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Jektarka (Knight) 4/2/2011 11:00 PM EST : RE: The Devil's Dance
*cold stare*
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Jektarka didn't budge, nor did he even allow her to pass. A claw quickly moved, pressed against her stomach as he started back down at her from a set of red glowing eyes of the helmet he wore.

"This concerns me enough." He replied in a deep voice. "You left in a dangerous fashion, Miranida. Both from the city and from the house ..."

His eyes went level with her for a moment as he made sure she was not leaving just yet. Yet despite his tone and approach, he seemed no more hostile than her. The only sign of preparation was the halberd tight in his grip, held by only one claw at the time. Looking to the other three who she had following, it was uncertain now who they were more afraid of ... the mercenary here to take them back, or the armor clad warrior in her way. The male stayed close to the wife and child now, though with what courage he had he stood between them and the two in an impasse.

"Your actions are my concern, and now with what you are now doing, I am involved ... agreed to or not." He responded, his deep voice slightly muffled by the armor's frozen gaze.

Zanadi (Occifer) 4/2/2011 11:33 PM EST : RE: The Devil's Dance
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Mirandia looked down at the claw upon her stomach and growled. "You will remove that before I do it for you."

Looking back up to him her expression didn't change much. "I don't know who the hell you are or who you /think/ you are but this is my business. I don't much appreciate being followed."

She'd move around the seemingly immovable force in front of her but she had to weight her options in this which didn't amount to a lot. For the moment she'd have to hold in place until something got through that thick helmet. Her eyes scanned for a vulnerable place in the armor in which to strike him down if need be. Man she hated armor. If she went fuzzy she could peel him out like sardine can but as she was this was difficult. She didn't dare change here and cause a ruckas.

Some people think I say inappropriate things...I prefer to think of it as brutal honesty.
Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.
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Jektarka (Knight) 4/3/2011 12:07 AM EST : RE: The Devil's Dance
*cold stare*
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"Allies." Jektarka responded bluntly.

"Your intentions are unclear, but your mission is mine." He stated as he looked over the woman in similar fashion. "You have become more a danger to yourself, and by your ... associations I cannot allow that to happen."  His hand lowered finally, letting her come and go, but his stance seemed to suggest what she did he would follow. The motions the armor gave seemed to show whoever wore it filled it completely, the armor designed to fit around him.

"Do what you must but I cannot allow this to continue alone." He remarked before turning with her.

Zanadi (Occifer) 4/3/2011 12:23 AM EST : RE: The Devil's Dance
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Miranida knew two things at this point besides the obvious. One, this guys wasn't going to budge on this and two, she didn't have all day to debate the issue. She'd already wasted time with Aza and she'd lose her mark if this continued. Alley or not, she didn't trust anyone so what was the difference? She had the feeling if she didn't just let this go he'd show up somewhere down the line and make even more trouble for her. She couldn't have that.

"Fine. I want a name and I want you to keep out of my $%^ing way."

Some people think I say inappropriate things...I prefer to think of it as brutal honesty.
Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.
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Zanadi (Occifer) 4/3/2011 12:27 PM EST : RE: The Devil's Dance
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The thought of this iksar following her around infuriated her but there was no help for it. She was sure he would just pop up later and make more trouble. That's all she needed was him to screw this up and Aza to find out.

She growled as she turned and made her way to the exit, easily lifting the cover and pulling herself back out and into Nek forest. Once she was up she leaned back into the hole and grabbed the woman. She practically dragged her up and out by her arm with no small amount of screeching.

"Oh would you shut up lady! You want to get us all hanged?" She said it was such distaste it did in fact quiet the woman if anything just out of the fear of being hanged. The young girl came next and then the father leaving Jektarka to fend for his own. He might be following, might call himself an
alley but she'd be damned if she was going to help him.

Knowing the forest as she did she easily navigated once more through the trees. She had many chances she could have caught a branch, flipped herself up and been gone leaving the iksar in the dust but the three she had in tow were the problem. They'd never keep up. And without them she'd not get her money.

