still on it in places.  Along the floor, a small pool of spittle has formed from his tongue lolling out, and most of the silver dust has collected there*

Mirainda: *she manages to catch her breath making a mental note not to take in another deep breath. Not only is it terrible on the lungs but it kills her shoulder to do it. With a bit of a struggle she gets to her feet and states the obvious* Stay there. *With her hand along the wall she begins to move further into the single passage cave, occasionally stepping over a body or part of one*

Dylaike: *as he can't really take a deep enough breath to steady himself, or stop hurting long enough to even think about moving, he does as she says*

Mirainda: *it's not exactly running water or a fresh water spring but there is a trickle of water moving down the wall a ways from them. it's not as if she has a bucket to catch it in either. cupping her hands together she tries to collect as much of it as she possibly can. it's not much, barely a swallow not that she plans on letting him do that either. Carefully she holds her hands together tight as she brings it back, limping on the leg he'd been (stupidly) licking at*

Dylaike: *he is right where she left him, looking to be in a bad way.  She's right, it won't kill him, or her.  But that doesn't mean it doesn't make him wish it would right now.  As she draws closer, he seems to start shrinking, no longer angry enough to keep his form, whether it be in his best interest or not*

Mirainda: *she pauses and waits for him to change. she really can't say if that's a good thing or not. they were both wounded, both could actually benefit from the lycan form. for the moment she focus' on not loosing anymore than a few drops of the water she's collected.*

Dylaike: *he doesn't seem to be feeling a whole lot...if any better...after his shifting has finished.  How he keeps from screaming, is beyond him, but it's all he can do to just look up at her.  As he lays there before her, the extent of his injuries are made plain.  though not as numerous as hers were, it is clear that unshifted, he may have a good deal of trouble walking with the deep bite in his leg*

Mirainda: *she'd shake her head but she knows its a bad idea. coming closer she nearly yelps as she squats down towards him. she takes in a small breath before holding her hands towards him* Hold out your tongue. I don't want this to wash back into your mouth.

Dylaike: *he shakes slightly still as he does as she says, keeping his tongue out as far as he can, head turned downward*

Mirainda: *she does her best to get every drop of the water over his tongue in an attempt to wash it off. At least with him changed back it's a tad bit smaller than before. she hopes he can follow directions since the last thing she needs is him to swallow it*

Dylaike: *he holds as still as he can, wanting nothing /more/ than to swallow the water and ease the burning in his throat and on his tongue, but he resists the urge as she pours*

Mirainda: *it wasn't much and her hands are soon empty. she sighs* best I can do. I can get another handful if there is one. It's just a trickle on the wall a ways down. *every part of her body protests as she tries to stand, including her head spinning around not that it will stop her*

Dylaike: *he moans very lightly, trying to sound at least a bit grateful, though he can't manage a whole lot*

Mirainda: *she's not one to let any wound stop her from anything if she can possibly help it and with that in mind pushes herself up again. she's not as quick as she was the first time down the cave and back. it's quite a few minutes later when she finds her way back with another trickle in her hands* Here, do it again.

Dylaike: *he holds his mouth open for her to repeat that action, but even as the last of the silver dust is washed away, it is clear that time and help are going to be needed.  He shudders as he takes a deeper breath, nearly yelping.  His voice rasps out*

Mirainda: It was a stupid thing you did. *she's gruff as she glares at him. she looks him over taking note of his injuries now that they aren't covered in fur. she lets out a string of curses partly under her breath. as she leans over him she can feel her shoulder as a line of something warm streaks from it. remembering she's naked she comes to the realization she's got nothing to bind either one of their wounds*

Dylaike: *he tries to roll over and speak again* couldn' hurt...*he reaches up and brushes away the line of blood running down her shoulder.  He coughs and groans, gritting his teeth.  He sits up with an effort, but the damage is obvious as he tries to get his leg to cooperate*

Mirainda: I've been hurt plenty. *without asking she moves to help him. her right arm is nearly useless in actually holding anything heavier than the water she carried. she speaks through grit teeth as her own body hurts yet she helps* Ain't gonna kill me and it ain't gonna be the last time. *she swats his hand away from her shoulder and one line of blood is replaced with a few more as she makes an attempt in using it*

Dylaike: *he growls slightly and forces himself to get to his feet, though one is about as much use as her arm, a trickle of blood to match hers down his leg.  His voice is still very much a rasp as the silver had slightly burned his throat with the movements of his tongue* Find...way...out?

