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Zanadi (Occifer) 11/16/2011 8:13 AM EST : Apology and Thanks
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I'd like to thank everyone for their help last night in keeping the Spider running smoothly. I had meant to be there as soon as I was off the air but as many saw, that didn't happen. Losing my internet for a time and thinking my router had died (seems to be running fine now) was the last straw for me. I have been dealing with a few things including a broken down car, health issues with me and my children, and it was just the one more thing that got to be too much.

Tue nights are always very hectic for me with the show and when we don't go on air for any reason it's not good. Trueflight and I will be seeing about doing a pre-recorded show tonight and getting that on the air for people. We had a good deal to talk about with things going FTP.

So my apologies and thanks for everyone last night. Hopefully I got it out of my system.

Oh and an added bonus: the hermit crab died this morning.  ...I give up.

Some people think I say inappropriate things...I prefer to think of it as brutal honesty.
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Slipps_Smallcorners (Super Admin) 11/16/2011 8:51 AM EST : RE: Apology and Thanks
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Get a guinea pig, nothing like having your own personal tribble to brighten a day!

Zanadi, if I am on, never worry about the Spider being handled.  At the end of the day we had Abaja, Kososvos and Alex on bouncer duty, Serrest taking kitchen orders, Slipps and Kerenna (I mispelled that didn't I?) at the bar.  It was very busy so a very special thank you to Kerenna for her first foray behind the bar, when her head stops spinning she may just come back next week!  No brawls this week, but lots of shirtless males!

Several people wondering where Telis was /poke.

As for your show, I did put in the channel several times that your net went down with no ETA - I did get the TXT (the beastlings had the phone, they told me right away), and once the OGR defaulted to the normal sound track Winwin and a few others played guessing games as to what was playing.


I sings fors yous, yis?
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Abaja (Super Admin) 11/16/2011 2:05 PM EST : RE: Apology and Thanks
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Indeed. Last night was actually fun. Handling the Spider, without most of the staff was easier than I had thought it would be. But, as we say so often,
RL trumps RP. You needed that time off when everything went Haywire at your place Zan, and we fully realize that. People just don't understand how
awesome the players on AB and on other servers, who listen to your show can be. Your fans are faithful, and enthusiastic, as well as being understanding
when this sort of thing happens.

As for the bar, in spite of our head barkeep being missing in action, and yes, there were a couple people who showed to talk to him last night, we did
fairly well. Slipps, you spelled her name correctly, and she will be most pleased when she reads your post. She was most anxious to know if she was
doing the job as it needed doing. I daresay it would take a heck of a lot to keep her from coming back now.

So no worries Zan, you handle what you need to, and we will do our best to work with the crew available to keep things running smoothly, until you can
get back. I still say though, we might want to use my idea, I floated in channel yesterday while you were gone, and see what happens. I'll talk to you
about that later today... it might be worth a giggle to you, and from the sound of things, I think you need one.

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Kerenna Asteria (Knight) 11/17/2011 8:17 PM EST : RE: Apology and Thanks
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KrystaNyssa Tahk'Nizar
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You're welcome Slipps.  It was a fun night.  It has been a long time since I tended bar or waitressed in game...actually swore off it thanks to a certain Tavern owner.  Yet it was fun to do again.  You did spell it right and Kerenna will be back again and again 

Zan I know exactly how you feel!  *hugs* I hope it gets better for you and yes RL trumps RP forever!
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