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Mirainda (Knight) 6/4/2012 11:23 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror ((open RP! ))
Claws and Fur

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Dylaike barely managed a yelp as he was grabbed and finally yanked out along with Mira. If Jektarka was surprised to find himself hanging on a wolf instead of a man he didn't show it. Course the only thing the battered iksar showed was exhaustion. He wouldn't hold up much longer.

Mira never took notice of the woman moving around her, touching her here or there. She hadn't the strength with the amount of blood she'd lost to stop her even if she wanted to. It was difficult to tell what was mere smears of blood and dirt and what was a real wound. All but her shoulder which was wrapped extremely tight in a blood soaked and dirty set of scraps. Her thigh had claw marks which looked inflamed with the silver dust that had once touched them. Dylaike had done a good job of cleaning it from her skin before it could do much more damage than light burns and irritated gouges.

Dylaike also had his share of wounds which at this point were covered in dirt and blood smattered fur. His leg was wrapped nearly the same as Mira's shoulder although a bit more crudely. The bite quite deep and keeping him from being able to use the leg near at all. As his tongue hung from his mouth however it was oddly blistered and raw.

Things in the cave quieted. The digging was done, the accidental prisoners released. The lycan den finally picked clean of any stragglers. Without a word Jektarka turned paying no attention to Six nor anyone else. They would move with him or be left behind in that death trap.

His feet plodded on until he reached the opening. Fresh air met them all and those that could took a deep breath in. Coughing was heard as some expelled some of the dust they'd taken in out of their lungs. A few vagabond's rushed up to take the wounded wolf from Jek's arms. A red flecked wolf included. She hovered nearby watching and whining.

As Dylaike was laid out on a blanket that had been set down she pushed her way closer not allowing any to remove her. Those that tried received a quiet growl.

The vagabonds that watched the scene hesitated to take Mira from the large armored iksar's arms.

"Healer." It was all they needed to come forward and remove the woman from his arms. She was laid out on a blanket similar to Dylaike, people all around to tend them and Six to bark her orders.

They knew it was going to happen. How he'd stayed standing as long as he had was a wonder to anyone. Jektarka had not once come up from the depths of the cave, digging until he either found them or died trying. As his large scaled body gave out he hit his knees. His eyes were closed before the rest of him fell flat to the ground.

Slipps_Smallcorners (Super Admin) 6/5/2012 12:52 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror ((open RP! ))
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The cave had grown quiet, the dust finally starting to settle, the wounded were being tended to and Jek had collapsed.  The seeming statue of the singer had not yet moved, waiting for something...


Her voice had been reduced to a tired hum as she finally emerged from the niche near the cave in, slowly she walked out of the cave, was it really morning?  She blinked in the light, looking around at the activity that now hovered around three figures primarily, her ears lifted and she sighed out one last note.

The singer stopped singing.

Slipps looked around, spotting Telis she silently moved to stand behind and to one side of her captain, for the moment she had nothing left to give.


She did.

I sings fors yous, yis?
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Iosabella (Knight) 6/5/2012 2:37 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror ((open RP! ))

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Barking out orders is exactly what Six did. Her gaze flicked over as Jek collapsed, and though the healer side of her wanted to snarl angrily at the extreme and utter exhaustion he had worked himself into, she held her peace. This is what being a Knight was about, this ability to devote oneself fully to a cause. And it seemed, at least in her limited viewpoint, that his cause was Mira.

The two heavy blankets she brought were easily converted into carrying litters, and she barked out orders on how to best get them ready for transport. First Mira was stabilized, with some cursory healing for the journey. The bites wouldn't allow a true heal from her goddess, instead they lingered stubbornly.

Once she took care of Mira, and deemed her safe for travel, she cautiously made her way to Dylaike. She knew better than to try and pry the second wolf from his side. She did as much as she could to heal him, cursing harshly at the stubborn damage as she moved around Arwren, sometimes gently pushing on her rump or side to get her to shift a few steps. It wasnt long before he was cleared for travel as well, and she focused on Jek.

"Stubborn Iksar" she murmured as she cast a gentle cloak of light over him, healing his superficial wounds and checking him for any damage. He was safe to travel, and she pushed to her feet.

"Unless we have another set of blankets for a sling, someone needs to help me get him slung onto a horse."