Mirainda: *she nods before barking at him* sit your ass down. Werewolf gnawing on your leg and your gonna tear down a wall. *she looks over wiping her hand through the now dry blood on her forehead assessing the rock* it can't be that bad.

Dylaike: *he sits back down and leans against the wall* *he brushes the dirt away from the outside of his bite, though after rolling in the dirt, it is going to need more later.  He looks over at the wall and the broken stones piled on by more*

Mirainda: *she must look quite the site a half broken, bloody and dirty naked woman standing in front of a wall of stone and dirt. she reaches up with her one good arm, the bite mark from the back nearly masking the old scar. as soon as she pulls a few rocks lose even more fall down and she yelps bringing her arm up to shield herself from it. she's not hit but jerks her body*

Dylaike: *he smiles grimly as she yelps and the small slide of rocks occurs*

Mirainda: *she growls loudly ignoring him and turning back to the pile. she looks like she's looking for any opening she can find* I have to get through. Your hurt and Jek's on the other side.

Dylaike: *he reaches up and holds his crystal* *Dylaike shakes his head.* no...cave-in...

Mirainda: *she turns and snatches it from his hand* I'm getting through that wall. He's over there. *holding up the crystal she yells into it* hey! We're stuck in here dammit! *she waits a minute not getting a responds. frustrated she shakes it hard before yelling again* Hello?! *another string of curses and she throws it back to him* that was helpful. *trying to push any thoughts of pain or injury from her mind she turns back to the wall* have to get through. *she manages not to notice her shoulder is dripping freely the more she moves around*

Dylaike: *he shakes his head, of course it would be broken.* sorry...tried. *he glances to her shoulder, looking a bit worried* stop...bleeding...*he tries to struggle to his feet again, but is unsuccessful*

Mirainda: *growling with a bit more anger as a slight panic tries to start in her she turns back to look at him* sit. down! ..and stay there! *she turns back to the wall and as if it were to help anything she wipes at her shoulder* it's fine. *even she's beginning to realize it's not so fine as it continues to drip not clotting like her head quickly did* Something might have gotten him over there and I /have/ to get through.

Dylaike: *can't believe he's saying it* trust...him...strong...*he coughs, unable to really keep speaking.  He shakes his head, motioning for her to come sit as well, not that she will likely listen*

dylaike tries once more to stand, but his leg just won't stay under him.  He grunts in annoyance and instead starts looking around, then starts crawling down the tunnel towards the broken bodies*

Mirainda: *Mira doesn't pay much attention to his movements now looking for anything, any opening or air she can find in the rock wall before her. She presses her ear up to it hoping to hear something but there's nothing.* Dammit, JEK! *with a loud growl she lifts her hand and slams it into the rock. Dust kicks up as dirt sprays around her causing a fit of coughing*

Dylaike: *dylaike holds still as the dust showers down, then carefully starts inspecting the corpses.  He finds a few scraps, but nothing useful.  The next body is more productive, having only partly shifted, and he manages to find a couple long strips of coarse, dirty cloth, but it's much better than the nothing they had.  He struggles back to the wall and does his best to call her over, voice raspier than before as his throat dries* Mi...ra.  please?

