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Sackholder (cofounder of the orginal GX)
Sackholder (Beaver's turn him on)
Weekly News
Jun 28, 10 1:10 PM
Weekly News
Jun 21, 10 12:03 PM
Weekly News
Jun 14, 10 10:10 AM
Weekly News
Jun 7, 10 12:09 PM
Weekly News
May 31, 10 1:24 PM
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Welcome to your new GambitX site!

For those that might have been members or know members of GambitX from years back you might see the name and be wondering if if this is the same GambitX. Well GambitX is back in spirit there can only be one GambitX that was made because of the people that joined the group along the way. We are some of the founding members of GambitX that want to try and build a linkshell based off of what GambitX was founded on a deep seeded desire you do events and have fun with friends. We have more experience under our belts this time and we clearly know what we want. Ramuh seems to lack groups that are event driven it's either social or end game no middle ground, we hope to fill in that middle ground. This time there will be no huge influx of people slow and steady we will grow there is no rush on having a fun time among friends. What we can't get to one day we will eventually get to that much I can promise.

Weekly News

BlackenX, Jun 28, 10 1:10 PM.
Moshi is our newest member congrats welcome to the family!

This week has been rather slow in the events department everybody kind of doing to leveling thing with the level cap increase.

Weekly News

BlackenX, Jun 21, 10 12:03 PM.
BCNM 30 Carapace Combatants finally gives us a drop that doesn't blow

Grats Sukoti:
Wyvern Earring

Weekly News

BlackenX, Jun 14, 10 10:10 AM.

GK5 dance off took place Ignacia busted a move and won! Congrats!

Weekly News

BlackenX, Jun 7, 10 12:09 PM.
Denku completes GK3 congrats ^^

Kagenoshi gets a Lovemithra as we here at GX are calling it. It could  also known as a @%#!doll.

What happens after this point with the Lovemithra is well
But my guess is SATA awaits the Lovemithra lol

Prepping more members for ZM we got Prophecyy and Ignacia there Unlit lanterns


Speaking of Prophecyy welcome back buddy!

Our NM kill of the week that didn't put out >.< Cooper Borer

Weekly News

BlackenX, May 31, 10 1:24 PM.
Ignacia and friends NM kill spree!

First Up: Hovering Hotpot

Congrats Ignacia on getting the drop
Sleight Kukri

Ose would be revisited:

Once again congrats Ignacia on the drop


Random NM that came in the Ignacia slaying spree that didn't put out.

Keeper of Halidom

Herbage Hunter

Elusive Edwin

We should changed the title from weekly news to Ignacia news for this week lol

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