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Zanadi (Occifer) 6/5/2012 4:54 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror ((open RP! ))
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Zanadi: *there was little left for Zan to do once the cave was cleared, both of werewolves and trapped vagabonds. She was splattered with specks of blood and dirt, as were they all. All the while she fought or dug her wok hat had stayed firmly planted on her head. She made her way out and for a moment observed the people bustling about*

Zhlaass: *Zhlaass spots his teacher standing off to the side and walks easily over next to her and turns to watch the folks as well* good crew.  Worked well, did the job...were there any other injuries?

Zanadi: *She stays out of the way as this is where she is of little help* They may not look like much but damn they are a good bunch. Ain't too often we lose one we don't get back. *she nods over to where the healers are working. A few standing near the cave entrance tending the smaller wounds and aches that come through* Minor stuff looks like. Gonna be a lot of sore bodies come morning.

Zhlaass: *he nods, watching the small crew of healers tending the cuts.  He rubs his fingers together, almost itching to help out.* ours included.  Digging, fighting, training *he stretches* building, rescue.  Long day

Zanadi: They're all long days. Ya get use to it. *she wipes her hand across her cheek which smears dirt across her face. She waits to see if she's needed to help move bodies but it looks as if they've got it all under control* Ain't much more we can do here besides stay out of the way.

Zhlaass: *he nods and takes one last look at the crew* Hope to work with them again...preferably under better circumstances. *he looks from one member to the next, from the bustling healers, to the Sarnak looking badly in need of a bath, the dirt covered tonga in her gown, the armored and blood covered captain* they all have it covered...gonna be a quiet bar tonight *smiles as he looks back at her*

Zanadi: Oh I don't know. Nothing like a good drink after something like this. *she makes sure her wok hat is firm on her head* speaking of which, I could use one and a bath. And since /someone/ zapped my ass here I'm going to have to make my way to the spire. Gonna be damn cold walking through Halas.

Zhlaass: *he gives her an apologetic smile* yeah...sorry about that.  Should have at least given you warning.  And since when was cold a problem *he turns and starts walking towards the spires.* At least here in Nektulos, they are close.

Zanadi: *she nods her head towards those that bid her good bye for the moment and follow him towards the spires* I never said I liked the cold. Bloody well hate it actually.

Zhlaass: Then what the hell are you doing living on a big block of ice and snow *he blinks and stops, turning around to look at her confused*

Zanadi: *she stops as he does but only for a moment before walking right past him* It's a long story.

Zhlaass: *he turns to follow her again* Plan on telling it Zan, or shall I drop it *he smiles, not really expecting an answer

Zanadi: *the fact that she doesn't say anything at all answers that question for him. she keeps going until she reaches the spire, nodding her hat to the wizard there keeping it low on her forehead purposely hiding her face a bit more*

Zhlaass: *he follows after her silently, giving the wizard a tiny smile* evening.  *he speeds up, not wanting to miss the portal*

Zanadi: *she doesn't say a word the entire trip, not that the spires take long by any means. they soon find themselves back in Halas and walking through the town. Zan has a great deal of exposed skin to the freezing air having nothing but her gi on. At least she's got soft leather on her feet. Her skin prickles but she doesn't say a word about the cold making a bee-line for her home*

Zhlaass: *Zhlaass follows her closely, pulling his cloak a little tighter around him against the cold.  He is quite thankful for his work gloves from before and the leathers he normally wears.*

Zanadi: *when she gets to the door she stops and if one paid close enough attention they may think she was checking for disturbances in the snow out front of her house. Satisfied with whatever she was doing she walks up the steps and begins to unlock the door with a series of clicks from the key she's pulled from her gi*

Dylaike: *almost rolls his eyes at the multiple displays of paranoia.  He waits patiently for her to finish opening up her door, more locks than are even remotely reasonable*

Zanadi: *As she opens the door the warmth from the house meets them, and so does Cloe. The tiger gives Zhlaass the usual glare as she watches him. Zan steps in and waits for him to enter ready to re-lock the door behind him.* Get inside before you catch your death.

Some people think I say inappropriate things...I prefer to think of it as brutal honesty.
Strength is nothing more than how well you hide the pain.
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Arwren (Knight) 6/5/2012 5:03 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror ((open RP! ))
Red Headed Gypsy
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Arwren didn't understand a whole lot but she knew enough that Six was helping. She growled at first as she was bumped but it was short libbed as she was moved out of the way. She began to lick at any of the wounds she could get to that Six hasn't and continued to do so after the healer moved on to the others.

Many looked on and watched as the red flecked wolf tended Dylaike. Any who had tried to remove her thus far had nearly been bit. It was easier to just left her be.