She kept an eye on the iksar, watching as he kept right up plowing through the underbrush with ease. He was surprisingly quiet and agile in that heavy armor. Disappointing really. She'd hoped to have lost him by now. But as they arrived in Freeport, there he was again still right on her ass. Hell of a conversationalist too. Hadn't said a damn word since giving his name. Which was just fine. She wasn't one to talk herself. Just wait until that helmet came off and she could land a fist right square between those red eyes.

As they entered the gates to the city Miranida nodded to the guards. She kept a hand on the father, dragging him along. "Evening boys. Just returning some property." The two guards, who must be new just nodded them through and opened the gates. Idiots. They couldn't have made it easier if she'd said she was selling feir'dal scout cookies. Well they'd pay for it later she had no doubt.

With a backward glance her eyes met Jektara's, it was a look that left little doubt to her meaning. Don't $%^ this up. One wrong move here on out and there would be more trouble than she wanted to handle. The moment they were back in the city she knew more eyes were on her than could be seen. With a tip of her head they all moved past the gates and into the city. No matter how much she tried, Miranida would never forget the smell of this place. It assaulted her each time she stepped inside. Too familiar of a smell bringing back all too familiar memories. Ones better left alone.

So as not to draw anymore attention than necessary she ducked them into an ally and behind the buildings. It was easier to maneuver here without the hindrance of the guards. She wasn't exactly on friendly terms with most of them. The closer they got to their destination the more restless the three captives became. Mira couldn't blame them, she knew what they were walking back into but it was damn annoying. At one point she whirled on the father pointing a finger in his face.

"Listen, shut them up or your going to find more trouble than you want to handle. Follow my lead and you'll all get out of this intact. I'm not going to say it again. Understand?" She turned to continue without getting an answer, expecting her threat to be plenty in quieting them. She paused as the back door in the alley they were traveling opened. Stopping as suddenly as she did the three in tow almost ran into her making her growl. A noise which drew the attention of the large man in an apron covered in blood as he exited the building with a large bucket of meat scraps. Mira immediately pushed the others behind her and stayed on the far side of the door.

"Mira? I know that growl." He wasn't a very observant man, overweight and not exactly over intelligent. Mira wondered if he knew how to tie his own
shoes. He turned and spotted her near the wall and smiled big at her. "Girl. Been a while." He leaned to look around her. "Got the pack with ya? Got some prime cuts for Corrin waiting but they won't last." He set the bucket down near a large barrel and turned back towards her. "Come on in. I even have the gizzard Tandra likes so much."

Pushing from the wall she approached shaking her head. "Nah Maurice, I got a job in tow and we gotta move. I'll tell them though. Corrin would be disappointing to know he missed out."

The butcher looked quite dejected but nodded. "Alright. Next time then. But don't forget to tell the others. Ain't no better business."
"You got it. Soon as I get back." With a nod he went back inside. As she turned back to the others to motion for them to continue she took note of Jektarka's questioning look. It might just be his eyes through that helmet, which she was sure was a thick as his skull, but she saw it. She shot him a nasty look right back as if it say "what". Blowing him off she grabbed the woman's arm and dragged her along.


Some people think I say inappropriate things...I prefer to think of it as brutal honesty.
Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.
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Zanadi (Occifer) 4/4/2011 9:03 PM EST : RE: The Devil's Dance
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The troupe of people didn't peek back out of the dark alleys until they were standing in front of a large looking house. They were in a well to-do section of town although no less dirty than the rest of town. Miranida was happy to find the streets were empty so as no one would bare witness to their business. She pulled up short at the elegant double doors as a guard blocked her way. He was a guard only in the fact he had a sword and tried to look important. She was sure one well placed nip in his direction and he'd be wetting his pants. A fancy uniform didn't mean squat in her book.

"Delivery." She barked at him in a low tone. She could almost smell the fear on him as he froze to the spot. She didn't have the time nor patients for this. With a hard shove she removed him from her path sending him flying over the edge of the stairs. "Idiot."

She didn't give him another thought as she pushed the doors open and entered into the large hall. With a glare to the butler he didn't make the same mistake as the guard at the door. One glance at the three cowering behind her and he was showing them in. "This way ma'am."

