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Cool Whip is a mature raiding guild that focuses on primarily having fun! There is no yelling, screaming, criticizing or generally being turds in our raids or guild. We focus on fun and enjoying each others company, the game and still kicking Ass! 

We raid 25 Mans Sunday, Monday and Thursday nites. First pull is at 9pm server. 

We are currently raiding Ice Crown Citadel. 25 man ICC Heroic 1/12 our 10 man progression is 7/12 Heroic bosses. 

Cool Whip is recruiting! 
Currently looking for: Holy Paladin OR Resto Druid

You must have a 3200+ Gear Score from wow-heroes or 6000+ from the addon Gear Score to be considered.
If you feel you are an exceptional player with the gear and attitude to play in end game content please contact us. Raid attendence to our three 25 man raids/week is required. Whisper Kuska, Tranze or Kassamaria in game for more information.

Please fill out an application on our Forums page.

Have a great day!

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kuska128, Oct 31, 10 8:18 PM.

The King is Dead!

kuska128, Aug 24, 10 10:22 AM.

We won the Guild Beta program!

kuska128, Aug 4, 10 6:28 PM.

From: Blizzard Contest <>
Sent: Mon, August 2, 2010 4:49:00 PM
Subject: Cataclys Beta Guild Contest Winner



Your guild has been selected as a winner of the Cataclysm Beta – Guild Contest! Your entry is one of 500 chosen to receive invitations to the Cataclysm beta based on your essay. Please respond back to this email with the following information so we can attach the beta licenses to your chosen guild members’ accounts.

-Blizzard US Community Team

Halion is toast!!

kuska128, Jul 2, 10 9:57 AM.
Wowzer!! Great fun, awesome job with Halion, and the loot was great. Grats to Kroog and Tranze for those nice pieces.

Sindragosa Down!

kuska128, Jun 8, 10 12:40 AM.
1 Shot... figures ;-)

Blood Queen IC 25!!!!

kuska128, Apr 13, 10 6:05 AM.
RUHHH ROHHH RAGGGYYY!  Blood Queen Down first nite!


Valithria Dreamwalker UP in 25 man IC

kuska128, Apr 12, 10 3:48 PM.
We raised the roof with Valithria on the 2nd attempt!!!

Professor Down in IC 25

kuska128, Apr 12, 10 3:46 PM.
Great job everyone! We stuck with it and one shotted him the 2nd nite.


Blood Princes IC 25 Down

kuska128, Mar 21, 10 5:33 PM.
Blood Princes Down Ice Crown 25

Rotface IC 25 Down!

kuska128, Feb 22, 10 10:10 AM.
Great fun, awesome kill!

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