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Zanadi (Occifer) 2/25/2011 7:51 AM EST : The Healer
Guild Face Smasher
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Full Name: Axaulia Moreau
Nicknames: Axa

Level: 90
Class: Templar

Race: wood elf
Gender: Female
Age: 97
Birthday: Firstchill 10, 3629
Hair: brown
Skin: tan, red markings
Eyes: lt. blue
Height: 5'
Weight: 95

Place of Residence: Freeport
Place of Birth: Kelethin

Relatives: Mother - Constantine Moreau, Father - Bryce Moreau, Brother - Rhett Moreau
Allies: Sihgrin

Occupation: Runs a clinic in Freeport

Appearance: Young, she seems demure, shy upon first look. Her skin is tanned from years in the sun with exquisite light blue eyes. She has an innocence about her that can't be faked. She's has a quiet beauty like no other.

Fashion of Choice: cotton dresses, comfortable pants
Armor of Choice: light leathers
Weapons of Choice: she dislikes weapons and fighting

Special Abilities: Healing - this comes from a natural ability rather than from a God as most Templars. Thus it takes her own strength to use these abilities. She was born with it and has gained in strength as she's grown.

Alignment: neutral
Motivations: to ease the suffering of others
Disposition: calm but there's always something brewing just below the surface
Outlook: slightly naive, happy but reserved

Religion/Philosophy: Nothing is as impossible as it seems at first

Positive Personality Traits: considerate, determined
Negative Personality Traits: Because of her parents and her brother it has left her with a twisted view of relationships and herself.
Misc. Quirks: tends it like to be by herself rather than a bunch of people

Likes: Flowers, cats, swimming, climbing trees
Dislikes: large crowds

Favorite Foods: fayberries
Favorite Drinks: fayberry bloodwine
Favorite Colors: emerald green

Hobbies: Known to few she paints in her spare time, which is very little. She also picks away at a guitar when she thinks no one can hear her.

Played by What Famous Person: unknown yet

Theme Songs:
In Transit
Next Contestant

History: Axaulia grew up in a quiet place with nothing special to speak of. Her childhood consisted of learning about nature and helping at the House of Falling Stars. She was a tomboy in dresses. Sometimes she'd sneak away and pretend she was an elegant lady in silks and jewels but always nature would call her back to reality.

Her parents were always away "defending Kelethin" which left her and her brother, Rhett, to fend for themselves. He always looked out for her and they were very close. But he was discontent with their common quiet life. So when he ran off to Neriak and didn't come back she just had to go look for him.

She found him.

Axaulia's brother, Rhett, has turned against her. He has gone to great lengths to see her outcast from his life to the point of almost killing her. In his twisted mind he can no longer watch over her having a higher calling and she's better off dead than exposed to it. He currently resides in the Freeport jail where he is assumed no longer a danger to Axaulia.

She now goes about her day to day life with the man she's fallen hopelessly in love with, Sihgrin. They have set up a free open clinic in North Freeport.

Some people think I say inappropriate things...I prefer to think of it as brutal honesty.
Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.
Characters: Zanadi

Zanadi (Occifer) 2/25/2011 7:53 AM EST : RE: The Healer
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"Axa! I'll find you! Don't play games with me."

A quiet laugh had Rhett looking up into the trees. "There you are!" He smiled seeing his sister, Axaulia, dangling her legs off a high branch. "You always were a little monkey you know that?"

"No, I don't fling poo." With a swing of her legs she leaped off and down to the ground. Having spent her life in Kelethin she was quite agile leaping around in the trees and vines.

She gave his horse a pat before turning to take off and give him another chase but he grabbed her arm. "This is serious Ax. I need you to listen to me."

The look on his face practically wiped the smile from her tanned face.

"I have to go."
"I'll come with you. I'm due to report in at the clinic so just let me stop by there first."

He shook his head, a blond hair falling down into his face. He brushed it back and sighed heavily. "Not this time."

"I'm tried of this Ax. I need something more than boring ass patrols."

She nodded. "Alright, come to the clinic with me. We get some of the oddest things in sometimes and.."
"No." He cut her off letting go of her arm. Her voice quieted as her mind churned.

"Your not just leaving for a while are you?"
"No, I'm not." His face softened giving her that big brother look. "Ax, you don't need me to take care of you anymore. Stop turning those boys down that are always asking you out, settle down and have a family. You'll do well here.'s smothering. I can't do it anymore."

She looked like she was going to cry and it about broke his heart. "Oh don't Ax. I have to do this."
"Where..where will you go?"
"Don't worry about it. Best you not know." He wiped a tear from her cheek as it started to fall and took a step back from her. "Goodbye Axaulia. Take care of yourself."

He turned his back to her. "You don't need me anymore Ax." Without another word he mounted his horse and took off leaving her yelling behind him.

"Yes I do! Rhett! Don't go! Rhett!"

Some people think I say inappropriate things...I prefer to think of it as brutal honesty.
Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.
Characters: Zanadi

Zanadi (Occifer) 2/25/2011 7:57 AM EST : RE: The Healer
Guild Face Smasher
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-four months later-

Axaulia closed her eyes letting her healing powers wash over the young girl laid out before her. The child had taken a fall from one of the platforms and it was only the grace of the gods she wasn't dead. It had taken some time and a good deal of healing but Axaulia had finally managed to mend the girl enough she should be able to go home by tomorrow.

"Her mother will be grateful beyond words Axaulia." The voice behind her drew her attention as she pulled her hands away. As she opened her eyes she caught the smile of the now healed girl and gave her hand a pat. Her voice was very quiet and gentle.

"Now, no more leaping off platforms. You leave that for the fae. Got it?" Standing from her chair Axaulia turned to the woman behind her. "Lady Lenor." She turned the care of the girl over to the older elf with a nod of respect.

With no more patients to tend to Axaulia said her good byes and softly shut the door behind her. She kept her head slightly downcast as she walked the platforms in hopes no one would speak to her. She dealt well with the sick and injured. The healthy, they were another story.

"Hey, Ax."

She scowled to herself. She could see her house from here. She's almost made it without being bothered. She managed to wipe the look from her face before turning around.

"What is it Gordie?"
"Well you don't havta be so grumpy about it. Sorry if I was botherin ya."

Axaulia sighed. She'd had "issues" with Gordie since the day he'd tried to kiss her coming out of the Falling Star. He was like a lost puppy trying to keep up with her when all she wanted him to do was go away. Peace and quiet, was that too much to ask?

"I'm sorry" she mumbled.
"I got some information I think ya'd like."

She didn't pay him any mind really. "Oh ya?"
"Ya. I know where your brother went off to."

That got her attention. "Rhett?" He nodded. Before he could blink she was grabbing at the front of his shirt.

"Hey, hey!"
"Where is he Gordie?"

"I'll tell ya." She gave him a shake as if she didn't believe him. "I will! I gotta go on a date with me. I'll tell ya then."
"Gordie..." The look on her face said she wasn't having it. "Where. Is. Rhett." When he didn't immediately answer her fingers crackled. Gordie's eyes opened wide. "OK! OK! He went to Neriak!"

She let go of him quite stunned by the information. "Neriak? ...Neriak! Is he crazy?" Without sparring another look at the wood elf now counting his blessings not to be zapped she opened the door slamming it behind her.

"Neriak! He'll get himself killed! ....Not without me he doesn't!"

Some people think I say inappropriate things...I prefer to think of it as brutal honesty.
Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.
Characters: Zanadi

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