Ma' left her scoffing. With one hand looped into the edge of her pants she more stalked along behind than walked. They were led down a long hallway to a room off the left. All the while Miranida's eyes were scanning, you never knew when you would need to find an exit or where people might be hiding. Never take the chance of letting them get the jump on you.

The elderly butler didn't look like much of a threat but one could never tell. They waited outside as he slipped inside. Mira shifted her weight hip to hip impatiently as they waited his return which only took moments. "The Master will see you."

"'Bout time." She had few manners as she moved past him dragging her quarry behind her. The room was quite lavish and disgustingly decorated by her standards. People with money apparently lacked taste just a need to show off what they had or could acquire. None to gently she shoved the three forward. "Two days, as contracted."

"Ah yes." He raised an eyebrow looking at the large iksar behind her. "And I see you had  help. I hope you don't plan on asking for pay for him as well."
"You got what you wanted now hand over my money."
"So eloquent you are Miss. Nertiess." His sarcasm was not lost on her. As one could imagine dealing with Miranida, it didn't set well either. She growled quietly. "Do not get yourself in a snit. I have your money." Her hand snatched the bag of coin out of the air as he tossed it to her. It disappeared within her side pouch just as fast.

Barking out orders he set the retrieved slaves to work. That is, until Miranida spoke up. "Oh I don't think so."
He raised a curious eye to her. "Your job is done. You will leave."

Turning to the three Miranida pulled out a handful of coin and thrust it into the father's hand before yanking them back behind her towards Jektarka. "See yourselves out." She never once took her eyes off the "Master" who now began to flush with anger.

"Just what the hell do you think your doing?!" He blustered and she'd hope he had a stroke right there but it would take away from her fun.

"Don't get yourself into a snit Mr. Jensin." She turned his words against him as she snarled. The slaves behind her didn't move, too scared to make a move, too confused to know what was going on. She gave them only a sideways glance. "I said GO! Consider this your release."

"You can't do that! They're not yours."
"They're not yours either. Not anymore." The tone of Miranida's voice had Father, mother and child skittering out of there least she turn on them next. The barely made it out the door before Miranida was growling loud stalking towards the Master.

Some people think I say inappropriate things...I prefer to think of it as brutal honesty.
Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.
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Zanadi (Occifer) 4/6/2011 1:39 AM EST : RE: The Devil's Dance
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The fact Telis was out of it for a month only added to Mira's need to return home to the pack. She was feeling the pull they had on her, she couldn't deny that. She'd been with them too long to just wash her hands and be done with it. You couldn't go that many years watching the pains and trials of each other without forming some sort of bond. Even if you didn't want one. Didn't mean you had to let anyone see it though.

Miranida knew what a fine line she was walking. Two alphas. You could not have two alphas. They fought and even though neither one knew it was tearing her up inside. To return to Aza would be to return to the life she had. Never before had she had a chance for something else. Alpha Telis had taught her there was more just in the short time she'd known him. She cursed Telis and his pack of Vagabonds. She'd been content to stay with Aza and deal with what he dished out not knowing there was another way. But now that she knew, how could she ignore it? But then, how could she trust it either.

As she approached the house the sounds of shouting coming from within didn't escape her notice. It was all the warning she got to get out of the way as the sound of shattering glass reached her and a very large man came flying out the front window landing at her feet with a heavy thud. She just blinked and stared down at him.

With a loud growl he scrambled back to his feet to charge back into the house, hopefully using the front door this time. Before he got far she grabbed his arm and spun him around towards her. "What the hell is going on Rubin?!"
"Don't get involved in this Mira!"
"And don't you bark at me!" She jerked him behind her and stalked towards the door leaving him to follow in her wake. A hard yank had the door almost bouncing off the hinges as she entered. The sight that met her eyes left her standing there staring.

The entire house was askew. The furniture was flipped and torn in various places, broken tables, pictures half hung off the walls. Apparently this had been going on for some time judging by the large holes in the wall. Blood spattered the carpet here or there which she assumed belonged to the various lycan which were roaring loudly at one another.

"Someone better start explaining!" Her voice boomed over the fights which seemed to be breaking out all over the living room. In responds to her shout she had to duck as a plush chair came flying in her direction. An infuriated look came over her face as her anger rose. "Aron!"

