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Skitzle (Knight) 1/6/2007 4:28 AM EST : Skitz's Story
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((Skitzle would have to be godawful drunk before he actually told anyone all of this.  heh.))

I grew up in this village
So small it ain't got no name
Them no furs didn't mind us
Till their cows started dyin'
They called us plague-bringers
And they ran us clean out.
It sure weren't our fault
But I don't figger it matters
When ya need somone to blame.

So I finished my growin'
In the alleys of Freeport
Lost my manners real fast.
Learned 'bout bein' a rat
And to keep my head down.
They killed my kid brother
He weren't even nine
But I don't figger it matters
Them with knives just don't care.

It was worse after that.
Mom got real careless and
My brother mean-hearted
And they framed me for killin'
Some guy I ain't met.
I sure didn't do it
But I don't figger it matters
I done worse stuff since then.

Did some time in the joint
Learned to kill if ya need to
And who ya can trust
And what it feels like to starve.
KIlled a guard in the break-out
He weren't a bad guy
Talked a lot 'bout his kids
But I don't figger it matters
A guy's gotta survive.

So I wound up in Haven
Liked that place a whole lot
No one messed with ya there
Ya got left to yerself.
Mighta stayed for a while
But I put my foot in it
They whupped my tail good
Now I ain't welcome no more.
But I don't figger it matters
Folks just turn on ya sometimes.

Worked the fields out in Shinn
Them no furs they figgered
I weren't good 'nuff to talk to
But they gave me a livin'
And a dry floor to sleep on
And a bowl fulla rice.
But this damn bounty hunter
Found me out there in Mara
Bastard ruined it for me
Put me back on the run.
But I don't figger it matters
Ain't no dodgin' yer Fate.

So I snuck into Qeynos
Met this Teir in a tavern
Cold as a knife's edge
But she knew how things are.
Said I could get lost
In this place that she knew of
So I run off to Faydwar
Hopin' no one would find me
But then I got stupid
And I went and made friends
And you can't do much hidin'
When folks know where ya are.

But I don't figger it matters
Life finds ya out anyhow
So I'll just stop my runnin'
Dig in my heels and stand straight.

Yeah, I run with that Vagabond gang.  What of it?
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