A few rushed forward at the shouting for more blankets. Supplies had been brought earlier on, among them enough to carry the large iksar. It took some of the strongest to move Jektarka into position to be taken back to the hall and with the three injured as they were it was going to be a very long way back.
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Mirainda (Knight) 6/6/2012 6:28 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror ((open RP! ))
Claws and Fur

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The infirmary was finally quiet late that night. Jektarka took up the bed at the end, Mirainda in the middle, with Dylaike on the last. Six milled about quietly with the three finally stable and resting. Clean bandages had been placed on wounds and salve where needed.

At the foot of Dylaike's bed a red flecked wolf curled up asleep. She was just as exhausted as the rest of them. Red still stained the fur around her mouth since no one could get close enough to her to remove it. Nor did anyone dare to try to remove her from the hall although the guards had to be talked down in doing so.

Mira blinked her eyes open to the dark. For a moment she felt the panic well up in her thinking they were still in the caves trapped. But as she took a deep breath of clean air the familiarity of the guild hall ceased her. She relaxed back into the bed. She tried hard to ignore the aching weakness her body had.

Please don't let it be a dream...

Her fingers opened and closed, the last thing she remembered Jektarka's hand in hers. His rough scales and tight grip tugging at her. She turned her head to the left seeing Dylaike asleep, Arwren the wolf beside him. Slowly she turned her head to the other side.

There asleep was the large iksar form of her alpha. She didn't think twice. It didn't matter who saw or what people would say. She held back a groan as her body protested the movement but she pushed the blankets off swinging her legs over the side.

It caught the attention of Six who hovered nearby. "Mira..."

The werewolf's golden amber eyes turned her way and a low growl eminated from her. It was a feral sound of warning. Nothing was going to keep her from getting over to her alpha. She turned back and in a few steps made her way to Jektarka's bed.

Carefully she climbed in beside him not realizing nothing on Norrath was going to wake the iksar right this moment. Mira tucked herself under the blankets with him, pressing to his side and curling up. Laying her head on his chest she took in his scent. He smelled in need of a full bath rather than the sponging they'd all received from those tending them. But then so did they all. And he smelled like home.

Lifting her head for a moment she turned to look back at Dylaike a few beds over. "Thank you." Her words were barely above a whisper and they may not have been heard at all. It didn't matter.

She sighed as she laid back down feeling the scales beneath her cheek. Six was still grumbling at her as she drifted off to sleep.

Mirainda (Knight) 6/9/2012 6:02 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror ((open RP! ))
Claws and Fur

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It was silent as Jektarka and Mirainda made their way back to the lodge. He was fuming with anger and she was trying to avoid any more questions. She could still hear his words ringing in her ears before they'd left the infirmary.

Dylaike was bitten. You were marked.

Marked. He was right. And she didn't want to talk about it. She only wanted to forget it. As Jek kept trying to reminded her Aza was dead. But she could tell herself it wasn't him all she wanted, somehow she knew better. She knew his touch, his voice. She'd never mistake the man she'd spent so many years of her life with. 

Jek grunted at her as she disappeared into her room, many of the wolves right behind her. Turning away he decided to leave her be a moment and stoke the fires which had long burned out. The cold of the lodge seemed almost appropriate for the mood that hung in the air. He may be hot enough to boil but there was that icy silence between the two of them.

A few of the wolves climbed up onto Mira's bed. She paid them no mind not even bothering to pet them on the head as she'd come to do. This day she'd been reminded of the past and it had come back to bite her. Literally. How foolish she'd been to think she could escape it.

She winced as she yanked the spare shirt from the infirmary over her head tossing it to the bed. Silent feet carried her to the small bath room. She found herself standing in front of the mirror.

Mira stared as slowly she peeled back the bandages until her wound was exposed. All she could do was stare. She /had/ been marked. Just as she had the first time. It was nearly identical with one stark difference, this mark was deep, placed in anger. It was meant to cause hurt and to punish her. Her fingers traced over each harsh indent. The raw healing skin stung, just another nasty reminder.

"Look at it Mirainda." Aza stood just behind her. "It's part of you forever. It makes you part of this family, it makes you mine."

The scar was ugly. It matched how she felt inside. "Don't ever forget Mira."

Don't forget it Mira...Mine...mine...

Taking a deep breath she quickly replaced the bandages, covering it once again. She tried her best to hold together. But her arms shook as she failed to wipe away the memory. Growling she staring into that mirror and before she could stop herself her fist shattered the glass into pieces. Now no more than fragments to look through.