Nothing seemed to be phasing them. Only two of them hadn't changed yet and she went to addressing them as they probably had a bit more sense at the time. "Corrin! Isiah! What the..."

The two men ducked and weaved their way through the chaos. "I wouldn't get in this Mira."
"Where's Aza? I can't believe he'd let this..." Talking to the two she failed to notice the end table that had been launched until it was upside her head. With a loud crack she was thrown back into the wall. Whether it was her head or the now shattered table really didn't make any difference as she quickly recovered. It was enough to set her off with the aggression already flying around the room. With an extremely loud un-human roar she brought the room to a stand still. "ENOUGH!"

Her palms open and close as she tries to hold off the beast who's screaming to get out and join in the fight. Twings of pain streak through her as she feels the first few signs of the change. Eyes turned in her direction, stunned into quiet. She knew with this group, specially already changed it would be a short lived silence if she didn't do something and changing herself would only add to the chaos. " know..what this is ...all about...before I go CRACKING SOME HEADS!" She could feel the rage start to boil within her. Deep breaths barely kept it at bay.

"Aza's gonna crack your head when he finds out what you did Mira!" From the back of the room a very naked barbarian stepped forward, huffing covered in scratches and claw marks. They were the words she'd been waiting to hear since the first time she'd lied to Aza. With a swipe of his hand he pushed furniture and debris out of his way not caring in what direction it landed as he made his way to her.

"What are you talking about ? I haven't done anything Aza hasn't know about."
He put his finger right in her face and shook it as he yelled. "You have and you know it!"
"Remove it before I..." When he shook it again she didn't waste a second. Without warning and lightening fast speed she clamped her teeth down on the waggling finger. Crique roared loudly in pain and attempted to yank it back. He would find it too late as the change took Mira. Elven teeth turned to canines attached to a very powerful jaw. Bones snapped and shifted, clothing tore falling to the floor as fur replaced flesh. With a twist Crique found himself one digit less.

She may have a bit of a digestive problem later as the finger disappeared. Not caring for his condition she gave him a hard swipe knocking him out of her path. By the time he hit the ground again the chaos was back into full swing. Lycan on lycan, packmates tore at each other in the pursuit of quelling the rage that held them. Mira jumped right into the middle sending more than one flying from her path. Almost nothing was left intact as they destroyed the front room.

By the time it was over four lycans lay unconscious, their bodies broken and bloody as they lost their fur and melted back to a fleshy form. The rest lean against what was left of furniture and walls, exhausted and ready to collapse themselves. Mira herself gasped as she leaned into a wall, her fur melting to reveal the flesh. Not often was she conscious when she changed back. She had a hard time controlling the rage once it took her. Calming had always been an issue. The need to fight and protect herself deeply rooted within her.

Grabbing the curtain which had been ripped from the broken window which happened to be in arms reach she wrapped it around herself. She quickly recovered and looked over ground zero. "Fu..." Aza would have their asses and then some. And if what Crique said was true, hers particularly. "Rubin. Aron. Sydney. Isiah. Take care of the others."

They didn't object to the bark of orders. They needed someone to take charge. They were lost without it. Mira knew the feeling well. As much as she'd like to say she was on her own, she was no alpha. She was a loner and loners didn't live long. "Mira..."

She jerked her attention up as Aron came forward, a very small woman in his arms. Her eyes were closed, bruises and scraped covered her body. Aron frowned as he held the body out to Mira. "She's bad off Mira."

A sadness ripped through her she wasn't expecting. How often had they come to blows in this house, hurt each other to the point of near death and not an ounce of remorse for it? She growled. "Do you see? DO YOU?" She looked at the chaos and broken bodies. Mindless beasts. As gentle as Mira is with anything she took Aurie from him and marched right past him to the stairs. "Clean up this mess before Aza sees!"

She felt torn in two as she stalked up the stairs to the room the timid girl called hers. She didn't know what was happening to her. The fight should have been a release as it had when she'd gone a round with Jektarka. Instead it just twisted her up inside. She couldn't keep playing this game.

