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Not long ago, a group of strangers entered the land of Norrath. Wandering alone in lands strange and unwelcoming, the travelers yearned for a sense of belonging.

Scoffed at by elders, ignored by the mighty, the few happened upon each other in the City of Kelethin. Each recognizing the others' feelings of alienation, the travelers formed a circle of friends, vowing to honor the others higher than their own blood.

As each of them grew braver and stronger, they discovered more evil lands. They made more friends and soon were able to conquer the more powerful and corrupt evildoers that lurked in the depths of the lands within.


We, Divine Blades of Quellious, are dedicated to helping our members and others enjoy the game, which we all love. Honor amongst our ranks is of highest priority. Join us to help DB extend across all five continents, the moon and beyond!

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