Mirainda: *she takes in a breath trying desperately not to cough this time. The fit of it causes a great deal more pain and sucks the strength right out of her. Recovering from it she stands up, dropping a bit more than before* There has to be a way through here. I'll find it. *she wipes at her shoulder again only succeeding in make her hands slick and smeared*

Dylaike: *he has to shout, and croaks at her* Mira!  Come to sit...or he'll...find a corpse only *he breaks off into a nasty coughing fit of his own, spitting up flecks of blood as it subsides*

Mirainda: *she turns towards him and snarls at him. it's not nearly as menacing as it usually is as her strength wanes* Don't you bark at me! If you think I'm going to wait around to be rescued...*her hand reaches out quickly to the wall before she finds her face in the dirt floor, blinking quickly to clear the fuzz from her head*

Dylaike: *he does bark at her* fine! *he struggles to his feet, and manages to hold then, leg starting to ooze again.  He steps up to her, gritting his teeth* sit...or i make you...wont watch...die...

Mirainda: *she's practically looking down as she responds to him, her voice much quieter* I'm not going to die. *But as she continues to feel light headed she doesn't sound so sure of that. she finally looks up at him her eyes lacking a glow* I told you to sit.

Dylaike: *his only response is a growl* Down! *he grabs her shoulder and presses how towards the ground*

Mirainda: *she lacks any ability to keep her feet although she makes a valid attempt at resisting him. It doesn't take much pressure as she finds the ground rushing up to meet her. She takes in as much of a breath as she dares least she start another coughing fit* Dy!

Dylaike: *he drops to the ground as well, leg no longer able to support him.  He ignores her vocal protests and starts wrapping her shoulder with the strips and scraps, tight enough to hurt...and tight enough to cut off the bleeding soon.  He just hopes it's not too late*

Mirainda: *she can't help but cry out as he wraps it so tight. Her hands reaches out grabbing his arm in as tight of a grip as she can manage. An actual tear streaks from the corner of one eye as she looks at him.*

Dylaike: *he can't look at her and turns away, his work done.* you...can.  hate me...*he crawls a short ways away, ignoring the trail of blood his now dragging leg leaves, face and eyes turned away from her** he ends in a pained and bloody coughing fit*

Mirainda: *She lets go of him as he crawls away. She stares at the ceiling for a few minutes until things don't feel like it's a tornado spinning in her head. She works up as much strength as she can muster for the moment and tries to shift her way towards him* Wren be...pissed if I croak.

Dylaike: *he rasps* fine...bound leg...*and it is, sloppy. But effective enough* rest...they'll come...*he lays back, breathing slightly labored and a little gurgly, but even*

Dylaike: Moons...up...

Mirainda: *she lays still again, flat against the ground beside him.* I feel it. *she rolls her head a bit in a partial shake* I just need enough strength to use it. Dy? *she tries to look up at him* ..told you not to do that.

 Dylaike: *he tries to smiles*

Mirainda: *she slowly draws her legs up avoiding moving her shoulder as it screams at her. what she wouldn't give for a blanket right now and she thinks of the night's she's spent curled up with Jek* Chew on..some nails it..hurts less.

Dylaike: *he lays there silently aside from his breathing, the pain if talking more than he wants to keep facing.  He turns to watch her, and drags himself next to her curled body.*  cold? *the only word her risks*

Mirainda: I'm fine. *she was going to leave it at that but thought better of it* ya...stone floors are co..cold without fur.

Dylaike: *he nods and pulls up next to her, holding out one arm in an unspoken invitation.  Despite the moon, and the not so faint scent from her, he is in no shape to respond to her, and his body isn't making a fool of him for once*

Mirainda: *she hesitates a moment. she's freezing and his body is warm. they've had the discussion of her choice in mates. in the end her need for warmth wins out. she moves towards him slipping under his arm almost immediately yelping as she tries to lay side ways putting too much pressure on her shoulder.  the most comfortable way to lay is a bit odd, nearly on her back with her head resting against his chest.* only cuz your warm.