Laying her out on the fluffy pink bed Mira covered her body with the soft blankets. Fluttering eyes drew her attention as she started to wake. "Mir.."
"I'm here."

A smile played at the girls lips. "I told them you didn't..." She should leave her to rest but she had to know how much they'd found out.
"Aurie, what didn't I do?" She tried to use a gentle tone to coax the information from her.
"You didn't..."
"Come on Aurie..."
"...let the others die on the blood hunt. I told wouldn't..."

Mira closed her eyes and shook her head taking a breath. If they brought this to Aza she'd find no small amount of pain. He'd already been upset over the hunt and losing half the pack.


She shook her head and turned to Aurie. She looked no more than a child laying there. "What." She tried to put her front back on. Push her away Mira.
"Will you sing to before?"
"You know I don't do that anymore."
"For me? ...please?"

Quietly Miranida turned and locked the door. Turning back she picked up the guitar leaning against the wall. Her fingers left prints in the dust that had settled on it over the years. She hadn't picked it up since the night Aza had changed her life. Quietly she sat, not even paying attention to Aurie anymore. Memories came to her, past and present. Her voice called out, oddly elegant for one known to most as to only have brutality in her soul.

Hush little baby don't say a word....

Some people think I say inappropriate things...I prefer to think of it as brutal honesty.
Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.
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Jektarka (Knight) 4/6/2011 6:31 PM EST : RE: The Devil's Dance
*cold stare*
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The chaos at the front door was enough to force him to hide, the chaos seen through the window was enough to persuade him to stay out.

It wasn't too hard to follow Miranida, her previous travels took her here, but now he knew she was here for a while. In fact she had entered and not left quickly, likely as he observed before. His reptilian eyes scanned the now destroyed main room of the home, curious as to the confrontation. He knew he was outmatched, the ferocity of a Lycanthrope was something to respect, an entire den would only end one way.

Looking back through the window, he watched as Mira vanished upstairs. Looking about he tried to find a way to observe the upper floors. However his attention snapped to the path outside ... the disturbance of movement was apparent nearby.

...someone was coming.

Zanadi (Occifer) 4/7/2011 5:59 PM EST : RE: The Devil's Dance
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Miranida slipped out Aurie's room as the healers entered leaving her in their capable hands. She had to get out of here before Aza returned. If even one seed of doubt had been planted within the pack it would reach him. It had already spreading through the house like a wild fire that wouldn't be squelched.

But as she shut the door behind her she froze. A looming feeling came over the entire house making her shake. It was too late. She turned quickly to the window in the hallway in which to make her escape. The powerful hand on her shoulder would put an end to that idea.

"Miranida. I wish to speak with you. Now." His tone left little room for argument. She'd been on this end of things before and it never did end well.
"Yes Sir." With his tight grip he led her past the sleeping rooms to a large sitting area. Glancing around the second floor room she looked for means of escape. Not that she would use them but it was habit of survival. The large window on the far wall was covered by a curtain which hung open just enough to let a sliver of the moonlight in, on the other side of it a small balcony. It would be her only other means of leaving this room than the hallway. Not good options.

"Miranida..." He was using her full name. No this wasn't good at all. "Do you mind explaining to me why my entire pack has destroyed our home?"
"I'm sure I have no idea. /sir/." She couldn't keep the snide tone out of her voice. She wasn't about to admit to anything. Ignorance was bliss.
"That's one Mira." He turned and stalked around the room, slowly with defining steps until he came back around to face her. "Care to try again?"
"No sir."
"That's two."

She sighed, cocking her hip to the side. "Want me to tell you they all lost their $%^-ing minds? Cuz that's about what it seems like."
"And that's three." He glared at her, his lips pulled up in a snarl. "Explain to me /Miranida/ it is that you have failed to protect your pack on a simple blood hunt and then again FAILED to bring in a simple untrained pup! Killing her in the process!"

She refused to take a step back as he came closer, snarling right into her face. She could feel it rising up in her. That boiling hot anger that coiled in the pit of her stomach and eventually brought on the change. To do so right now, Aza might even kill her.  It was unacceptable.

