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A vigilance committee, in the 19th century United States, was a group of private citizens who organized themselves for self-protection. The committees were established in areas where there was no local law enforcement, or where the local government was ineffectual, corrupt, or unpopular. The groups, despite generally held opinions, were not mobs of unorganized individuals bent on revenge of the moment, but usually well-organized, with charters defining their purposes and official membership lists. Some were public, but many were secret. Secrecy prevented retaliation by lawless or corrupt organizations and also made it difficult for government officials to pursue criminal charges in areas where the government held jurisdiction. Vigilance committees are not unique to the United States and existed into the 20th century.

We have brought the concept to Paragon City in the 21st century.

For three and a half years we have battled the rogues and villains that threaten our beloved city and the world beyond it. We have faced down the threats of Lord Recluse, his lieutenants, and his organization, Arachnos. We have defeated the trans-dimensional Tyrant and his Praetorian threat in all their realities. And we still stand to make sure the citizens of Paragon City remain safe.

We are a large family friendly super group on the Justice server. We offer all the bells and whistles you would expect from a great sg including daily events, enhancement and IO allowances for heroes, a full base, a dedicated Ventrilo server, salvage for extra costume slots, and endless teaming opportunities.

We are a diverse group ranging in age from five to seventy years old. We are University Presidents, Moms, IT Professionals, Students, Police Officers, Retail Managers, Cooks, Dads, Salesmen, Paramedics, Welders, Coders, Businessmen, and more. Collectively we are the Vigilance Committee.



Mustang Crosses the Finish Line

Kohei, Jul 13, 09 4:08 PM.
Gratz to Mustang-our latest toon to hit the big five-oh!

New events schedule

Kohei, Jul 9, 09 2:20 PM.
MONDAYS: Manic Mondays Mission Architect Madness w/Meow Master. 8PST Join our
big cat in Atlas Park for an all level VC team fueled rampage through player
created missions.

TUESDAYS: 7PST Imperious Task Force lvl 35+(higher levels encouraged).
Join the speed ITF master Drifting Solstice as he leads a VC team through a time
travelling task force in early Roman times. To participate you must bring a VC
toon that has completed the Midnighter arc.

The Incremental Task Force starting at 9pst. Hosted by
Drifting Solstice this is an event which task forces will be run in two to two
and half hour blocks of time. It's to help tackle those long arduous task forces
that take forever.

WEDNESDAYS: 9PST Incremental Task Force wraps up if needed.

Thursday: Vigilance Committee Combat Training in the Arena - 8:30 PST
Open to all levels and hosted by Kohei. If you are curious about PvP or how the
Arena works or just are after the badges these are no ego, friendly arena
matches to test your toons mettle and see where you may want to adjust it for

VC Rapid Response Deployment Teams: 9PST Hosted by the Dinsmores.
Join Dins and Connie as they lead teams of all level through quick paced radio
mishes through the streets of Paragon.

FRIDAYS: Friday evenings at around 8:30 pst we have our big team
extravaganza. This event is hosted jointly by Olob the Clown and Mt.
Fuji-yama. 50s Friday where all are welcome to experience the high
level content of
the game. Come and Fight elite villains and Arch-Villains while
earning great drops to build your characters influence banks.
It is common for us to have two full teams running and if the event
continues to grow the way it has been we may soon have three sg teams
tearing through Peregrine Island.
This event is open to all levels and archetypes and usually runs two
to three hours. If you have a level fifty bring em out and mentor a
lowbie. If you have altitis and can't ever seem to get beyond the
20's or 30's comeon and bring those characters and face down the high
level villains.

9pm PST Saturday Night Trials. minimum level for
this is 24.
Join us for a weekly respec run to save the Terra Volta reactor from
Freakshow, Rikti, and Sky Raiders. This can run by as quickly as 90
minutes or take as long as three hours. It offers you the chance fro
character respecs, accolades, badges, and rare recipes. This event
takes about an hour and is usually followed by a Katie Hannon tf.

Low lvl Teamage Bonanza. 6PST. Join Cole Preston and Zandi for low level mission
teams as they help lvl 1-15 gain those early difficult gains in security

Julianne is our latest Vet

Kohei, Jul 9, 09 2:18 PM.
Hey all,

Julianna is our latest VC member to hit 50. She did so wed. evening while running the new Reichsman tf with the sg.

Gratz Jules!!

Anomaly Seven hits the big ring-a-ding-ding

Kohei, Jun 28, 09 11:18 PM.
A big Gratz to Mt Fuji-yama who's latest fifty is now Anamoly Seven. he was able to ding during the Saturday Night Trial event.

Ouchie reaches 50!

Kohei, Jun 16, 09 7:57 PM.
Hey all,

Drifting Solstice has a new VC Veteran, Ouchie. Gratz!!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Kohei, Jun 2, 09 1:55 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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