Dylaike: Why...i offer...chose...jekt...*he tries not to sound at all bitter, though he always will be a little, and he can't hide it.  He shifts to curl around her to keep her warm as possible...then growls and grunts loudly, an audible pop coming from him, followed by other all too familiar sounds.*

Mirainda: *she takes in a few quick breaths, smart enough not to shake her head this time* Dy..don't you change on me. We..need to think how to g..get out of here. Dammit. *her right arm lays loose by her side with her shoulder wounded and bound tight, with her left she reaches up to hang on his arm*

Dylaike: *he can't very easily stop now that he let it start, the moons draw even down here easily felt.  But he can direct it...* so...rry...*he dies off into a soft whine as his body completes it's change. But rather than the werewolf he usually is, curled around her now is a wolf, the size of a small horse, warm, and controlled.  A soft whine comes again, as the tongue lolls back put, still just as burned, but breathing easier in the different shape*

Mirainda: *she's bumped around as he changes not able to slid off him and out of the way. she nearly holds her breath not knowing what to expect. ...and the wolf was certianly not what she expected. she can't help but take notice of how soft and warm he is with the fur. she feels colder by the minute and she's got no idea how long they've been in here already*

Dylaike: *his new body much more effective for it, he curls around her, giving her a nest of warm wolf fur to rest in.  As he now is, he doesn't care about the time, only about keeping his packmate safe and warm, his mate or not.*

Mirainda: *she finds a comfortable place against him and settles in. between the warmth, her exhaustion and the lack of blood she yawns. a bad idea with the dust and stale air. another coughing fit ensues jerking her body against him*

Dylaike: *he nuzzles her good shoulder, a little worried, then settles back in without a sound*

Mirainda: *she waves a hand at him mumbling as it stops and she rest against him again*'s fine. *looking over she stares at the rock wall blocking their path. her voice is quiet* We're not go..going to die in here.

Dylaike: *he snuffles his agreement at her.  His ears twitch towards the stone barricade occasionally, sharper now, and occasionally hearing odd sounds from outside*

Mirainda: *she's not nearly as sharp at the moment and even her eyes begin to feel heavy* Not...gonna...die in...*her voice is fading as she speaks* just a bit...

Dylaike: *he turns concernedly towards her, sniffing to see if her bleeding did subside, and if she's really ok-ish, or if she seems unlikely to wake*

Mirainda: *the makeshift bandage is soaked but it seems to have worked in stopping everything but a light trickle. her cool body curls up into his warm fur. her good hand wobbles as it comes up and nearly misses trying to swat at his sniffing nose. her voice is barely above an exhausted mumble* stop..sniffin' me.

Dylaike: *he gives a small snort of acceptance and annoyance at the swat.  She'll be fine.  He turns his attention back to the wall, and the occasional sounds coming from it, chin resting on the floor*

Mirainda: *her hand falls back down to her side and a few minutes later she's perfectly still and quiet*

Dylaike: *the wolf listens for the sound of her breathing*

Mirainda: *her breathing is bordering on shallow but after a few minutes she jerks awake still seeming a bit disoriented.* have to get...out....i can...momma I'm tired.. *she rest against him again seeming quite content with her furry warm pillow*

Dylaike: *he settles down, delirious she may be, but she seems stable.  He yawns, then yelps as the dust covers his burned tongue.  He coughs a moment, then curls down to rest as well.*

Hours go by as they lay on the cold ground. The sounds get closer, louder but as Mira slips in and out of consciousness she doesn't hear. Now and again Dylaike lifts his head not only to check on her but to listen to the sounds.

"We're almost through!"

The shout jerked Mira from her sleep. "Jek..." Her voice was quiet, the air around them seeming to be thick and hard to take in. A knot formed in her chest which had nothing to do with her condition and everything to do with the iksar warrior on the other side of the wall.

Dylaike lifted his wolf head as she began to move. Turning her body Mira crawled towards the wall. It was more difficult for him with the wound to his leg but he wouldn't let her get too far from him. In the least she needed his warmth. As she came to rest beside the offending wall he once again curled around her. It slightly disturbed him the fact she would normally push him away, punch him, yell, anything but conditions had forced her to simply accept.

"Jek I'm here..." Her voice was fading again with her strength. He could feel her begin to sink into him again although she was fighting it. She seemed more the young girl than the beast despite the looming moon. She ran her hand over the stone.  "I'"

Her voice to quiet to hear she got no responds. She took in a shuddering breath. If he didn't know better he might say she was crying but a moment later she was quiet again. Mira's eyes closed once more, her hand still laying against the stone wall.

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