"I guess I'm just a $%^^ up aren't I? A mindless bea..." She never got to finish her sentence as the loud crack of his hand against her face echoed through the room. It was hard enough to send her to the floor. He quickly hauled her back to her feet by her arm.

"I warned you Miranida! You know the rules. You have lied to me. You have threatened the safety of this pack. Who knows what else you've gotten into. Do you think for one minute I'm going to believe that one of my best, my strongest, was thwarted by mere humans?"

She had enough. Her breath came in heavy pants as the rage grew within her. Cracking of bone left her hunching over.
"Don' .../dare/..." Aza jerked her arm as he growled his warning.
"Or you'll what?! Chain me to a wall again? I'm not one of your leashed pets anymore!"
"I took you in when you had no one. How long do you think you would have lasted after they killed your family? I /gave/ you a new family. A new life. Took you into our pack and protected you. We love you Miranida and this is how you repay us."
"You call this love? Teaching us that there is nothing but the anger with no human thought. You want a beast full of rage and hate? I'll show you one!"

Her screaming turned to a loud unhuman roar as bone and body shifted. Her face distended as her muzzle began to form.  It was a tranformation that wouldn't be allowed to complete. Aza shifted with easy, much faster than she did and brought a heavy hand down upon her.

Miranida's head snapped to the side as she was struck. Not stopping there he grabbed her arm and threw her across the room. She hit the wall so hard it shook the house, bouncing off to land in a heap. As she struggled to push herself up on hands and knees his clawed foot caught her stomach, tossing her yet again. She didn't have a chance to try to get back up as his large paw came across her face again, jerking her head with a crack that left her out cold.

Aza stood over her snarling, his lips pulled back to show sharp canines. When she didn't move he growled, reaching down with one paw and hauling her up. He dragged her from the room limp with her feet dragging behind her.

Standing in the hall way Crique moved out of the way as they passed by. He didn't dare say a word but hurried to open the door to Miranida's room. With a grunt Aza tossed her inside, missing the bed and leaving her laying on the floor.

Shaking himself Aza growled as he came back to his human form. He looked just as angry now as he did a moment ago furry and snarling. "Three days. No food. No water. No attention. Let her think about what she's done and learn her place."

Crique looked over the mess the alpha had made of Mira. "Healer?"


Some people think I say inappropriate things...I prefer to think of it as brutal honesty.
Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.
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Jektarka (Knight) 4/8/2011 10:42 PM EST : RE: The Devil's Dance
*cold stare*
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As the door slammed shut and the muffled voices behind spoke their peace, all was silent.

His sillouhette peered through the small line of the blinds before the window slid up. The window was barely big enough to fit his armor, but with some effort, he managed to set his feet upon the wooden floor soundlessly, something he had learned years ago in training. Looking about the dark room, he stayed hunched over as he approached the unconcious form of Mira, noting some of the injuries in the pale moonlight. Giving her a slight shake, he recieved no response, her body still, and breathing shallow.

Shaking his head, Jektarka removed his helmet as he looked her over some more. However, as his claw reached to move her, the muffled voices of the hall echoed past the door. Slowly he moved himself back against the wall near the door, his heavy armor giving a slight clack as it met the wall. Waiting quietly, his breath stilled, and his eyes narrowed as he could hear the voices drawing nearer.

"You saw what happened to her ... maybe we should..." A voice muffled against the door.

"No! Aza said three days, no attention. She's on her own."

"But did you see what he did? Aza cares for all of us, but shouldn't he...?" The voice responded.

The question was cut off. "No. Stop. Aza is angry as it is, unless you intend to join her, we do as he says. She deserved this, anyways."

"Alright, alright, forget I mentioned it..."

Jektarka's breathing began to return to normal as the voices trailed off, the sounds of footsteps walking away. Looking back to Mira, he slowly kneeled nearby and checked her again. As he moved her over to her back... the slashed marks of Aza's kick obvious on her skin.

A slight rip was heard in the dark room, as Jek huddled over her, busying himself with her injuries.

As the night began to pass, the room was empty again, bandages around Mira's stomach and arm and no sign of the Iksar. The only tell tale sign of someone was a piece of bandage, intentionally left on the sill, still seen in the moonlight pouring past the blind.

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