Mirainda (Knight) 6/13/2012 6:52 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror ((open RP! ))
Claws and Fur

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It was late in the evening when the wolves in Jektarka's lodge became quite restless. Mira still hadn't returned since leaving that morning and whatever it was outside that door bothered them greatly. They growled and whined practically tripping over one another.

Whatever it was finally moved away although it was a bit before the wolves settled. On the floor where they'd gathered, slipped under the door was a note.

The front was labeled "Alpha"

When opened it read the following:

I thank you for watching after my Mirainda in my absence. She can be quite the handful as I'm sure you've found and must be handled with a heavy hand. The chains work quite nicely for those instances. I am writing to inform you she is no longer your concern. She was recently reminded of her place as she seems to have forgotten it. I do not believe she will make the same mistake again.

Jektarka (Knight) 6/13/2012 7:21 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror ((open RP! ))
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Jektarka looked the note over as he stood in the cold of Halas. His eyes looked down, spotting the taletell trail in the snow of larger prints moving away, but the snow that covered them suggested it had been hours since their visitor had arrived. Tearing the note down, he slid it between the plates in his armor before stepping inside again.

The tinder was quickly struck as the warmth of the fire began to grow, the wolves hiding in their corners slowly moved out as the tempting warmth finally could be felt against their powder fur. Though still reluctant to approach the Iksar again, they came to tolerate him as his anger and rage seemed more or less at bay within the walls, even as emotions rose, it was here he was calmest, even if the rage almost visibly burned within him. Taking a moment to stare out at the snow from the window, he watched, there was more trouble coming, there always was, and it was his steel and scales that got it fixed ... at least normally.

Jektarka turned his head as the door to the lodge slammed shut, Mira, walking back in from the cold, stern, and tense ... yet after all these months, she did shiver once in a while when the frost of the evening was a bit much. She promptly moved near the fire, the wolves coming up to her like a lost member of the pack once more returned. Growling in turn to them, they scattered, if a bit playfully as they watched her. Even the young female that stood near Jektarka came close for a judicial sniff and yap before scampering back to Jektarka's plated feet. However, the peace wouldn't last. Jektarka turned his head to stare at Mira for a moment.

"What?" She snapped, rubbing her arms as the fire warmed her.

"You're restless." He replied, cold and stern.

"What about i-...?" She asked, only to be cut short as she could see Jektarka's claws flex and tightly close, popping his knuckles beneath the leather.

Mira knew what that meant, and it almost brought an eager smirk as she rolled her head. "Again? Surprise you're so eager after last time."

Jek looked back and narrowed his eyes before he turned and left up the stairs. Mira was not far behind as she tightened her arm bands.


Both stared at each other as they panted, Jektarka' hunched over a bit as Mira got back up.

"I told you that wound hasn't healed yet." She chided.

Jek held at his side as he rose again, his plate armor removed, and still in his leathers. Even so, Mira was rubbing her shoulder again, a well landed blow probably bruising it again among a few other of Jektarka's usual strikes. The fight had barely lasted an hour before Jek was already on his knees, a wounding from earlier still burned as he rose up, checking it. Thankfully it did not bleed. Grunting, he shook off the weariness as he took a deep breath, looking to Mira wiping off some of the blood that had been spilled.

"I'll get the bandages." She muttered as she walked by, brushing past him in a familiar manner.

As he was alone, he looked to the straw floor. Their fights were brutal, even bloody sometimes, but in this moment, it served. Stepping to his discarded armor, he drew the note and opened it. Looking to the floor, he recalled a spot where she had fallen after a cutting strike with his claws. Kneeling down, he wiped the inside of the letter across the blood, giving it a good stain, still fresh and wet from the fight. As he looked at it, he looked to his side, the bandages now starting to stain red. Unless he got it under control, there would be hell to pay the next time he went to the hall. Looking to the note, he made use of the situation, wiping his own blood across the letter's inside, just over Mira's. The stench of the their blood together now coated the insides, his overpowering. Picking up a piece of coal from the braziers, he begun to write.

As Mira came from her room, the last place the bandages were left, she noticed Jektarka in front of the open front door, pushing something onto it with a dagger. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing, leaving a message for someone." He replied as he shut the door behind him returning to the warmth.


Outside, the letter fluttered in the faint wind as the dagger held it in place. "Return to Sender" was written on the front.

