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Jun 2, 09 2:08 PM
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We are looking for active (only) players that are 60+ to join our guild. (lower levels with exceptions np)

Our guild at this point has 41 members and we do allow alts level 10+

We help our guild mates level by helping with quests and instance.

We have a solid healer and tank that will and do help with any and all instances within reason.

We run old school and newer instances as well, helping with achievements and gear that will help you level faster.

We have a 5 tab guild bank and vent.

(We have a one week trial period for new members before we allow them to take from our bank.)

Our goal is to in time achieve a good and solid 10 man group for running instance. We pride ourselves on honesty and fairness to all guild members.

We are a friendly, sociable and easy going guild. We don't require achievements and if you do not have the gear for instance...such as raids or heroics we will do our best to help you to get the gear you will need.

We do ask that you play at least 3 days per week and one day on the weekend and that you level your characters. We will not tolerate ninjas, users or guild jumpers. We do keep an eye on our guild mates and their activities within the guild. Our guild bank is watched and used by only those that donate to the guild bank. No twinks or players that will pvp ONLY. We want players that will help others within the guild and if you are a twink or pvp only you will not be helping others.

If you are interested feel free to pst anyone within our guild for an invite.

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Quest Support

WalledDSS, Jun 2, 09 2:08 PM.

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

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