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DreamWalkers Disbanding
Apr 13, 11 2:05 PM
SE takes down servers - Future runs postponed
Mar 14, 11 10:59 AM
Tavnazia Cleared March 9th!
Mar 9, 11 11:43 PM
February 2011 News
Feb 17, 11 1:02 AM
January News
Jan 20, 11 3:32 AM
Welcome to DreamWalkers! - (formerly DeathHouse) - Now Retired

We were a Dynamis Linkshell on Ramuh that accepted level 75+ jobs by member referral. 

We ran on Wednesdays: gathering around 7 PM and entered between 8 and 8:30 PM CST.

Entry was paid for by DreamWalkers with coins going to keep the bank afloat and for our relic weapon upgraders.  Congratulations to Maligant on completing his Mandau and to Vagabond and Ramath for reaching stage 4.  I'm sorry we weren't able to finish your weapons.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to DreamWalkers!

DreamWalkers Disbanding

Margrin, Apr 13, 11 2:05 PM.
Friends and visitors, I am sorry to announce that on March 30th 2011 I announced my decision to disband Dream Walkers and cease all future Dynamis runs.  I have been mulling over the decision to do this for the last few months and have decided that now is the time to disband.  I would like to share my reasons for doing this.

After having 2 weeks of the forced down time of our game, I got a taste of not playing and not needing to lead things for 2 weeks and honestly I really enjoyed the time off.  I don't think I realized how burned out I had become.  There are the upcoming changes to dynamis itself.  Attendance has been steadily declining from lack of interest and many people's desire to do abyssea.  Then there is the upcoming server merge.  I think the time has come to say Dream Walkers had a really good run.  We have many good memories together and now it's time to move on to other things.  I want to thank everyone for their time whether long or short with our linkshell.  I want to thank everyone who stuck around over the last few years for your loyalty and for helping make this the successful linkshell that it was.  I will be in touch with our members as I am breaking up the link shell bank and passing it out based on recent attendance.  Until we meet again, best wishes and happy adventures.



SE takes down servers - Future runs postponed

Margrin, Mar 14, 11 10:59 AM.
Due to the earth quake and tsunami and the resulting power plant issues in Tokyo, Japan, Square Enix has taken game servers down for Final Fantasy 11 and Final Fantasy 14 for one week, possibly longer.  Due to this outage all Dynamis runs are postponed until Final Fantasy 11 is back in regular operating mode.  My thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people who are going through these natural and subsequent power plant disasters.

Tavnazia Cleared March 9th!

Margrin, Mar 9, 11 11:43 PM.
Congratulations to everyone in attendance tonight for defeating the zone boss in Dynamis Tavnazia tonight!  Well done everyone!

February 2011 News

Margrin, Feb 17, 11 1:02 AM.
Buburimu and Valkurm runs went well, clears were obtained and the drops have been impossible to gauge after the last major update.  Square made an adjustment to the drop rate % in dynamis, and it's very noticeable.  Next week we'll take another run through Qufim Island to wrap up the month.  Assuming we clear I suspect there will be a Tavnazia run in our immediate future.  Then I'd like to take another trip through Glacier and Xarcabard, however I'm going to discuss future runs with the linkshell before I firm up the schedule.

Until next time cheers everyone,


January News

Margrin, Jan 20, 11 3:32 AM.
January has seen our return to Dynamis spending the last three weeks farming Xarcabard and focusing on some very special objectives.  I am proud to announce that last week we defeated the Dagger Fragment NM for Maligant.  Last night we defeated the Great Katana Fragment NM for Ramath and for the grand finale of the evening, we took down the Dynamis Lord himself clearing the zone.  Congratulations to everyone on their various drops and in obtaining the clear!  To close out the month and in preparation for doing CoP runs next month, I am scheduling a San'Doria run to keep the LS bank healthy.  I am really looking forward to going through the CoP zones again in February.  See you all soon.


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