"No chains, no monster, no place. Just choices." Just above, the scents of Mira's and Jektarka's blood intermingled, Jektarka's coating over hers in a more dominant, dangerous scent.

Mirainda (Knight) 6/15/2012 11:01 PM EST : RE: The Beast in the Mirror ((open RP! ))
Claws and Fur

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Mira paced back and forth in the lodge, the pack of wolves at her feet following back and forth with her. Aza was heavy on her mind today. Jektarka said they'd handle it together. Her problems were his. That's what mates did. They shared. Yet he still hadn't spoken to her about what troubled him. They'd been together long enough to know each other and he couldn't hide it from her.

Jektarka came downstairs just as she growled finally having enough. She pushed past him heading for the door.

"Mira, where are you going?"
"Hunting!" It was barely out of her mouth before the door slammed shut behind her.

The trip to Freeport was the longest of Mira's life. She was sure of it. She took her first steps out into the streets falling right into place. She knew the way and the closer she got the harder her heart beat until she was standing before the dark house.

She'd like to say it was as she remembered but it wasn't. The fight they'd all had there last had destroyed things, this house was restored. A great deal of work had gone into it making it a livable home again. Windows and doors had been replaced, it even had a fresh coat of paint.

Slipping around the side she found her way to the shadows. Her agile body quickly scaled up the side of the building to the balcony outside what use to be her window. Peering inside it was dark. She felt around the edge finding the weakness she knew to be there. In seconds she had it open and pushed her body through.

As she stood there in her old room she took in a deep breath. It smelled like Aza. Clenching her hands she willed them not to shake. Her eyes lifted to the wall where her chains use to hang. Jektarka had yanked them from the wall the day they were here, tossing them at her feet reminding her the choice had been hers. Now they hung back in place, the bolts shiny and new.

Her body stiffened a second before she felt strong arms come around her. They held her from behind, one rough hand at her chin. "Welcome home Mirainda."

Trying to jerk her head free she was held fast, the hand holding her even tighter. "I'm going to rip your heart out."
"Again Mira? Once can be forgiven, I can't let that go unpunished. Nor can I allow you to keep embarrassing this family with your betrayal, sharing yourself with that lizard you'd like to call an Alpha. I gave you both warning. I believe I was quite generous in that."

Squirming she tested his strength. She was held tight, pressed against his body until she near molded to him. There was no room to maneuver to get leverage. He jerked her face towards the cursed metal bands, forcing her to stare at them. "Look at them Mira. I had them put back just for you. Your lizard would like you to think you have a choice."

"I do have a choice." She growled loudly, anger welling up inside. "You can't..take it...from us..."
"Us is it now? You get yourself all riled up for something you can't even have. Tisk Mira, how many times have you been told?" He loosened his grip a bit. "Alright, you want a choice? I'll give you one."

He leaned in close to her ear, his face nuzzling against her skin. It made her skin crawl as she tried to lean away. "There is a certain red headed wolf who you allowed to escape my grasp."

"You won't lay a grubby paw on her."
"Your right, I won't. She, and her /lovely/ pups won't know I even exist." A trick, there had to be a trick here. Aza had bitten Arwren too. It was only because of Telis and Dylaike she wasn't fully one of his.
"The catch Aza..."
"No catch, just a choice. She, and her children, can go on about their pitiful gypsy lives happy to live out their days without a single interruption from me." He grinned. "Or mine."

She waited, she knew it was coming.

"I'll settle for one Mira. Just you. In trade for leaving Arwren and her family alone." He nipped at her ear causing her to jerk away growling loudly. He held her tighter, squeezing her to his chest. "Choose carefully Mirainda. Come back willingly, without that lizard, or Arwren and those sweet little pups will never know a day of peace. They will never know when I may creep up or when one of mine is watching. I will torment them until their only escape is death and they'll pray for it."

She grit her teeth as his nails bit into her arms, her own palms opening and closing trying to contain her rage. "Go ahead Mira, let it loose. Give me a reason to chain you to that wall again. You really think you can take me before I have you in shackles? I was surprised the first time, it won't happen again."

Slowly he pulled his head away from her. "Think about it Mira. Arwren, her children, husband, those pitiful gypsies, even your beloved lizard and vagabonds. All perfectly safe and sound. And all you need to do is come back to me."

Opening his hands he let her go and stepped back giving her room. "I'll give you time to think it over. Get that lizard off your back. Don't mess this up Mira, not like you did with your sisters."

.....If Mira thought the ride to Freeport was long, the ride back was agony.


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